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  1. kitegirl

    Renting a scooter

    I too used Scootaround for our cruise last April .. 15 days. They were wonderful and no issues with the scooter.. made my trip much better being able to get around the ship.
  2. kitegirl

    Star Princess Bridge Cam out?

    i wished it was fixed by now.. so my sister could follow along as we leave Vancouver tomorrow for Hawaii....
  3. kitegirl

    Boarding in Vancouver

    Thank you all for your help. We will keep our plan to arrive around 1130 am. Hubby needs the Wheelchair and I use a walker so we can board together. Looking forward to our cruise and again thanks for the replies...
  4. kitegirl

    Boarding in Vancouver

    Has anyone gone to board the ship before the time it says on your email from Princess. For tuesday ours says not until 2pm but had planned to arrive around 1130.... Will we have to sit and wait until 2pm or will be able to board earlier... We are both disabled and will be using Wheelchair assist.... Thanks for your help...
  5. kitegirl

    Vancouver Port disembarking ship

    Thank you all for your help. Yes we will be ending our cruise on the Star Princess. I will remain calm and hope all goes well. first time for us using a taxi to and from. Hope all goes well....
  6. kitegirl

    Vancouver Port disembarking ship

    Thank you... where do you go to get a porter to assist you all the way to the taxi stand? Sorry to ask but have never had to rely on help before...
  7. Does anyone know.... when we leave the ship, (April 25th) Hubby will be in a wheelchair (assist by crew) and I use a walker... Once we have our luggage is there someone to help get us and our baggage to the taxi stand? No way i can manage on my own and hubby will have a sling for his arm... Thank you in advance....
  8. kitegirl

    Scooter Rental?

    Try Scootaround.. much less cost and better service than the other company.... I am using them for our 15 day hawaii cruise and the cost is almost half of Special needs at sea
  9. kitegirl

    Where is Captain Tuvo?

    Oh darn.. i was hoping he would be on for the Star to Hawaii April 10th.... I want a refund now.... LOL
  10. Thank you all for the replies. I have contacted both vendors and scootaround was by far the less expensive option. With them the bed rails are free, and the scooter was just under half the cost for a 4 wheel instead of a 3... being a larger lady i feel more secure with the 4 wheel one. Again thank you.
  11. I know there is special needs at sea.... and also another company as well that I cannot remember the name of... could someone assist me with the other company name ... Thanks.. I need 2 quotes for my insurance provider for upcoming cruise.
  12. kitegirl

    Star princess drydock

    Fantastic pic... so looking forward to our April 10 cruise from Vancouver...
  13. kitegirl

    All set for Star Princess to Hawaii on April 10

    Thank you Silver Sweetheart for the reply. We do not want to rent a car due to my disability it is better to have transportation where someone else does the driving. As far as Bubba goes.. LOL,, I went there once and told my hubby all about it.. so he really wants to go there for lunch,,, I am just hoping I can manage the walk to the dock .. if not i hope there is a taxi we can call to get us back in time.... Any others who would like to comment I would appreciate it...
  14. We are all set... Booked our water bottle flats, Unlimited Photo package, and our tours... My question is .. Have you taken these tours and if so how did you like them Ohau. Private tours Hawaii - private 8 hour tour of the island for just the 2 of us - want to see the north shore area and open to any other sites.. Kaui.. Princess tour of the plantation and train ride Maui.. Princess tour to the Oceanic Centre. Then we will look around town and have lunch at Bubba Gumps. Hilo... Mary Lous Private tour - 6 hour private tour for the 2 of us.. want to see the volcano is number one.. open to anything else We have also booked the UBD for sail away from Kaui I plan to buy the Soda and more card for each of us and one coffee card. Any suggestions or ideas good or bad about our plans. Hubby has never been to Hawaii. Thanks in advance for your help..
  15. kitegirl

    Stanley the Bear

    Thank you everyone... i see an upcoming purchase of Stanley to be waiting in our room.... May have to buy 2 as my special needs sister would love one too I am sure...