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  1. I thought we wouldn't use the concierge either, but soon found that she was able to get us reservations that were difficult to get otherwise. Two years ago I fell on the stairs. My DH contacted the concierge who came right away, assessed the situation and called the medical staff. When the medical staff didn't show up as quickly as she thought was appropriate, she called a special number and the medical staff came within a few minutes.
  2. Could it be that they are still negotiating with the various ports?
  3. If the toddler has a favorite blanket or toy, be sure to bring that, too. It will help the child get used to the new environment to have something familiar.
  4. You could take a shuttle from Vancouver to SEA and fly out from there (it takes about 4 hours). Schedule a late afternoon or early evening flight and you'll be in your own bed that night.
  5. Our first cruise was in 1992 and "Yes, it was on the Sky Princess out of San Francisco". We took scads of pictures figuring that we would never be able to cruise again, but lo and behold we've been cruising ever since. We had a wonderful time and of all the ships we've sailed, she is our favorite.
  6. Usually about 10 days before sailing, but it can be the night before. As skynight said, "keep checking your cruise personlizer".
  7. This year we didn't use all of our refundable OBC. On the last day I went to Passenger Services and they gave me my refund in cash; I didn't have to wait for it to appear on my credit card.
  8. I cannot reply to the Zodiac excursions, but I can reply to the glaciers. In my opinion Hubbard Glacier is far superior to Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm Fjord. Hubbard Glacier is quite large and the bay that it is in is quite easy for both large and small ships to navigate. Tracy Arm, where the Sawyer Glaciers are located is quite scenic upon approach (it is a fjord rather than a bay) and often cluttered with ice. Many cruise ships turn around before getting to the end of the fjord because of the ice. I'm not sure how the Zodiacs would navigate that area. Enjoy your trip whichever venue you choose.
  9. Regarding the weather. We've been in Alaska in mid-May and it was in the 70's; in other years it has been in the 50's. Actually we've had better weather in May than in June, July, or August. By all means bring a rain jacket or poncho, a warm jacket (you don't need to look like Nanook of the North), and sweat pants or ski pants to wear under your jeans. You may not need them, but my mantra is "better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them". Also, bring a short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts in case it is a warm day. Don't forget sunscreen! Water is very reflective and if you go on an excursion to a glacier, the snow and ice can give you a sunburn also. Enjoy yourselves.
  10. I went down to the Passenger Services office the day before departure and cashed out. Then I gave some to our favorite staff as an extra tip and kept the rest.
  11. A couple of large binder clips. We use them to keep the curtains closed, if they don't meet properly. Also can be used to keep notes/documents/dailies/etc together in one place.
  12. Ask your TA to try again. Linking cabins like this is done all the time (or at least it used to be). It may be that Princess wants an "adult" in both cabins and your TA misunderstood the question.
  13. Back in the '90's on our third or fourth sailing we were seated at a table set for seven people. After all of us sat down there was still one seat empty. I figured that it was left over from the early seating (we were late seating). At the end of the meal our waiter asked us if it would be OK with us if the Captain joined us for dinner the following night. You can imagine our surprise and glee. Of course we said "Yes". He joined us three or four times during the twelve day trip. I have no idea how we were so lucky.
  14. Yes, HAL will honor Princess passengers as prior passenger (automatic 1 star). It happened to my husband, but not to me (we both are ELITE on Princess).
  15. Guarantees usually get assigned about 7 days prior to embarkation. The very first cruise we took was on Princess and we didn't get our assignment until the day before. Don't worry, you will get a cabin that is at least an MF, but you probably will get an upgrade (we always did).
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