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  1. Well, I've been known to check out a book from the ship's library even though I've got my Kindle in my cabin. There's so much literature out there and the ship's library seems to have a lot that I would have never looked at until I saw it in hard-copy. I, too, miss the old ship's libraries with their hundreds of books on just about any topic and genre.
  2. Thanks for the lovely pictures. Someday .......
  3. To add to oaktreerb's suggestion ... if you decide to do a land tour, do it first. Land tours tend to be busier than sailing, so if you fly to Anchorage or Fairbanks first, do the land tour, then do the cruise back to Vancouver you will enjoy all of your adventures.
  4. We received our refund for our May 4 cruise on June 12.
  5. We received our refund for our May4 cruise. The transaction date was June 12. Now to get the credit off the credit card account and into the checking account.
  6. Perfect time for planning and/or training.
  7. Well, we're off for the shuttle to Seattle where we left the car. It was a beautiful trip (it always is on HAL in Alaska). Looking forward to next year when we can really sail instead of virtual sail. VennDiagram - have a wonderful trip and I hope you have beautiful weather. Towhee signing out until 2021
  8. So today we are cruising the Inside Passage on our way to Campbell River and eventually Vancouver. It's packing day and saying "Good Bye" day. VennDiagram - we'll make sure everything is clean and sanitary for your cruise.
  9. Today we are cruising Misty Fjord and having our last "formal" night.
  10. Yesterday was Hubbard Glacier. This is one of our favorite glacier viewing areas in SE Alaska. Today is Juneau. We'll definitely go to the Alaska Fudge Company and say "Hello" to Blu and his family. There's also a quilt shop that I like to go to. A couple of years ago I saw a lovely quilt made by one of the owner's daughters. It was beautiful and captured my imagination. One of the clerks found the pattern for me. I brought it home and forgot about it until late last year. I have it almost finished now, but would have made a concerted effort to finish it before the cruise, so that
  11. We would be in Valdez today. Since there really isn't too much to do, we'll probably just go into town to stretch our legs, then go back to the ship and enjoy a leisurely day.
  12. Yesterday we were in Anchorage. We went down to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We always enjoy going down there and interact with the animals on display. Today we're in Homer. We'll take the hop-on hop-off into town and then wonder around. We enjoy the Ocean Visitors Center and just roaming around.
  13. I missed posting yesterday. We would have been at the Inian Islands, a new venue for HAL. I was looking forward to it, even though it is just a boat tour. Today we're at sea on our way to Anchorage.
  14. Today would be Skagway. We would probably take the train because it's my husband's favorite. We'd also be visiting the shops run by the locals. There's a wonderful fabric store there and I always get great ideas from their displays. There are a couple of jewelry stores in town that sell local products. One year our bus driver was a local and he makes beautiful jewelry during the winter months (also keeps an eye on the tour buses over the winter).
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