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  1. I may have missed this in the videos....other than Java Blue and Havana Bar (for coffee), what are the other coffee bars? I assume they are for an extra fee if you dont have Cheers?
  2. If I were you, I would stick to the spa interior. If you see yourself wanting to be outside frequently, it would be very convenient to grab a spot on serenity for you due to proximity.
  3. You can't go wrong with either #2 or #3. The view of St. Thomas when you dock is absolutely stunning.
  4. All depends on what kind of balcony you want. I was initially looking at the cove balconies and found a good one on deck 5, midship, just under Java Blue but above cabins on deck 4. My husband decided he didnt want a cove and so we got a Havana (it's our anniversary so might as well and since we're going without our kids, no telling when we'd be able to do a Havana again). I wasn't super keen on people walking around but purposely chose a cabin on the port side with only 2 or 3 rooms to our left, so I'm hoping that drastically changes the amount of people walking by.
  5. Looking to pull the trigger this week, also for October 2022. Super excited!! It'll be our 10 year anniversary and first trip with no kids! Last decision we need to make is our room selection (havana vs balcony....we've only ever done oceanview's and looking to upgrade for the occasion) but we are both ready. Every day I get a new thought about the ship so I'm constantly researching which is getting me very excited! It's all I talk about...you would think we're sailing next week lol
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