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  1. I was booked on Sunrise out of FLL for Dec. 12. Spoke with my pvp last week and our cruise is now leaving on the 14th, out of MIA with stops to Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios. The original itinerary was Half Moon, Nassau, and GT. This latter itinerary is being offered a week earlier, though not available to book while they are rearranging the schedule. Hoping to switch my booking and hoping we get to cruise!
  2. Something is definitely up. My December 2020 cruise is showing up as all sold out as well as all dates beyond 2020.
  3. Seems like it was just an update as I got the same error. I've been searching the site for new 2022 releases. I checked again, about 3 hours after I last checked, and about 10 more sailings were added for the Fall cruises (September and October).
  4. Nothing but researching more cruises lol. We have one booked for December, somewhat hopeful, but researching alternative options for next year just in case. Also planning ahead for our 10 year anniversary in 2022. I had my heart set on a Havana cabana but I'm not loving the itineraries that are available for those ships so just gonna wait and see all the available options before deciding....which means I'm stalking the site frequently lol.
  5. I was just going to make a similar post/question but perhaps someone will know who reads this topic. What if your ship already has Nassau as a port in addition to Grand Turk? Anyone know what the replacement port may be? For reference, the itinerary is Half Moon, Grand Turk, Sea Day, and then Nassau and back to Fort Lauderdale. This cruise isn't until April but would still be curious to know if there's no significant change by then.
  6. We will be sailing the week before Christmas this year! The price difference between that week and Christmas week was too good to pass up. I've read that there will be Christmas decorations prior so that will be great as we're taking our kids with us. Interested to read feedback about crowds but I assume lots of families.
  7. We did a NYE/Honeymoon cruise a few years back and I loved it! My husband wasn't too big of a fan as there were a lot of older teens/early 20's kids and a lot of them were drinking before and after the countdown which made for quite a rowdy/silly bunch. Not as many young kids as there would be in the summer but still a lot of kids. It's definitely quite an experience though; formal night was NYE, they were freely giving out champagne and noise makers and it was just a great way to ring in the new year. We justified the extra cost because it was New Years and our honeymoon so to us, it was worth it.
  8. How cute!! Thanks for posting your review. I have some questions as we will be taking on our little ones (5 and almost 2) on the Magic in December (different itinerary though) but questions geared towards the family side of things as this will be our first cruise with kids in tow. 1. What activities did you son love in Camp Ocean? Did he stay by himself for a couple hours and how many other kids were generally there? Did you do any night owls? 2. How did you entertain your son during dining in the MDR since it was so long? He was generally able to find something he wanted to eat all the time? 3. Do you need to sign up for the Seuss at Sea parade? Did you do the breakfast too? Any other insight or tips/tricks with kids would be much appreciated! Thanks
  9. I'll have to check out NCL's cabana's because that sounds heavenly! Not sure if we would rent a cabana for the week on Mardi Gras but $50 for a port day is a great price. Especially for a port you may not be interested in getting off the ship for
  10. Someone has already asked this question and it seems like they are still trying to figure it out. He responded that he will have news on this soon.
  11. This was just posted by John on Facebook: "Now, on to the suites and let me just throw some bullet points at you please. First of all we have a no charge Serenity Deck on the ship for all adults to use and that has a stunning pool, hot tubs and the usual gorgeous furniture to relax on Then we have Loft 19. This is part of the experience which is complimentary for guests in the suites we spoke about yesterday and will also be available to use for other guests for a fee. Will other guests onboard Mardi Gras have access to Loft 19? While Excel suite guests will have first access to Loft 19, all guests aboard Mardi Gras will have the opportunity to experience this new inviting area which include 108 sun loungers and 12 private cabanas. How much is it to rent a cabana? Full-day (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) and cruise long rentals are available at a cost of $50 on port days, $150 on sea days, and $900 for the cruise, per cabana, plus 18% gratuity. Booking a Carnival Excel suite grants complimentary, unlimited access to Loft 19; however, Carnival Excel suite guests must still reserve and pay for a cabana, they will receive first priority when reserving. Can kids use the Loft 19? Yes, as we do have suites that are for 5 people we will allow children on Loft 19 but not on the Serenity deck as usual Loft 19 ( on deck 19) will be a sensational slice of cruising heaven for those who wish to use the pool and all the other things that we will feature there. cheers and stay tuned for more news on your new ship soon"
  12. What's the itinerary for the Legend? Is it offered the same time frame as the transatlantic?
  13. Yes, itinerary always has a slight edge for me. The ship itself seems great. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how everyone enjoys it. Its a shame that the less desirable ships get more of a variety of ports. Good point on the length of the docks...forgot that factors into the equation.
  14. Was hoping for more of a variety...eastern and southern. The ABC islands, Tortola, Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, etc. Even the NYC itinerary would have been better with more Canadian ports. That being said, coming from Canada, I wish there more options to see southern islands from Florida as opposed to traveling to San Juan.
  15. I just got a call from my pvp asking if we wanted to book the mardi gras...perhaps they noticed I was browsing the site. Not interested in any of the itineraries - was hoping for different caribbean ports. Will wait to see whats offered beyond April 2021.
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