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  1. The cost is about $400pp more than another date we're looking at. I read that last year, Diamond and up got to see the special concert live in the theater while Emerald and below had to watch it broadcast on screen in the Aqua Theatre and Studio B. To me, that's no different than watching a concert on YouTube at home and not a perk. I am wondering what those Emerald and below's experience has been like? If the live concert is the only event they missed out on. ie. If it's only worth it if you're Diamond and up. I am from Canada so no RC Visa card either. 😞
  2. My mom and I are considering booking the Presidents/50th Anniversary cruise on Nov 2nd. We've never done a regular Presidents cruise and I imagine this year will be even more special since it's the 50th anniversary cruise as well. What are the pros/cons? Is it worth the extra cost? What are people's experiences with the regular yearly Presidents cruises? I am only turning Diamond after my next cruise so will we be left out of many "birthday/presidents celebrations" if we're only Emerald? I am worried that all the venues or special events/concerts/gifts will be mostly for Diamond and up?
  3. Currently on the plane leaving Montreal. We were supposed to fly to MIA but got rerouted to FLL instead. What is the cheapest way to get from FLL airport to a Miami Mid Beach hotel? Is there a shuttle? Hoping to have suggestions by the time we land in FLL in a few hours.
  4. Rising Tide Bar - chocolate martinis are the best!! They have a few other types of martinis on their menu too.
  5. On our last several cruises on Allure, Oasis & Harmony, my mom has always been able to get cans of Coke at the pub in the promenade free of charge with the Deluxe beverage package. We'd stop by every night. Different bartenders, never a charge.
  6. Can you book the Deluxe Drink package with Voom 1 Device for 1 person and book the Deluxe Drink Package WITHOUT internet for the other person? Can`t figure out how to do this online... it`s forcing me to book the same package for everyone. Do you have to call?
  7. Thank you Blue Herons! I'm very glad to hear that the location is great but this is where I'm getting confused. After much research, I believe I figured out that the "Living Room" is in the Faena Hotel. Not at the Casa Faena which is the small hotel across the street from Faena hotel. From what I gather, Casa Faena was originally The Claridge hotel which was bought by Faena and renovated. We're in our 40s travelling with my mom and aunt (60s). Staying 2 nights before our cruise. We're big beach people so I'm glad to hear the beach is nice! We get beach club privileges at the Faena hotel. We'll also be sure to go check our the Living Room. I'm just concerned about the Casa Faena hotel itself. I hope it's OK. Wondering if anyone knows anything about it now that it's been taken over by the Faena group. It still has excellent ratings on Tripadvisor but maybe people are rating it thinking it's the actual Faena hotel.
  8. Anyone ever stay at Casa Faena on Collins Ave? It has an excellent rating on Tripadvisor. Wondering what the area is like? We're looking for a quiet area with a nice beach. Does the free trolley go up that far if we want to use it to go visit South Beach?
  9. Where do I find these `reviews`? I can`t find him on Tripadvisor.
  10. Awesome! Thank you for the advice and I loved your review! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It will be our first time on this island as well. There will be 4 of us... me, my husband, my mom and my aunt. Glad to hear that safety was not an issue for you. I think we're gonna go for it! 😃
  11. Thank you! We're on Navigator's last 9 night cruise of the season, Apr 12th. We just booked. We were struggling to decide between this one and the 11 nights on Serenade. Similar itineraries. In the end, deciding factors were that Serenade was over Easter and stores would have been closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Also, our last 6 cruises have been on Oasis class and I saw a picture of Serenade parked next to Allure and I panicked!!! lol! I'm not sure if I'm ready to go that small yet! Did you enjoy Serenade? The ship itself? Also Navigator is being "amped" in Jan/Feb which is exciting! Ironically, our very first cruise was on Navigator 16 years ago where my cruise addiction began! 😃 Anyway... still not sure if we made the right decision but I'm sure we can't go wrong with either one of them. There's always next year! Really looking forward to this Southern itinerary... 3 new islands for us!
  12. Fantastic! Thank you so much! If it's not too much trouble, the daily compasses would be awesome too but now I'm just pushing my luck. heehee! 🙂 Enjoy your cruise!
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