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  1. Any one want to add other song ideas? DD and I added Wobble 😎 and One Love! Let’s have some more ideas!!
  2. We're looking for a beach day with teens (16, three 19YO). We were looking for non AI--just a beach where we could rent chairs or just use towels, but with some activities for the 19 YO's. Want to try to steer clear of Señor Frog's, so thinking a fun beach day where they could get a couple of beers on the beach if they want, relax, walk around, etc. I think both of these beaches are pretty easy via taxi from the cruise port? Thanks!
  3. This is end of June, so not sure if we might just stay on ship and relax, but would like to spend some time on Cocoa Beach. If we took an uber to the beach, where is the best place to go? Is there a sort of main entrance with chairs, restrooms, snack shop? Better to just ask to be dropped at the Hilton or something and just do public beach access with towels? The port of call thread for FL was basically about all about Florida departures.
  4. I think I saw that the Beach Club doesn't open until 10am so even if there are 2 ships there in one day, I'd think both sets of passengers would be off by 10am?
  5. I wouldn't fly to do this itinerary, but since we can drive and mainly like to enjoy the ship, it is a win for us. We have done Anthem 3x out of Bayonne, and that's just not my favorite ship. But with Oasis back we may do this as our summer cruise for awhile. Fits the bill with no airfare and that we primarily like enjoying the ship. CocoCay makes a difference too.
  6. Makes me think of the difference between 2 other tragedies--one where a child had a near death drowning on DCL and one where a child was lost to an alligator at Disney. Within a day of those, both families said they were not seeking legal recourse and neither hired a lawyer. I'm guessing Disney handled things privately with them--esp the family of the boy who will need care the rest of his life--but none of this legal action. Maybe the fact that a family member was involved made them think they needed to get out ahead of things? No idea, but I can't believe it's good for the well being of the
  7. Have the exact same ages--switch to MTD. We do early bc we travel with extended family and it's a bigger table. Kids eat with us every night--some nights they leave right before or after dessert. The late dining will be right in the time frame of teen club activities/when the kids get together--the 8-10 time. Just be sure to make a reservation for a time in MTD to cut down on wait time.
  8. Wow--just looked at the Comfort Suites site. IF you do actually get the 4 passes, it is an amazing deal. For my cruise date, and I only did a quick search, it's saying I have to book for 2 nights. But that still is way less than trying to get a pass any other way. For my summer cruise date it's saying a little under $200/night. If doing this, I'd want to spend a bit of time really being sure this works, and maybe trying to see if a one night stay is somehow permitted, but it is much cheaper than the resort for a day site.
  9. We did it on both Harmony and Symphony--Symphony was last summer. I think it was actually advertised on the Symphony cruise, but on Harmony we just asked. We saw a couple of others doing it as well. It was fun!
  10. About how many cabanas altogether on deck 16? And guessing they're not hot like the clamshell type beds in Solarium?
  11. We originally were to be on CocoCay on 6/30/20, but the email just came yesterday saying they were swapping our Nassau/CocoCay days so now there on 7/1/2020. Personally, I'm not worrying about it. They will not make it unbearable--and we are now supposedly docking at 7am!
  12. We're on Oasis in June and just received email saying they were switching our Nassau and CocoCay days to alleviate port congestion. We get a little more time in CocoCay as a result which is a win imo!
  13. About how many of the cabanas did they add? Wondering how hard they'll be to get on a summer cruise!!!
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