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  1. Yes--I was on the 10/4 and I had heard 1200. Many crew members were talking about numbers for this weekend one--they seemed nervous given the huge jump! It was a big topic in MDR.
  2. Question about timing dinner for an 8pm show--I did MTD and was only able to get a 7pm reservation. I will probably not get dessert--do you think it is enough time? I will go to dining at 6:45 hoping to get in, but not sure if they'll accommodate? Also not sure how many 8pm shows there are?
  3. Love the review--thank you! Especially loved the post about your DD. I'm supposed to go next week on my first ever solo trip and I know I'm going to keep thinking about mine at home--though I'm sure DH and DD can manage 4 nights alone??! Quick question--was lunch offered in MDR? Ours next week has only 1 CocoCay stop but a few weeks ago the app stopped showing lunch as an option in MDR. Not sure if it's a glitch or if they've stopped MDR lunch?
  4. I know that the weather can change, but next week in the Bahamas area does not look great! I bought beach club entrance on "sale" for $85. I'm not sure how far in advance I'd need to cancel it to get refund--assuming before the cruise starts. Just wondering for those that have been---would you keep the beach club even if it was going to rain a significant amount of time?
  5. Not sure what is best for your family, but we have sailed with DH and myself, 2 kids (starting when about 7 and 10), one maternal grandmother, and paternal grandparents. We decided to do an inside or balcony room for DH and the paternal grandparents, and then a 3/4 person fitting balcony room for the grandmother and our 2 children. We always made sure that room was very near ours. It worked well for us because my mom was very close with our kids and knew them well, and she enjoyed evenings with them after they finished in the kids club around 10pm. This way my mom was able to share pricing on a cabin rather than going solo (and living alone she preferred to vacation with family) and the 3/4 person configuration of room allowed for 2 single beds and a double pull out couch. So youngest child slept on the pull out, and Grandma and oldest child each had a single bed.
  6. Not sure I will definitely want to do dinner at Giovanni's--anyone know the current dinner price if booked on board? It's 39.99 in the planner right now--do I need to cancel before the cruise starts or can I cancel on board if I pre-book? Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much for this report! Question about boarding--I'm on the 4 night in 3 weeks. I have a 12:30 boarding time (which I think is the earliest) but my plane lands at 9:30. Even with the slowest exit and Uber possible, I think the latest I'd end up at port is 11. Did you get the sense they were letting people check in early? Is there anywhere to sit (that's not crazy crowded) in the terminal if I need to wait until 12:30? Thank you again for all of the information and photos!
  8. If you're the first set of people off the ship, is it faster to walk than take the tram? We never took tram on Labadee but haven't yet been to CocoCay. I would be heading to Beach Club first. And your pictures are beautiful!
  9. Economically, the following is the worst option, but at least it might give you a back up option. Not sure what your home airport is, but many do testing at the airport and you don't need to be flying that day--again, not super helpful if you live a distance away from airport, but it's a way of getting the test in time and knowing result before flying to destination airport. Hope it works out--super frustrating!
  10. They email them to you and you have them saved in your account. Each member of your party (including under 18s) register for their own Project Beacon account. You then go into that account to register for tests and to see results. But they do email you. The longest we've had to wait is 15 hours. My son needed one turned around with 36 hours 4 weeks ago so I called Project Beacon, She said they cannot guarantee it less than 48 hours, but that at the moment, all the tests from the day are brought to the lab at the end of the day. My son had his test at 4pm and received the results in the middle of the night around 2am. You can print out the results as well as show them on your phone from their site once you are into your account.
  11. Thank you! My price isn't great, but if I actually still go, it will be a solo trip so the all in cost to try it is prob the best it will be. Without the perks of a cabana and the very low numbers it might really not be "worth" it now--but I see how in regular times it could be. Lots of decisions! Thank you so much for doing the report--our Symphony sailing was our favorite one ever--hoping to be back on this summer!
  12. Is there no "reserved" section on the beach for those with Beach Club Pass? So the day pass only (no cabana) is getting you pool access, reserved chairs by pool, and the restaurant? I had thought there would be beach access that was reserved and more quiet but wondering now if it's only pool loungers reserved.
  13. I think you live in MA? For anyone who lives in MA, there are 4 state testing sites run by Project Beacon. You have to be a MA resident but they are free and we have used many many times over the last 15 months--PCR test with results back under 24 hours. They are amazing. Maybe things could change, but this has been our experience many times and as recently as 4 weeks ago. You may have to drive a bit to find a site open on the day you need it, at least one site is open every day of the week. Good luck!
  14. What a great idea! Was it hard getting the food back to the rooms (unless you were in a Suite with in room option)? Will they put food in to go boxes?
  15. Is this the "type" of breakfast that is complimentary in all cabins or only for suites? I think I read that there are some breakfast items still complimentary but not the whole menu? Looks yummy! Thank you!
  16. Yes but free is better than the $22/day package! 😀 We usually do the soda package, which is very reasonable, but we are becoming diamond before she next travels with us, and it occurred to me that if she got the vouchers too, we'd be all set! Though she does LOVE that Freestyle Coke machine that would still cost us a soda package!
  17. If anyone has info, would love to know. Was rethinking getting her the soda package and could avoid paying for some mocha lattes at Cafe Promenade!
  18. I'm assuming the answer is yes, but a Diamond level under 21 can use the 4 drinks a day for speciality coffees, non-alcoholic drinks at bars, sodas, etc? They can be used at Cafe Promenade or Coffee station at Wind Jammer?
  19. or do side by side balconies work as well? This is on Freedom. Thank you!
  20. Thanks--don't think as much of an issue for US bc we're used to the age limits, but I know it's something UK families want to know especially if traveling 20 yr olds.
  21. I was wondering about the cruises originating out of the Caribbean--if they followed North American rules or not. We had heard that Puerto Rico in particular was 18 on board but I wasn't so sure. Barbados is drinking age of 16 so RCCL should add Caribbean to the lists of age limits since they are going to be operating more cruises originating there.
  22. Sounds like you'll have experienced most areas of Coco Cay. If you can, I'd love to hear what you'd do again if you go back...did you think the extra pay areas far exceeded the complimentary areas on the island, would you only do pay areas again if a small uncharge, etc. I know it's hard bc it's so subjective, but just curious what you think at the end of your trip. Thank you!
  23. I meant if the parent is not with the children. If a parent is alone, are they able to enter a vaccinated area (like Schooner's Bar) even though their traveling party is not vaccinated.
  24. Sorry to ask bc I feel like this has been answered but I can't find it...are vaccinated adults sailing with unvaccinated under 12's allowed into the vaccinated only areas like the indoor bars? Thank you!
  25. Our experience was that they were VERY hot. We then moved to Central Park balconies and didn't find them much better. We found that we virtually never used those balconies. If we're not doing Ocean Balconies, we've settled on Central Park or Promenade interior views because the rooms were bigger and the view is interesting.
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