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  1. Correct, the captain is in constant communication with the office in Miami; but it's a joint decision as to what to do. I did get off the ship in Nassau both times. The first time a group of us went to Atlantis for a tour and breakfast. The second time I just walked around the piers, taking photos of the Allure and the other ships. Being a ship fanatic, that's my favorite thing to do (in any port).
  2. If you watched the video on the television in your room of the cruise director talking to the captain about the change, you know why they didn't choose a different port. They explained that the ship could have made Falmouth, but, because of how long it would take to get back, the call would have been for only a few hours. Other ships were already at Labadee, and its infrastructure can handle only so many people, so that wasn't an option, either. You have to consider that other ships, including ships from other cruise lines, had already been rerouted because of hurricane damage.There are only so many ships and passengers that a port can handle. Oasis Class ships can't tender in passengers, so it had to be a port where an actual berth was available. Logistically, no other port would work. Just be glad there happened to be an open berth at Nassau; otherwise, it would have been another day at sea. When you consider that Allure of the Seas, along with Carnival Liberty, MSC Divina, and Silversea Explorer, dumped over 13,000 people in Nassau that day, all involved did a great job. And so what if the ship sailed in a "ridiculous circle"? The last day was always scheduled to be a day at sea, and that's what you got. What difference does it make if she sailed in a circle, a straight line, or a figure eight? At sea is at sea.
  3. You're right, it did seem like most folks were fine with the switch; there weren't mobs of people at Guest Services threatening a mutiny. Because of all the changes prior to changing out Costa Maya, I don't think anyone was really surprised when the captain made the announcement. I was in my room and actually laughed out loud.
  4. Just came back from the Allure. We were assigned Silk, but I personally preferred the Grande. The giant, red hi-back chairs in Silk are just plain silly, and they take up a huge amount of space. Also, while I love red, it's overkill in Silk....makes the place look like a French brothel.
  5. I was also on this sailing. It rained a good part of the day during the first call at Nassau.....at least it was sunny and dry the second time around. This was my 16th time in Nassau, so I have no real love for the place (other than for ship spotting), but when things like this happen, people can either make the best of it, or whine about it and be miserable.
  6. If $1100 for two for a balcony isn't a deal, I don't know what is.
  7. I'm not sure about most people, but I get so geared up for my cruise that I search the net to find out as much as I can about my cabin, and that includes looking at as many photos as I can find. I guess the OP didn't do that; otherwise, they would have known that their room was an in-hull balcony. We're sailing on DIVINA a week from tomorrow and, thanks to several folks on this site, as well as my own research, I know EXACTLY what my room will be like. Having said that, I realize that not everyone does this, so I do believe that MSC should disclose when rooms are in-hull or obstructed. This info should be available in their brochures, as well as on their website. BTW, I had an in-hull balcony on QUEEN MARY 2, and I loved it. It rained a few days and folks who had the open, glass balconies couldn't use them....but I had no problem. Yeah, I had to get up to look over the rail, but it wasn't an issue, and I'd book another in a minute.
  8. While we never waited more than a few minutes for anytime dining (maybe 10), I also believe that Princess should revamp the system. How is it fair that people who've picked traditional dining can, on a whim, head to the anytime dining room? If I'm on anytime dining, I wouldn't show up at the early or late sitting of traditional dining and expected to be seated and served. I'm also not in favor of being able to make reservations. Anytime dining should be just that: I walk up anytime I want and get a table. It's a bunch of malarkey that there are empty tables and people have to wait in line. It should be first come, first served. How hard can this be?
  9. This entire cruise was a disaster. Joe Elliot from Def Leppard was sick and couldn't sing, Jimmy Bain – the bassist for the band The Last in Line – passed away in his cabin, the weather sucked, and a lot of people went on the cruise not knowing it was a partial charter. Still, I talked to several people who said they had a great time, and that MSC seemed to try to make the best of it. Things happen, food is subjective, and going on MSC expecting it to be just like every other cruise line is to not do your homework. And then there's this: "On The Blue was supposed to be the organizer and they hired Trvst security out of Miami to "manage" the cruise. They are glorified rental cops who became very abusive and unprofessional. Not only were they not professional they had zero communication skills. They were supposed to be in charge of keeping the bands "secure" so they never secured the areas safely and when cruisers entered the "secure area" hours ahead of time(unsecured) they said "you have to go, you can't be here" When we attempted to discuss with MSC security they said they have no authority. Thanks for being jerks and ruining our only day we could even enjoy the deck. I will NEVER use on the blue associated with any event." Then perhaps you should contact On the Blue. After all, according to you, they were the organizer of the trip.
  10. Thanks for sharing....glad to hear you had a great time!
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