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  1. I was also on this cruise. I’m not sure if it was this cruise specifically, or if it’s just cruising in general, but we’ve decided to try a land vacation (all inclusive) for our next one. I think it’s mostly because all the girls want to do is swim at the beach and pool and eat. 😂 I would agree with most of what you said about the food. We only ate the buffet for breakfast twice (first and last morning) and the rest of the time we had breakfast burritos from the Blue Iguana. We tried the buffet once for dinner. Huge disappointment. I’d walk by every night and it definitely seemed like the same foods, and the hot food area is VERY small. The salad bar area was 2x as big as the hot food area. I actually really enjoyed the deli but it’s because I had the grilled ham and cheese and the BLT. We saw two different comedians this cruise (a first for us as we never go) and Azeem was absolutely hilarious! Never laughed that hard at live comedy. The other comedian (a woman) was just ok. She wasn’t getting a lot of laughs, unfortunately. Not sure if it was just the times we walked by/in, but the Red Frog Pub was severely underused. Sad... We also had a cove balcony, but ours was in a perfect location. There was no lifeboat above us, and it was super quiet except for neighbor door slamming. I agree, also, about how clean the ship appeared. I always saw workers wiping stuff down, cleaning this, cleaning that. The workers on this cruise were very, very nice. It was definitely a packed ship, and that was most noticeable on the first sea day. 😳
  2. It was terrible! The STL airport was a ghost town that time of night, so everything took wayyyy longer than it should. We got home after 4am with only stopping one time to get gas.
  3. We did ask nicely. And he very politely told me that he wished he could help me that way, but their “day rooms” are only available for 6 hours. The hotel was definitely not full, so it must be a strict policy.
  4. We did stay there for the day. Just this past Saturday. And while it’s not the cheapest ($120 after taxes), it was AWESOME. Super nice hotel. HUGE TV in the room. Bed was very comfy, and we were able to take a nap and shower before the flight. Only wish they’d extend the stay from 12-8 instead of 12-6. Hubby and I both agree that even with the cost, we would not hesitate to do it again.
  5. I never knew the spa (or any of the other places) were 3rd party run either! I've read countless stories on the "sales pitch pressure", which is just one of the many reasons why I'd never use the spa. I'm sorry, OP, that this has been such a headache! I'm curious about the person that mentioned her and her sister's cruise though...
  6. Thank you for your review! I took a 4 day Bahamas cruise back in September, and I agree with you...it was not at all like I had thought it'd be or had heard it'd be (party cruise). Maybe it depends on where you cruise from???
  7. I found pics of a 4 person balcony room on another Fantasy class ship. Looks like you can have the beds pushed together underneath one of the bunks. Like, your head is under the bunk and your feet would almost be under the under bunk. Hope that makes sense!
  8. I had a similar issue awhile back. The rate for the first 2 people didn’t change. However, they made me switch rooms because mine was for 4 people and we went down to 3. Normally when u make changes to reservations like yours, they would make you pay the full deposit now. However, since you’ve put $1000 down, I don’t think it will matter. My refund was all put towards a future cruise credit minus $50.
  9. I’ve read all the replies (including yours) and I feel like the Breeze (both the itinerary and the ship) would definitely be best. Out of all my cruises, only one would I consider a “party cruise or booze cruise” and that was the 5-day Triumph cruise out of NOLA. Even my 4-day Liberty cruise wasn’t a booze cruise. It could have been the port and/or the timing, but that Triumph cruise made me NEVER again want to sail a shorter cruise at the end of the school year! We are sailing around the same time this May, but we chose a 7 day cruise (more families likely on board). The Magic has been my favorite ship so far, but I’ve been wanting to sail the Breeze since she first hit the water (May can’t get here soon enough!). I love the layout of the Dream class ships and I feel there is always ample seating somewhere outside. I have not tried the spas on any ships, but I’m told the Dream class ships have the best spas. The ports for both cruises are great (IMO) but I think your hubby would enjoy the ports on the Breeze cruise a little more. I think you would enjoy the Breeze a little more than the Magic (I think hubby and kids would like either one). HTH! Enjoy your cruise and decide for yourself if the “naysayers” are right about Carnival. 🙂
  10. Try Zio’s! It’s delicious 😋
  11. While I have not been on every class of ship, it is most definitely my favorite class of ship! Now granted, we have not cruised during the busiest of times, but I have never felt crowded on a Dream class ship. I’m very curious how I’ll feel after my May cruise on the Breeze, as I expect it to be a packed ship since it’s during a “peak time”. LOVE the Cove balcony rooms, and Dream class ships were the first to have those. Since we really enjoy going to the shows, I’m having such a hard time wanting to book the Vista class ships, as everything I’ve read about them had that as the biggest complaint. One of my favorite things about the Dream class vs the other class ships I’ve been on, is the Lido deck (and above decks by Waterworks) seating.
  12. For one thing, I’m a coffee drinker and I visited the coffee bar twice each day. Those could have been included! And I don’t consider myself a “big drinker” but I had between 6 - 8 drinks a day (possibly a couple more on the last day). It’s much easier to do when you aren’t taking care of kids (which is what I’d usually end up doing on past cruises). I know I never had 15 (including the coffee), but my total for the 4 days was $100+ more than Cheers would have cost. Keep in mind we were only off the ships at port for a few hours each day, so we had more time on the ship to indulge.
  13. I just honestly wasn’t sure if there were things in the evening that weren’t worth missing (like Vegas in the daytime vs Vegas at night). I haven’t really begun my “research” of this cruise yet!
  14. Since I’ve never been to the NE, I was wondering which is better? Seeing Boston from 8-5 or from 4-10? I’m not sure what the “not miss” things/places are so I don’t know which to choose...
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