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  1. We got off the Regal on Feb 3. Haven’t received check yet.
  2. Please make sure they are “nice”. 😀
  3. Do the standard Veranda cabins have a shower/bathtub or just a shower? Thanks
  4. We got off the Regal last Sunday. I purchased the unlimited package for one device. The sale is good for the first 24 hours and the total cost was $52.50. My sister got the four devices package and I believe it was about $102.00 for the week.
  5. No. Got on Regal last Sunday. Used our Medallions to get into terminal. Was directed to the Medallion check in area. Placed our Medallions on the screen to check in and then went upstairs to wait for boarding. Very easy and fast. They did have cruise cards in cabin that had our dining info. Not sure how they are going to give you table numbers when they do away with the cards. It is great when you walk up to you cabin and the door unlocks. I like the Medallions.
  6. As I previously posted we got off Harmony on the 27th and are now on Regal Princess (Harmony is docked next to us in Jamaica). We cruise Princess a lot, and you wouldn’t like their show seating either. There are no reservations. We show up 1 hour before showtime, but never later than 45 minutes. At 30 minutes prior it can be difficult to find seats together and at 15 minutes almost impossible. Overall RCCL’s reservation system works pretty fairly for 6000 pax.
  7. Half Moon Cay would also work if Holland America isn’t there.
  8. It turned into a sea day. They have already applied the port tax credit.
  9. On the Regal now. We skipped Princess Cays yesterday due to bad weather.
  10. The first time we were on Oasis many years ago, our great travel agent told us about making reservations for the shows a few months before our cruise left. It’s too bad yours didn’t. That’s what they get paid for. Also, as previously posted, someone on your roll call will post when the reservations open up. Try to make your reservations when you get on the ship. If they are not available just go to the standby line early. You will get in. It’s really no big deal. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. Was on Harmony last week. We had reservations. The standby lines were long. If you can’t get a reservation after you board, just be toward the head of the standby line if you want a good seat. Don’t be late.
  12. We are on this cruise. Note on internet...no need to logout on device. When you login on you new device it automatically logs you out on the other device. Saw this on the demo on the TV. My medallion works fine, my wife’s doesn’t. Went to the booth on deck 6. They took hers last night and said they would send a new one to the cabin this morning. It hasn’t shown up yet. Agree everything going great so far.
  13. Yes, I agree several of the kids were out of control on this cruise. A lot of the parents just let them run wild. We really enjoyed the Harmony. Ship is in excellent shape and the dining room food and service was very good. We we always do RCCL cruise then head over for our second week on Princess (on the Regal now). They are two very different experiences and we usually enjoy them both. However, we may take a short break from RCCL next year and let this slight negative memory fade before we come back. I’ll say again, overall it was a great cruise on a great ship.
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