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  1. pilot

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    Yes, I am familiar with how the envelopes look. My statement stated "Please visit the Passenger Services Desk to collect any refundable credit balance under $25.00 prior to disembarking". I didn't realize that you could get the cash on the ship if the refundable credit was more than $25.00. That's nice to know.
  2. It has been over 6 weeks since I returned from my Sapphire Princess cruise. I have not received the check yet. It states on my Stateroom Account "...forwarded to you by mail within 4-6 weeks". On two previous Princess cruises this year, I received the checks within 3 weeks. I sent an email a few days ago and called today. The agent told me to give it another 2 weeks and if it doesn't show up call back. Have anyone else had this long delay?
  3. pilot

    Missing dinner time with traditional dining

    They were still the old ones, the end of July.
  4. pilot

    Uffizi Galleries

    Yes, we were in the correct line. There are 3 doors. If you have a reservation you go to door 3 to pick up your tickets. They will not let you pick up your tickets before 10 minutes before your scheduled time. After you get your tickets you go to door 1 (door 2 is for those purchasing same day tickets). It was the door 1 line that we waited 1.5 hours. There were many unhappy people in our line. Once we we entered it wasn’t real crowded and we enjoyed our visit.
  5. The Oyster Card worked great in London. The only problem I had was that I put too much money on the card for 4 days of use. If you have less than 10 pounds on your card the machine at tube stations will refund your money. If you have more than 10 pounds, you must go to one of the major railway stations Visitor Centers to get a refund. They give you a credit back on your charge card. It is easier to add money to your card if you need to.
  6. pilot

    Uffizi Galleries

    The mistake I made, was that I thought with a specific time to enter the Uffizi, we would be able to enter somewhere close to our scheduled time. This is not the case. It would have been helpful to know that the only thing the timed ticket would get you, is in front of the people that didn't have timed tickets. As a side note, we had timed tickets for the Vatican the next day and entered right on our scheduled time.
  7. pilot

    Hotels in Rome near attractions.

    We stayed at 9 Hotel Cesari, $180/night with breakfast. Close to everything. Nice hotel. 17 euro Uber from Rome Termini.
  8. pilot

    Uffizi Galleries

    While on the Sapphire Princess, we did a ships tour to Florence. I pre-purchased 4 timed entry tickets to the Uffizi Galleries for 30 October 2018, for entry at 12:30. We had to wait 30 minutes in line to pick change our voucher for tickets. Then we waited 1.5 hours in the timed entry line to get in. We finally entered at 2:00. This is a neat place to visit, but I wish I hadn't wasted the money/time to go in. The entry process is very unorganized and it was a total waste of time in this beautiful city.
  9. I booked EZAir 5 days before our Alaska cruise in July. It was a bargain on Delta. $170 one way MCI-SEA. Southwest was never below $400 several months out. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. pilot

    Gratuity and service charges

    Yes, I agree with you. You shouldn’t be allowed to remove either. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. We do it all the time. There are many options on Delta. Not sure where you are located, but check ATL, MSP, DTW. Also you can fly Virgin for free (plus tax). If you are not traveling during the summer give yourself a few days to enjoy the UK, and go a few days early. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. pilot

    Higher checked bag fees!

    Yes the newer planes are more fuel efficient than in the past, but the new planes cost a lot more. The old joke is “How do you become a millionaire? Be a billionaire and buy an airline. “ Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. pilot

    Crown Grill Reservations

    On the Emerald last month, no one was at any of the Specialty restaurants on boarding day. Used the Dine Line with no problem. Only complaint was the only times they offered were 5:15 or 7:30 (requested 6:00 or 6:30). We took 5:15 (no big deal), however Crown Grill never was more than half full during our 2 1/2 service. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. pilot

    Emerald Princess 22-29 July Review

    As a follow up to our cruise...I received the "Refundable" OBC in the mail yesterday. That's 15 days after we got off the ship. Not too bad. Still don't understand why they just don't post the credit to your credit card like RCCL and Celebrity.
  15. pilot

    Emerald Princess 22-29 July Review

    Small correction. Total OBC was $1500. There was additional $138 refunded for Government Port Tax. We also got free gratuities for the 6 of us and Specialty Dining for 6. I will say I have never paid close to this much for a balcony on Princess. So the OBC eased the pain a little, but the family enjoyed it, so it was worth it. Sent from my iPad using Forums