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  1. We came off the Silhouette yesterday and dined in three of the speciality restaurants onboard - Lawn Grill, Qsine and Tuscan. I have to say all three were excellent. The costs have gone up quite a bit and each s now $45 per person which I think is too steep. We took discounts offered on each so didn't pay full price. Qsine is a lot of fun and a great way to sample lots of different dishes - go hungry! Great steaks at the lawn grill and perfectly cooked. Tuscan is good food and a wonderful venue. We enjoy the variety that the speciality restaurants provide. For us it is not a reflection of the MDR as I thought the food this trip was up there with the best on any cruise we have ever done (and we have done a few). The staff were exceptional in the dining room. Ocean View café and the speciality restaurants.
  2. Unfortunately we learned the hard way X transfers were not to be trusted. We were picked up from Port Everglades to be taken to the Hilton Miami airport for day room use until our flight home. The bus driver didn't have a clue where he was going and after eventually getting lost in some industrial estate in a not too nice suburb the passengers took the situation in to our own hands and called a cab driver to escort the bus to the hotel! At our own expense. We arrived there 2 1/2 hours after leaving the port! Now I am afraid we avoid the transfers at all cost and enjoy seamless transfers to and from Miami airport by limo service. The price differential is negligible. X loss is the limo company's gain.
  3. As are we - I am enjoying the report and looking forward to boarding the Solstice in a little over 6 weeks :D We were on Equinox in March and had one of our best ever cruises so hoping Solstice matches up. Looking forward to hearing about the ship and the rest of your trip.
  4. Thoroughly enjoing reading your review. looking forward o the remainder. We are on Solstice in September but doing the Greek Isles and really looking forward to our second S-class this year. Previously thought the M class would be hard to beat but the Equinox blew our socks off in March - pretty much could not fault it and thought the staff on board were the best we'd experienced in 19 cruises. Hopefully Solstice will be as good. Wanted to also comment on your findings of Barcelona and glad that the preconception fears were allayed. I couldn't agree more - it is a beautiful city and a great precruise destination. I think as long as you have your wits about you and are a savvy traveller you should not have any problems. Thieves are prevalent though and more so than many other cities so caution at all times. The sail in / out of Venice is 'SPECIAL'. I have been lucky enough to have done it 3-4 times now and I don't think I would ever tire of sailing past St Marks Square - truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics.
  5. Your approach to having your daughter in the Fun Factory mirrors ours. Our experience has been that, as long as you keep the fun factory staff informed of 'your' timings they will happily have your daughter in the program for whatever time you prescribe (within the guidelines) and I believe that having her from 5-6 will not be a problem. With regards to the dinners, children should be registered to attend so that the saff can plan for the event. It has been our experience that sometimes the dinners were cancelled as there were no children looking to participate. If that is the case you might find the fun factory closed - best check with them on boarding. We prefer having our daugher eat with us but on one occassion when we went to the speciality restaurant (no kids allowed) she went to the dinner party and had a ball. On another note we have also found the staff in the Fun Factory to be great and our daughter is always desperate to go. PS The fun factory staff do not participate in the ship's on board tipping pool so you may want to leave them something, if you think it is appropriate, based on your daughter's usage of the facilities. have a great cruise
  6. Small world indeed - we should have a Kirkcaldy Cruise Critic get together :D
  7. sorry to hijack the thread but just wanted to say hi to a fellow Langtounian :D Small world, I see you are on the Sept 20 Sailing of the Solstice, we will be getting off when you get on as we are on the 8 September sailing. This will be our 20th cruise with the majority on Celebrity - you will love it!
  8. we have had a few cruises now in this type of cabin Summit and Constellation. Our little one was 15 months on her first cruise and we chose the cabin SPECIFICALLY for the shade and the extra room - you will not regret it. The cabin has plenty room for the toddler and there is a lot of shade under the overhang from the deck above. The blow up swiimming pool is another great idea - we did this too and the we one thoroughly enjoyed splashing around. Enjoy, these cabins are much sought after. I will try to find some photos to help allay any fears you have and please feel free to ask any questions - I'd be happy to help.
  9. Sailed on her in March this year. Got to say the Bistro on 5 is a nice addition as is Tuscan Grill but Cellar Masters seems to be a bit of a disaster (experience gained only from our 2 week cruise). What was the old martini bar is now Cellar Masters - it was rarely used for its purpose ie a wine bar and our experience was that it was used as a waiting area for those waiting to be seated as part of select dining. Upshot was that it was impossible for the wait staff to know who was genuinely there for a drink and who was waiting a table assignment - result confusion. The martini bar is now where the card room used to be - above the atrium. It lacks seating and is accompanied by an aptly named bar called Crush. It is a nicely done area but is cramped and as this is the main thorough fair from theater to dining room can be busy with through traffic. Not a good change IMO. Furnishings are beautifully done in the public areas and the cabins. Still love the M class ships but then we have yet to experience the S class. Connie was in really nice shape and it was a pleasure to be sailing her.
  10. Your daughter will be welcomed and treated like a Princess. The staff (cabin attendants, officers, wait staff as well as the kids crew) are brilliant with the children and from our experience are pleased to welcome them on board. Remember kids will be future revenue providers ;) Our daughter (3 years old) has cruised with us 4 times now. she LOVES being on the ships, especially 'the ones with the big X', and is now assuming this should be a monthly occurrence :rolleyes: . As she grows she is learning how to behave in different situations eg in the dining rooms etc and has been a gem so far (thank goodness). She has experience of the kids club and has had a great time on each cruise. We do things together on board and ashore, she has time in the club - we have time on our own and all told we have found it to be an ideal holiday.
  11. bar keeper we are doing the same itinerary in 3 weeks - really looking forward to it. We last sailed NCL in 2005 and have been with Celebrity since then. I am looking forward to coming back and a relaxing week. It will be interesting to see what if anything has changed, food and service wise and compare the trip to an X cruise.
  12. Joe (PorkchopKid) thank you for the link to your review. The photos are stunning. I already have a couple of images of Santorini from a previous cruise and hope to get more on this visit. Mykonos is a new destination so looking forward to being able to get some good snaps there.
  13. tryingcruising we will be doing this itinerary in a few weeks. Any info on ship and ports would be most welcome and appreciated. As you said there is not a huge amount written about the Jade, so your positive comments are a comfort.
  14. Called last night and all is back working.... no real reason given and as most have alluded there are often system problems. Thanks for the replies.
  15. thanks MMMD this is day 3 of not being able to access the booking - it is probably just them firming up the manifest or something more mundane (secretly i am hoping its a cabin change / upgrade ;) ) I'll call them this afternoon if it is still not available.
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