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  1. We just stayed at the Borg prior to a cruise on Viking. It is a great hotel, and very conveniently located. We would stay there again.
  2. The Port Agent in Reykjavik told us there were 615 passengers on this cruise and that there would be 800 next week.
  3. Just got the exact same email for the July 3 cruise!
  4. If the House passes, and the President signs, the Senate-passed waiver to the foreign port requirement, what are the chances of Silversea scheduling a couple of round-trips out of Seattle in either August or September?
  5. Does anyone know if the casino on the Silver Dawn will be operated by Casinos Austria, or whether it will be run by the Royal Caribbean or Celebrity casino operation? Thanks.
  6. I envy those who live some distance away from the Bahamas, who can fly there on full-size planes. We now live in South Florida, and you would think we could get to the Bahamas easily since the islands are so close to Florida's east coast. But no. There are only commuter flights to Nassau from Miami or Fort Lauderdale -- and there is no chance a big guy like me is going to squeeze into one of those puddle-jumpers. The only way we have been to the Bahamas for years has been on cruise ships sailing from the U.S. This is, I fear, a case of 'so near
  7. We currently are scheduled to join the world cruise March 20 in Singapore. Frankly, we are a bit concerned about flying to Singapore. Singapore has been confirming a half dozen new cases of COVID-19 pretty much every day, and is now up to 70+ cases. We surely do not want to go to Singapore and find out Serenity will not -- either by its choice or Singapore's -- be allowed to dock and take on passengers on March 20. I realize we are still almost five weeks out, but if anyone on board hears anything about the cruise segments from Singapore to Bombay, or Bombay to Rome, appre
  8. Just reading this now back home in Florida. We were in Ocean Cay yesterday (Friday) on Seaside and it was a glorious day. But we certainly heard loud thunder during the night en route back to Miami. Glad we were lucky. This island will be gorgeous when the palms have had a couple of years of good tropical growing weather.
  9. My wife is a late riser. Can someone tell me how late you can get breakfast in The Yacht Club dining room. Thanks.
  10. We took the bullet train from Kobe to Kyoto, spent the night, and then returned the following midday on a cruise on Celebrity Millennium last November. We took a taxi from the ship to the rail station for the Shinkansen Nozomi (not the regular train station in Kobe) and the train itself -- the fastest in Japan -- is a fascinating experience. In Kobe, we were met by an English-speaking guide we had booked for the afternoon and the following morning, and he was wonderful. That night, we dined at Itoh Dining by Nobu -- an unpretentious restaurant in a traditio
  11. I apologize for the typo in the original post. It should have said, We have now tried Seabourn, Crystal and Regent (still trying to find a cruise we want to take on Silversea), and while all three have pluses and minuses, the food on these generally is a serious cut above the larger ships.
  12. A year ago, after a decade of primarily sailing on the better mass-market cruise lines like Celebrity and Holland America, we decided to sample the six-star lines to see if they are that much better. We have now tried Seabourn, Crystal and Silversea (still trying to find a cruise we want to take on Silversea), and while all three have pluses and minuses, the food on these generally is a serious cut above the larger ships. But every time we got into a discussion back home of who had the best cuisine at sea, Oceania loyalists insisted the food on the Oceania ships was sec
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