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  1. Can anyone tell me how late they serve breakfast in Club Orange. One of our party is a late riser. Thanks.
  2. There are NO privacy issues. But it was hard to tell which was more objectionable -- the very bad singer down below in Oceanview, or the very loud, heavy base sound track from the movies being shown up above.
  3. There are NO privacy issues. But it was hard to tell which was more objectionable -- the very bad singer down below in Oceanview, or the very loud, heavy base sound track from the movies being shown up above.
  4. Do ALL the Aqua Class cabins on Edge have the Infinite Veranda, or are there some that have regular verandas? Thanks.
  5. We had a wonderful cruise on Serenity a month ago, and one evening tried Churrasqueria. It was almost embarrassingly bad -- the only disappointing dinner of the cruise. Royal Caribbean has an excellent Brazilian steakhouse on at least one of its Oasis class ships, and NCL has a very good Brazilian steakhouse on several of its larger ships. Churrasqueria wasn't in the same league with either. The buffet of appetizers was not even close to as good as the appetizers on either RCL or NCL. The meat offerings were not as good either. Crystal should take a look at these other sea-going Brazilian steakhouses to see how it should be done.
  6. I think it is all well and good to be a big fan of Seabourn, but not clear why the last two posters would dump on Regent for using real marble instead of faux marble throughout their ship, or using beautiful fine woods instead of veneers. But each to his own.:)
  7. We are just off the ship in Amsterdam after joining the Ovation in Lisbon. A couple of quick thoughts: Physically, the ship is not even close to as elegant as the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, which we sailed on earlier this year. But the service on Ovation was the best we have experienced in 15 years of cruising on more than 50 ships -- far, far exceeding the erratic service on Regent. The service certainly makes or breaks a cruise, and I have no idea how Seabourn manages to recruit, train and retain such a wonderful group of people. The quality and variety of food on Ovation -- in all dining venues -- was also considerably better than on Regent as well. I also suspect the new dining venue on Ovation, Earth & Ocean at The Patio, is going to be a winner -- but not on northern cruises until they install some overhead heaters. Brrrr. Finally, for those who rely on the internet for business while cruising, we approached this cruise somewhat apprehensively but the internet connection and speed was considerably better than we had been led to expect. No problems whatever. Six hours since we disembarked and we already miss it. We'll be back.
  8. Got upgraded from a mini-suite to the Haven today 52 hours prior to the cruise. So much for the idea that notifications go out on Mondays.
  9. We are just back from a cruise on Azamara, and on the sheet providing departure info, they put out a reminder that they now notify U.S. Customs of any purchases in the ship's shops of more than $800. Based on a recent experience, we believe Celebrity also does this -- even though a shipboard employee denied it. So if you buy any jewelry in the shops on board the ships sailing out of Miami or Port Everglades, you want to be sure to declare it on a U.S. Customs form.
  10. Anyone have the experience of being pulled aside when leaving the ship, and told they had been selected for a "random" customs screening where you have to fill out the old paper form, and then are escorted to a special room in the customs hall for questioning by a customs agent? This process (which ultimately was no big deal) nevertheless did not strike us as "random."
  11. I am considering a cruise on the Jewel from Tokyo to China, and will need to work while I am away. I would appreciate hearing from some experienced users on how fast and how reliable the internet is on the Jewel. Thanks
  12. We booked a minisuite on Getaway, and then put in a bid for an H5 Haven stateroom, bidding $10 more than the borderline between poor and fair. Were upgraded to the H5 five days prior to cruise.
  13. But something is wrong. Passengers are getting emails telling them Symphony will sail a day late from Lisbon, and that the sea day next Wednesday will be cancelled. Hope it is nothing serious.
  14. Does anyone know who the current casino host is on Harmony of the Seas? Thanks
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