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  1. Any other hotels suggestions close to the cruise port? We're on NCL Pearl 7/9, coming in a day ahead and staying the night of disembarkation. Probably need one closer to sights on return. We have a late flight. Thanks. I saw a good price and great reviews on Marriott Bellevue. Where is that in relation to the cruise port?
  2. Looking for recommendations for a very nice, but economical hotel that is convenient to the cruise port. Flying in on July 8, cruising on the pearl the ninth. Which pier will we be leaving from. We are staying overnight on 7/16 as well. Thx for any and all advice. :)
  3. Thanks all. We're going to forget about NOLa and sticking with Jade. DH will just have to suck it up. No problem getting to Houston in time, leaving Nashville at 550am.
  4. Is there anything interesting to do in Houston that is convenient to the airport? We have 640pm flight out.
  5. Any thoughts about part 2 of my question? Is DH overreacting? Thx
  6. We're booked on Jade 3/26 and my husband is panicking about fog problems, ship complaints, high cost of getting from the airport and the fact that the port is soon to be abandoned. Looking at the Dawn instead. Thoughts?
  7. Only flights left from Nashville land at 230. Can we make it to the ship in time?
  8. Went zip lining in Roatan and loved it (I'm a 61 y/o grandmother). Great fun and there was plenty of safety, including backup safety lines and the guides were with us every step. The girl you spoke of was in US (Georgia to be exact). Not sure, but believe it was some sort of homemade zip line deal. Regardless, it was very sad. But underlines fact that tragic accidents don't just happen in third world countries.
  9. Agree with avoiding VIP, that place is a disorganized mess. Never again. Everyone there that I spoke to paid a different price and all over what was paid online. Said we paid the airport price in error. I think it's a racket.
  10. We just got back on Saturday and had a wonderful cruise. Our cabin steward was wonderful and service in the dining room was great, at a nice leisurely pace. Surin, our server, was funny and made sure everything was perfect. We didn't care much for the buffet, but enjoyed the pizza, salad, sandwiches and grill. We had a grand suite. Loved it.
  11. Monalis, I was under the impression that there are no refunds, if you don't use the OBC you lose it...?
  12. We are flying to Miami 6am Monday for a Celebrity cruise that day. We have transfers from the airport to the cruise port arranged by the cruise line. My husband needs distilled water for use with his cpap machine he must use at night for sleep apnea. Don't know how or where to get the water. Any ideas?
  13. Newby and wondering exactly what drinks are included if you don't op for a beverage package on Celebrity.? Thx
  14. Thanks so much for the link, so glad to know she is ok, though injured. We never witnessed anything like that b/f and hopefully never again. Thanks again.
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