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  1. <StandsUpPushesChairBackandStretches> I was the first, I'll be the last ... (sorry Cheap Trick) Thanks for the review. It caused me to go over to the the Ay Tee El. I'm currently on pg 46. How do I keep track of which page I'm on? I write it down on a post-it note which is on my monitor. lol
  2. Yay! Book marking this for those moments I should be *working* on my computer. That's what Alt-Tab is for
  3. Looking forward to the rest of your review!
  4. The time I ordered an Uber at Long Beach it took FOREVER for them to get them and find me. There was a lot of traffic and I could see it wasn't the driver's fault. I'd take the waiting cab even if I had to pay more (if I had a time deadline)
  5. It's not canned, but I like the Boxed Water Is Better. It's available on Amazon.
  6. I like to read cruise reviews (I'm looking at you Willdra) and hear what they do on their excursions but I'm not necessarily looking for the Fun Times or the menus or even the photos of the food. I do like to be surprised, and find my own way around, and experience the ship on my own. I do like planning. I do like Willdra's sense of humor and her photos. But, like you Bingo, I like to be surprised.
  7. Hello, Do you have any recommendations for a hotel that offers a room and parking for a 7-day cruise. Once I stayed at Hotel Current but by the time I checked-in they only time I could sign up for their shuttle was 8am (I did not want to arrive at the port that early!). So I ended up having to pay for an Uber and that whole deal soured me on their hotel. I just looked at the Maya and their total was $421 for one night (including parking). Also, I see that the Best Western has a cruise package but wasn't sure of the area. I'll be driving into Long Beach on 4/10/20 and am looking forward to cruising on the Panorama! Thanks so much for your help 🙂
  8. My dad is also scheduled on your flight (and masterdrago's).
  9. He is just going to stuff some regular pillows under the mattress. They thought the email from Princess was very kind. They are super excited to be going on their first cruise!
  10. Yep, I understand. I just read on these boards that you could request them (even down to the details between 5" or 7" wedge) and what information you had to supply (booking number, date of sailing, etc) and it was delivered to your room. Just thought I'd let everybody know that this isn't always the case.
  11. I thought I had read that you could request a wedge pillow. My folks are on the Grand to Alaska and sail at the end of the month. Since my dad suffers at night and has made a custom bed platform I recommended they email Princess and request a wedge pillow. They emailed Accessofficeprincess@princesscruises.com and got the following reply: Hello Mrs. Cruiser 😉 We look forward to hosting you! A wedge pillow is not an item that Princess can provide. Once on board, you may contact your room steward if you require extra pillows for your bed to make your stay more comfortable. You are welcome to bring your own wedge pillow.
  12. She won't be able to go in their room as they card the participants. But no reason she can't hang out where they are hanging out and meet new friends that way.
  13. How could she see anything over that shoulder pad!
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