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  1. I leave 4/11/20 as well. I was not offered a full refund. How did you get yours? *Edit: I see that you talked to your PVP. I was unfortunately told that the terms are on the website and the letter I got via email and that it wasn't an option to get a full refund.
  2. That says April 11. My app says I'm 28 days and 16 hours out. The news says it is a 30 day ban. I'm due to sail April 11 and truthfully I just want my money back 😔 I booked this so long ago and I'm sad and frustrated
  3. You can move your booking to a future date up to 3 days before sailing.
  4. Following a link from the Carnival website: LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA Long Beach Cruise Terminal at the Queen Mary 231 Windsor Way Long Beach, California 90802 Website: www.visitlongbeach.com/plan-your-trip/cruise-terminal-information/ Google Maps: View Map Carnival Imagination departures (excluding 4/09/20 through 4/19/20): Due to capacity limitations, parking will not be available at the cruise terminal parking garage. Carnival Imagination guests must proceed to reserved parking at Long Beach Convention Center (200 East Seaside
  5. <StandsUpPushesChairBackandStretches> I was the first, I'll be the last ... (sorry Cheap Trick) Thanks for the review. It caused me to go over to the the Ay Tee El. I'm currently on pg 46. How do I keep track of which page I'm on? I write it down on a post-it note which is on my monitor. lol
  6. Yay! Book marking this for those moments I should be *working* on my computer. That's what Alt-Tab is for
  7. Looking forward to the rest of your review!
  8. The time I ordered an Uber at Long Beach it took FOREVER for them to get them and find me. There was a lot of traffic and I could see it wasn't the driver's fault. I'd take the waiting cab even if I had to pay more (if I had a time deadline)
  9. It's not canned, but I like the Boxed Water Is Better. It's available on Amazon.
  10. I like to read cruise reviews (I'm looking at you Willdra) and hear what they do on their excursions but I'm not necessarily looking for the Fun Times or the menus or even the photos of the food. I do like to be surprised, and find my own way around, and experience the ship on my own. I do like planning. I do like Willdra's sense of humor and her photos. But, like you Bingo, I like to be surprised.
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