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  1. Thanks all for the responses. Sorry to throw everyone with my "TGTBT", but my made up acronym did create a buzz! I was just thinking maybe the price was too good, but decided to put my deposit down anyway. As long as the ship is clean and the service is good we can live with some older decor. I will turn a blind eye to all the Urns. We actually find that older ships can be nice in that the crew is often made up of folks who have been with the ship forever and they treat it like home, in a good way. I love these stops so it should be a nice cruise. Unless of course COVID gets in the way, but we've got a year to see what happens. My travel addiction has been satisfied for a bit anyhow.
  2. I am looking at some of the European itineraries for fall 2021 and notice that Carnival seems to have prices that are about half the cost of other cruise lines (I've looked at NCL, Princess, Celebrity, all lines we have used previously). We have sailed with Carnival several times and know it is a "cheap and cheerful" line, always a nice trip, but I've never seen the prices this much lower then other companies. This makes the skeptic in me suspicious. I wonder if they are in better or worse shape then competitors and if the cruise will be really bare bones, or services will be scaled back, due to the very low prices? Would love to book, but am hesitating. Would be interested in opinions.
  3. As I recall, Baby Beach in Aruba is pretty shallow for several feet out. I don't remember a sudden drop off but you could check this out perhaps. I think this is a popular beach for kids, it is a bit protected, so it may be suitable.
  4. We cancelled a Sept Canary Islands Cruise leaving from UK. I am skeptical that European cruises will be up and running this fall. If so, it may be a compromised situation at the european ports. Suspect summer is a no go, then fall will be about watching for minor surges and unpredictable closures in ports. Sad. Once a vaccine comes along it will be easier to plan.
  5. I cancelled a Sept trip back on March 22. When I called to check on the refund recently I was told it was "posted" April 19 and should show up as a credit on my credit card account within days. It's now April 26 and there is no sign of the credit. Does anyone know what "posted" actually means. I don't understand why the cruise deposit showed up on my card within minutes but a refund that is now "posted" is still not showing up. I get the delay in processing, but once it's actually "posted", shouldn't I see the refund?
  6. Hi, sorry I've not been on the forum for a while. Yes, you can rent chairs along Eagle Beach. This is a very long beach, miles long, so there are actually many spots where vendors have chairs to rent. There are also free grass umbrella shelters put up along the beach, at different points. If you can get one, they are great for setting up under.
  7. Refund. Cruise ships have surprisingly small profit margins, there could be serious economic consequences here and a bird in the hand......
  8. We just cancelled our Canary Island, Spain and Portugal cruise for September. It broke my heart. Not just because I cancelled the trip, but also because we love cruising and I want the industry to rally . Still, I suspect the time out will be at least 3months, and then if there is no vaccine, there could be a resurgence of the virus in fall/winter next year. I say wait on your booking a bit. I truly hope the cruise lines come back stronger and better, but I suspect that will take a while to happen.
  9. Thanks Snowy Owl! Love that Carnival Lobster!
  10. Hi, we are just about ready to leave on a 6 night Caribbean trip on the Magic. Can anyone tell me how many formal nights we will have and when they will be? I have the Steak house booked for day 3, Half Moon Cay day, but would not want to book this for formal night or lobster night in the MDR. Thanks!
  11. I would taxi to a beach in the morning, just to see the beauty of the local beaches, which Aruba is known for. Then head back to the pier to have a snack, or lunch, and then walk about the port town of Oranjestad. There is shopping, casino's, and it is a nice way to pass the time if you are toured out!
  12. I vote for Eagle Beach! It's very long, there are many different places you can go along the beach. To me, it is calmer and more pleasant then Palm Beach which seems way more commercial and jaded. Another option, further a field, would be Baby Beach or Boca Catalina. They are both smaller beaches, often less crowded, with shallow water which is idea for kids. There are many fish to see swimming about even without snorkels sometimes. You can rent chairs at both locations, or just try to get there early to snag a free sunshade and throw your towel or travel chair down.
  13. We were in Aruba in December and ate many times at Dutch Pancake House. It is a short walk from the pier, you can google if interested, it is beside the Marina, adacent to one of the Casinos. It would be a casual meal though, they make pancakes which are really like crepes with dozens of different varieties. Just something a bit different and kind of characteristic of the area. Also if you want a very casual snack, try the Pastechi House just a couple of streets in from the main street, again you can google it. They serve delicious Pastechi (like a donair or stuffed turnover, a specialty in Aruba) with many kinds of fillings. They also make great fruit smoothies. The gentleman at the counter is lovely and helps you to figure out what to order, and the place is well visited by locals. We went several times, there can be lineups, but they move fast!
  14. We did the Natural Pool and Indian Jeep Safari with ABC in December. It was great! The driver/guide was informative and entertaining and the Natural Pool was a highlight for us! It's a rough, bumpy drive, they also take you around other stops on the island too.
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