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  1. It seems Florida is the home of the super spreader events and has no shame in that they allow people to come there without restrictions and then let everyone go back to their hometowns and spread disease. I would also say that DeSantis' approach is anti-business by trying to tell businesses what and what they can and cannot do....businesses have always had the right to refuse service if "no shirts, no shoes, no service." They can add "no mask and no vax" and I am sure they will be on solid legal footing. There is nothing innovative or brave about what Florida or other
  2. Boring......anybody can sue anybody.....nothing will happen....political stunt....yawn!!!
  3. Not according to most news reports......Michigan is far from doing OK with Covid infections.....https://abcnews.go.com/Health/michigan-reports-highest-number-covid-19-cases-december/story?id=76856535
  4. I would not call them libertarians but more like people from the dark ages in their thinking.....they seem to think that Dr. Fauci and other scientists are somehow witches conjuring up all kinds of evil for the masses and they are out to free us from the tyranny of it all. God Help America!!!!
  5. True.....Florida is a Covid joke!
  6. You are so right.....and Princess knows they cannot afford that to happen again.....vax and mask up!!!
  7. Agree.....the cruise lines will determine what will be required to sail and if people do not want to abide by the rules (like wearing a mask) then they miss out and stay home and can watch reruns of Love Boats. Princess knows first hand what an outbreak of Covid - 19 on one of their ships can mean for them financially and to their corporate image..
  8. That approach worked really well at the White House......only the NBA was really able to pull off a strict Covid-19 free bubble....cruise lines are not the NBA and there are just too many ways for the virus to get onboard if they do not have fully vaccinated crews and passengers, frequent testing and strict COVID-19 protocols......
  9. Love it.....so true on how big the Barrel Chair discussion got and a number of people said they would not sail with Princess again because of it......watch out what you wish for!
  10. Unfortunately just because people think it does not make it true.....if we were out of the woods the cruise lines would have things raring to go and none of them seem to be doing that yet.....I really doubt that it will happen this year....even though many states are ready to let their guard down in the US many other countries are not willing to take the risks associated with that.....make that final payment though and believe on!!!
  11. That is so true how people like some rules to apply to others but not themselves.....with all that is going on in the world some how a cruise to Alaska is the most important event that absolutely must happen at all costs in some people's world!!
  12. I could see one of the first cruises going in the US would be the NCL Pride of America in Hawaii. It only sails in Hawaiian waters and HI already has the Safe Travelers Program where visitors have to test Covid negative 72 hours before arriving and on some islands they get tested again when they land. Plus this has always been a popular cruise itinerary for NCL. Just saying.......
  13. I wonder if the buffets will survive.....I know they have all but disappeared from Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels because of Covid.
  14. We have thrown in the towel too and have canceled all 2021 Princess cruises we had and have booked mid 2022 and beyond. However, we are planning some pretty exciting road trips in the US for summer and then 6 weeks in Europe visiting some of our favorite countries in September and October 2021 god willing We are finding that those trips will be much more flexible to make happen and change on the fly and they are offering some great air fares and hotel rates too throughout Northern and Southern Europe.
  15. Totally agree..... no way are cruise lines are going to allow passengers on who have not been vaccinated.... and when vaccines are open to everyone it will be people’s choice whether they want to cruise or not.... already European countries are requiring a Covid -19 vaccination passport......
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