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  1. The HI pre-traveler Covid testing program is still in development and it is based off of other programs like AK. CVS has not set it self up yet to provide dedicated Covid testing for HI travelers. UA and Hawaiian Airlines have the only concrete plans to offer same day testing for UA passengers in SFO for $250 per person tested. Hawaiian Airlines announced they will have testing in SFO and LAX for $90 for a 36 hour turn result around and $150 for same day testing. There will be many parts of the US where there will be no dedicated HI testing. All of these tests will be required to be paid by the traveler and insurance will not pay. Labs will only be open for limited times at airports too so traveler coordination will be a challenge. A family of four can expect to pay UA $1,000 to test in SFO and avoid a 14 day quarantine in HI.
  2. Airlines are going to start offering Covid testing for passengers in October it looks like. First up passengers flying to Hawaii who do not want to face the 14 day quarantine for tourists. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/united-airlines-covid-testing/index.html
  3. I think you should really reconsider what you concluded in February and act accordingly......you are right......😇
  4. it's an opinion for sure and that's about all.....it's been in some of the best areas too like the Whitehouse and Congress......I hope the Covid-19 deniers get to cruise first and enjoy their quarantine vacation at sea.....😁
  5. There was not one reason......there were many many reasons and you can read a ton of articles about their incompetence if you want to: https://www.wired.com/story/diamond-princess-coronavirus-covid-19-tokyo-bay/
  6. We just had friends who had a Carnival cruise booked in February 2021 and said that Carnival canceled it today.....
  7. They will have their hands full...I have never considered ship environments that safe when it comes to enforcement anyway.... but It will be a long time before they have to deal with this anyway....
  8. What can they really do........nothing really and cruise lines are not the only place where people are refusing to follow guidelines and sometime even laws regarding living with Covid-19 safely for everyone....
  9. Agree.....it would be a risky situation because what are they going to do if a group of passengers refuse to follow guidelines? There is really little they can do and we have often seen them refuse to enforce their own rules around ship on many cruises we have taken. It will happen for sure because people already do not want to be told what to do as far as Covid-19 guidelines.
  10. Agree......we know what happens when the Covid-19 deniers say let's open up things and get on with life.....just more deaths and more deaths and we have plenty of examples in the US to show what a bogus approach to dealing with Covid-19 that is. No matter how Covid-19 deniers try to spin it they want us to deny the dangerous position we are in as a country health wise.
  11. I always think your post are well thought out, accurate and no BS. The Covid-19 deniers just do not want to accept reality. We all know what happens when you open things up to early in the age of Covid-19.....it does not go well....they are not going to be cruising for a long time and even if they do the fun I am sure will be taken out of it with all of the protocols that need to be followed for passenger safety reasons. And we all know how Covid-19 deniers love to follow suggested guidelines in helping curtail Covid-19...
  12. Agree.....those are the facts for now.....they are now predicting 300,000 dead of Covid-19 in US by the end of the year.....cruising from the US is out for at least until middle of the next year and possibly all of 2021 or we get to watch another Princess Diamond or Grand disaster unfold on TV.....Princess worked to hard to create the "Love Boat" brand concept to have it turn into the "Covid -19 Boat" brand cruise line...
  13. Agree......why......Europe is already learning that opening it's boarders to other EU countries is not going so well and they will probably be closing borders again.....looks like a corporate stunt to me....or an act of desperation.....
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