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  1. PrincessLuver

    Ocean medallion - name/photo appears outside cabin?

    It does not work the way you are suggesting.....how about not nocking it until you have tried it.....
  2. PrincessLuver

    Ocean medallion - name/photo appears outside cabin?

    Same here.....we were on Caribbean Princess and had no problems with OM program.....we actually really liked it and it sure made it easy to get in room if your hands were full.......I cannot figure out what all the worrying is about because as we know cabin break-ins and passenger assaults in cabins by strangers on Princess ships are about as rare as an empty plates in a buffet line.....the advantages of OM certainly were welcomed and we experienced no negatives!!
  3. PrincessLuver

    New Majestic Princess

    We have been on a ton of Princess cruises and only can remember a few themed nights too being announced and it seemed they were more a Cruise Director thing than company promotion....
  4. PrincessLuver

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    This was our experience on the Caribbean Princess in October too.....shorts were allowed in ATD and no one was stopped that we were aware of. Two of our friends husbands both wore shorts on casual evenings too.....even so Princess purists will not want to believe this fact!!
  5. PrincessLuver

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    We were on the Caribbean Princess on October 18, 2018 10 day cruise and every night except formal nights there were men in the ATD room with shorts on.....I think they allow for more casual dress on some of the Caribbean cruises?
  6. PrincessLuver

    Specifics of cashing out OBC in the casino

    Agree....some things are better not said.....I can see Princess putting an end to this in the near future.....some people just like wrecking things!!!
  7. PrincessLuver

    Ruby Princess water slide?

    Same here.....would have no problem with a little more action and adventure.....Oh that's right.... Princess has the paper airplane contest....what was I thinking!!! 🙂
  8. PrincessLuver

    Ocean Medallion patents

    Worked just fine on the Caribbean Princess......not sure what people are afraid of.....I think it has way more positives then negatives!!
  9. PrincessLuver

    Are jackets really required for men?

    Just off the Caribbean Princess and there plenty of cruisers who wore shorts every night. My brother-in-law was with us and I told him they were not allowed. He had no problem coming to dinner most nights in shorts...made me look like a Princess fool!
  10. PrincessLuver

    Ruby New Cabin Door Locks

    Just off the Caribbean Princess and OM was fully operational and passengers were given both OM and cruise card and they both could be used everywhere...nice when you approach your door and it shows your picture and unlocks it.... love the new OM program because the internet is so much faster....seemed like most passengers we talked to liked the change...
  11. PrincessLuver

    Regal Mistake

    It seems that many on CC who like Grand class ships do not like the Royal class ships and we are a big fan of Royal class ships. We have sailed the Royal on several TA's and there is a soot problem. We have also sailed on the Majestic in an aft cabin and no soot problem. We have sailed the Regal on a TA this year in a full suite cabin aft with a wrap around balcony and never had any soot issues for the whole cruise. I have a hard time believing your story because they modified the designs for the Regal and Majestic to take care of the soot issue that is present on the Royal.
  12. PrincessLuver

    Are jackets really required for men?

    There could have been many other reasons they were turned away besides not having a jacket.....sometimes my DH wears a suit jacket and sometimes he does not and he has never been turned away on formal night....seems like the majority on CC know that "no jacket" will still get you in.
  13. PrincessLuver

    Are jackets really required for men?

  14. PrincessLuver


    We did the UST on a transatlantic on the Regal this spring and the Procurement Officer said they go through approximately 10,000 eggs a day on most days on the Regal....:cool:
  15. PrincessLuver

    Lost Luggage in Brooklyn

    I would think so too....we had a taxi driver take us to LAX after a cruise and he had not only grabbed our suitcases but someone else's that was nearby (we were already in the cab when he loaded them)....he said he was taking it back to pier but who knows???