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  1. Then it must be about do what YOU like and ignore Princess suggestions helping to make the cruise a better experience for ALL!!
  2. Same goes for the suggested dress codes on formal nights.....why ignore some suggestions and not others?
  3. Agree....it happens in the best of hotels and homes so I have no doubt that it could easily happen to Princess......we have been on Princess ships on many turn around days and they do not really do that much special cleaning in cabins when a cabin is vacated and then re-occupied that same day....
  4. We have done it twice on different ships on Trans- Atlantic cruises. We felt it gave us a whole new appreciation of cruising and the cruise staff and what really goes on behind the scenes. We thought all the swag they gave us after each tour was worth as much if not more then what we paid both times to the UST. Both times we were one of the first groups to board and I went right to the Passenger Services Desk and told them I wanted to be put on the list for the UTS. Each time there were only 15 in our group and they only did one tour for each cruise. They are very popular and limited so I would recommend signing up right when boarding.
  5. Is it true what they say..."Ignorance must be bliss?"
  6. This has been our experience too....usually there are two lines when the doors first open....ATD's and the Reservation line (sometimes the reservation line is much longer then the regular line for ATD)....when we leave there is always a long line waiting to get in and many have beepers.....I am sure this occurs because so many tables were set aside for people holding reservations at the first seating....hence one of the reason for an unnecessary problem created for ATDers!!!
  7. It is not a screwing.....it is called a cruise and if Princess does not want to deliver the product that they promise then it is Princess' morale problem not mine.....and save your moralizing because it will not be effective!!!! In my world a gratuity is something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for exemplary service....not a "have too" for mediocre, basic or annoying service..... :-)
  8. We are usually on Princess ships 30+ days and always do ATD.....we have met many people who do not even call for reservations but bribe the maitre d' for a permanent table the first day.....many ATD'ers feel the system is abused by the "I am special crowd!" Many of the good tables end up reserved on the first night for the whole cruise thanks to maitre d's who give into everyone. I do always report it to maitre d', the food and beverage director, and put it on the survey. Have no problem cutting tips too if the ATD experience becomes a joke!!! Like I said, I love the maitre d's who do not allow reservations in ATD because they know it creates problems and goes against the spirit of the ATD concept!!
  9. We have never heard ATD staff promoting reservations.....if anything it creates two different problems for them to deal with....we are usually always there when ATD opens and of course you have the reservation line where they people seem to think they have outwitted the system....on some cruises ATD did not allow reservations for the whole cruise and that experience seemed to work best for everyone involved...Princess should not allow reservations period for ATD....we all know what is really going on!!!!
  10. That's what we will be doing too.....it was a ridiculous decision by Princess.....they should have suggested if you do not need a barrel chair in your room they will be happy to remove it for the remainder of the cruise....I am sure a lot more passengers prefer it in their cabin then the ones who do not.....no matter what it was a decision that was obviously not customer friendly.
  11. "Big Walk In Closets?" Are you joking? It is an open space with a closet rod......I would hardly call it a walk in closet.....also Princess got rid of loungers on most balconies "for safety reasons" many years ago.....of course you can have everything you want if you book a suite!!!
  12. I could do without the table clothes in the MDR too.....unnecessary
  13. Lol......The phrase "Princess Nighlife" reminds me of the oxymoron "deafening silence!"
  14. Totally agree.....passengers who need reservations need to go to the Assigned Seat Dining Room.....Princess needs to stop allowing reservations in ATD.....every time I see it happening I complain to passenger services and note in in end of cruise survey.....some people just need to feel special and entitled!!!!
  15. Now that is a very desirable perk on Princess these days...... 🙂
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