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  1. People from the lower 48 have always been able to travel to Alaska during the pandemic.....just because they cannot cruise there right now does not make it seem like it is the end of the world for Alaska and cruisers as you suggest.....not to mention the bailout monies I am sure helped a lot of those businesses.....bigger fish to fry then cruising to Alaska right now for the US......
  2. One of our waitlisted cruises for a Princess cruise in January 2022 for a Club Class upgrade cleared today....so you might ask for the waitlist if it shows not available.
  3. We usually book Club Class and have noticed almost every cruise we have booked we were not able to book Club Class even though we thought we were booking very early.......I have a feeling it is a very. popular option with the uncertainly regarding dining on Princess' ships when cruising returns. We have been waitlisted so there is a little bit of hope at least.....
  4. Well stated......the problem truly has not really been the Covid - 19 virus or the CDC but the Irrational Conspiracy Theory Viruses.......
  5. That was not our experience of being in LV last week......casinos were enforcing mask wearing as you entered everywhere and throughout, most visitors had masks on in the casinos we were in and even on the Strip the majority wore them, social distancing was in place everywhere and the casinos made 1 Billion in winnings last month. If you really knew anything about the state of Nevada you would know that it is the State Gaming Board that sets the rules on how casinos will operate and not Sisolak......The State Gaming Board has and will handily fine casinos for not being in compliance
  6. The plexiglass was more to protect the employees in LV casinos. Some LV casinos have now been allowed to removed plexiglass when the majority of it's employees have been vaccinated. Masks are required in the casinos (monitored by security), physical distancing and hand sanitizer stations are everywhere. The Cosmopolitan and Wynn Resorts have been allowed to go to 100% capacity in their casinos because most of their employees have been vaccinated and plexiglass is gone. https://www.slotsformoney.com/news/wynn-and-cosmopolitan-ready-for-100pct-capacity/
  7. The only fear mongers I hear are the one's who are saying the CDC is the bogeyman........the Covid pandemic worldwide is not over by a long shot and if cruise lines cannot protect their passengers for Covid then they will suffer the same consequence again!!!!
  8. Not true......it is being reported in a wide variety of newspaper that this is happening......they are called "breakthrough cases".......... https://www.reviewjournal.com/investigations/2-nevadans-die-after-rare-breakthrough-cases-of-covid-2348041/
  9. Wow......sounds like the stairwells could get jammed because they are not that wide on some ships and become another place for Covid-19 to hover if it is on board......
  10. It seemed like the March of Dimes was a big factor in promoting polio vaccinations too....
  11. Agree with you totally.......the hypocrisy of the Guv of Florida is ridiculous and some people do not like it when people point out "the king is wearing no clothes." He does not make all of the rules.
  12. The prediction is now that the US will not/never reach herd immunity because of vaccine hesitancy and what states like Florida and others are doing politically. The prediction is that the Covid-19 virus will continue to mutate into other variants and the vaccinations we have used now will not be effective in the near future. So, I am sure we are just shooting ourselves in the foot and we may never end up cruising! Friends don't let friends get Covid.............. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/28/health/covid-vaccine-myths-debunked/index.html
  13. The Hawaii Safe Travels Program has holes definitely because military, for example, are exempt and some other groups too. I am still not sure how this all relates to air travel where there are no studies to show wide spread of Covid while flying in an airplane with the protocols they now have had in place. 575, 000 people have died from Covid in the US and 480 of those were in the state of Hawaii. Many of those who died in the state were from community spread and not by tourists. I will take my chances on flying on a plane versus getting on a cruise ship
  14. If anyone can board cruise ships in Florida with no proof of Covid vaccine then I think the cruise industry will be right back where it was over a year ago with many people refusing to sail because of loose Covid protocols and protections for the passengers and they can end up with ships full of Covid sick non- vaccinated passengers......that will be great PR for the industry and Florida.......
  15. You can. bet that the EU and other countries will base requirements for travel on science and medical practice and not political theater and grandstanding like so many do in the US.......
  16. Still does not prove that you are highly likely to get Covid on an airplane. No one knows how he was exposed or infected even though the family was screened in the Hawaii Safe Travelers program: "A boy died from COVID-19 while on vacation in Hawaii with his fully vaccinated parents, marking the first child death from coronavirus in the state, officials said. The boy, who was 10 years old or younger and had underlying health conditions, died after he and his parents visited Hawaii from another state, according to the Hawaii Department of Health. Officials said the child
  17. Still proves nothing.... those are antidotal examples and not based in reality....
  18. Not true. According to experts, the risk of catching the coronavirus on a plane is relatively low if the airline is following the procedures laid out by public health experts: enforcing mask compliance, spacing out available seats and screening for sick passengers. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/odds-catching-covid-19-flight-wellness-scn/index.html
  19. I wonder how this all going to change because starting this week the US is allowing Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and online sites to start selling home test kits (two tests) without a prescription for around $23.00. People will now not have to access a doctor or lab to test for Covid and get the results within 15 minutes at home. Could give the cruise ships an affordable tool to test quickly on their ships and be able to monitor fo. Covid. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/04/19/covid-home-tests-walmart-cvs-walgreens-binaxnow-ellume/7286667002/
  20. But isn't being a poster on CC more prestigious and credible than those meaningless little degrees?????
  21. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........I think they were playing GOLF!!!
  22. Agree....this is the only way we will resume cruising with Princess again......even with vaccines these are still uncertain times with Covid-19.
  23. Agree......airlines, airports and TSA have strict protocols in place to stop the spread of COVID - 19 backed up by fines. Lest not forget the 40 cruise ships that had outbreaks of COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic and how they handled the situation and that some people spent weeks on ships just sailing to nowhere while isolated in their cabins. The cruise lines brought it on themselves, not the CDC, and are not really trustworthy regarding what they say they will do and what they will actually do when they are at sea in international waters. https
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