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  1. SAS, not WAS, i believe he meant.
  2. Skrufy, You got a reply from them? Just wondering if they were still in business.
  3. Hilton Marina hands down is better that E.S. Been to both and would never go back to E.S. Those rooms are worn out like a merry go round ride.
  4. Great review, glad you enjoyed the Marina, Can't wait to get down to Lauderdale and get on a ship. Its been over 2 years for me and the wife and we usually cruise once a year.
  5. Port hotels are fine. You can take the Sun Trolley to the beach and back for $ 1 each way. Takes a whole 5 min.
  6. Carnival stock at 2.00 pm Chicago time jumped $ 1.40 in about 15 min. Must of been the same time the CDC lifted its restrictions.
  7. A block where I live is about 1,000 ft. long. 10 houses at 100 ft. per yard.
  8. https://www.google.com/maps/place/1850+Eller+Dr,+Fort+Lauderdale,+FL+33316/@26.1009266,-80.1272101,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x88d9000acb53aa5b:0xb27ceb98027011f0!2s1850+Eller+Dr,+Fort+Lauderdale,+FL+33316!3b1!8m2!3d26.0816782!4d-80.1206082!3m4!1s0x88d9000acb53aa5b:0xb27ceb98027011f0!8m2!3d26.0816782!4d-80.1206082 Less than 1 mile each way. Walk down to Cordova and one block north and back to 15st. fisheries.
  9. It is about three blocks each way. We just walk.
  10. I bought 300 shares back in March for 10.70 a share. My son sold one of his cars back then and bought 1,000 shares 3 days before me at $8.00 a share . About 2 months ago on June 8, he sold his shares at $25.00 and made a profit of $17,000 and bought back ( 500 shares ) in on July 7 at $14.50 per share $7,200. He made about $ 10K in a few months playing the highs and lows. Yes i should of done the same but I do not play the market like he does.
  11. Why drive to Key West when you can spend a few days in Naples, and Ft. Myers Florida. Then take the Key West Express boat there and back. Stay as many days as you like then back to Ft. Myers or Marco Island. Then fly home from either Ft.Myers or drive back to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. It is only a 90 min. ride across the state. https://www.keywestexpress.net/key-west-express-fares
  12. 1- Hyatt Place, 2- Hilton Marina, tower rooms only, 3 - Renaissance, 4 - Four Points By Sheraton, 5- Holiday Inn. In this order is our preference. They are all hands down cleaner in the rooms. Hilton Marina has a wonderful pool area and the views from the higher floors are nice. Have never had a problem with any of these listed. Hilton Marina can be a little slow on check-in.
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