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  1. My Hotwire room was quite expensive because it was during the Super Bowl weekend. The hotel refused to let me make any changes. Holland America volunteered to reimburse me and informed me in writing that I would get a check from them.
  2. I have already disputed the charge with my cc company. It was denied. My hotel reservation was through Hotwire and was non refundable. Holland America’s reimbursing my room charge is the only option.
  3. Thanks all for your responses. I have sent them my info and will update here if I receive any positive response.
  4. Hello! I was notified in late January that I would be receiving a reimbursement From HAL for a non refundable hotel room charge related to the Feb. 1 cancellation of the N. Amsterdam because of mechanical issues. This was before the pandemic hit. I was promised a refund by the end of March. My TA and I have called and emailed numerous times about this but have only been told to wait. I know others with later cancellations have gotten their refunds. I have not received my check. I posted my frustration on the July 10 HAL FB post addressing their refund process. I was surprised to see a response there from HAL requesting that I email my booking info to them at socialmedia@hollandamerica.com. I have sent and received emails from other departments like guest relations, etc, but have never been told to email social media. Has anyone used the socialmedia email address to contact HAL? Has it speeded up the refund process? Or is this just another way for HAL to kick the can down the road? Thanks!
  5. I have read their statement. It looks like they are giving 125 percent FCC but do not mention a refund. Can they refuse to pay a full refund if they cancel? Would they reimburse changes in air tickets? Thanks!
  6. We are booked on the Empress 9/20/20 for a Columbia/Snake River. The boat is listed as having 223 passengers and 84 crew. I see that CLIA has called for cruises to be delayed until 9/15. I wonder if this means the AQSC will pause until then. We paid in advance and have our air too. We have insurance and hope it will cover us if we have to cancel. We are in good health but are in our 70s. We do not want to go and are hoping they will cancel. Anyone have a good crystal ball?
  7. Yes, I have disputed the charge on my credit card. I am waiting to hear back from them.
  8. Yes, I have called. They said they knew my situation but could not say when I wouid get my refund. This was from the Feb. 1 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise cancelled because of mechanical problems.
  9. I am still waiting for my refund. My Feb. 1 cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam was cancelled and I have an email from Jan. 24 stating I would get a check by March 24. This all happened before the virus hit. I am still waiting after almost four months. Very frustrated!
  10. He hopes to do another street concert in the next couple of weeks!
  11. Any Stryker the Piano Man fans out there? If so, he did a 75 minute street concert last night which is available for viewing on the Stryker Fan Club Facebook page. It was wonderful. He will be sorely missed on HAL!
  12. Is HAL denying boarding to people who have been through HK like Celebrity is?
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