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  1. Feb. 1, 2020, 7 day Tropical Caribbean on Nieuw Amsterdam, first cruise as a 4 star Mariner!
  2. Hello! We are first time cruisers on AQSC. We are sailing on the Empress on 9/20/2020. Will our table size be assigned when we arrive for dinner or do we state our wishes before we sail? Thanks.
  3. Nov. 30, 2018: Veendam 10 day Cuban Explorer; 11th HAL cruise, will be 4 star Mariner after cruise!
  4. Thanks Me Heart I think I agree! Then I would probably get the HoHo bus out to the Kilmainham Gaol.
  5. I have looked at the route map of the green HoHo bus in Dublin. I want to see Trinity College/Book of Kells, the National Museum of Archaeology, and then Kilmainham Gohl, in that order. I think the stop for the museum is before Trinity College. Does that mean I would have to ride the whole route to get from the college to the museum? I assume the route only goes one direction. Is that right? I could also walk to the museum from Trinity and then go to the jail on the Ho Ho bus after the museum. Any Ideas?
  6. 12 day British Isles cruise, Aug. 6-18, 2018, aboard the Celebrity Eclipse First Celebrity cruise and bucket list itinerary featuring Edinburgh's Military Tattoo
  7. I appreciated information given here about the sideways staterooms on the Veendam. Based on this research I booked 548 for our just completed 7 day cruise to Bermuda. I want to share my opinion. Of course the cabin is very large. We asked the future cruise consultant about it and he said it was 230 square feet. I assume that is correct. There was some noise early in the mornings from the work area nearby but it was not that bothersome. There was no noise from people around the laundromat. There was some from other passengers walking and talking near the elevators, but it was not that much of a problem. The most annoying noise occurred from 10 pm to midnight the last night of the cruise when the stewards were handling luggage. Privacy in the room could be a problem for some. The bathroom opens directly into the stateroom but my husband and I just closed the door. I did place two battery operated tea lights by the sink which helped us use the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning on the light. We were careful not to open the door to the hallway if we were not presentable. We were aware of the issues with this stateroom before booking it and did not have any surprises. I will happily book this stateroom in the future.
  8. I have called Celebrity to ask them which of our ports would be tender ports. The person I talked to said she did not know and suggested that I google. I have read many posts here and think I have the correct info. Can someone here please confirm. Edinburgh and St. Peter Port are tender ports. Invergordon, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and Cork have docks for cruise ships. Thanks so much.
  9. I was on this cruise too. It was our first Oceania. I know the med disembarkation was quite necessary and agree it was a high priority but do not understand why we sat in the water afterward for 4 or 5 hours either. We did not go anywhere for those hours. I think they did it on purpose because they decided not to try to make up any time to get us to St Kitts. They might have been sitting there because they knew all along that they would skip St Kitts and did not want to arrive early at our next port. Regarding the Nassau late arrival, I have cruised over 30 times in all kinds of sea conditions and did not see why we were late getting there. I know Nassau is not a wonderful port but think we were not informed of the real problem which might have been propulsion issues. The service and food was good but I think we were left in the dark about the real reasons for the problems.
  10. We got off Regatta on May 6. Our stop in Nassau was shortened from 7 hours to 4. The captain said it was because of rough seas getting to Nassau. I have been on many other ships that made it to ports on time in the same sort of sailing conditions. We also missed St Kitts altogether because of a medical evacuation. I am not sure there was much effort to make up the time missed because of it and we got no refund of port charges.
  11. Veendam 7 day Bermuda, June 16-23, 2018, round trip Boston....decided to go now since HAL is not going back there.
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