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  1. FINALLY, I received my refund for March 22 canceled cruise today. Some of the charges on a different credit card are still in dispute and I'll be calling Barclay for a final resolution Monday if I haven't received anything by then. Have read of #Katisdale who had charges refunded, then partially recharged a month later and hoping not to be in that situation next month. Good luck to you all who are still waiting.
  2. I've been following your odyssey and so sorry you have lost faith as have I
  3. I did the same, only a 4 day though. I feel the same as you that the cruise likely will not go. Living in Florida and seeing our numbers go up every day, I have no faith that ports will be open much before the end of the year. That said, I have a Navigator OTS for November, an NCL Escape for December and an Enchanted Princess for January...bad news is I was also booked for January Odyssey OTS that was canceled. Not holding my breath that any of those I have booked will go and pretty much gave up on seeing my refund for March 2020 Regal Princess cruise. Maybe cruising will go again at some point but things are looking bleak from here in Florida
  4. so...here we are at 7/14, my March 22, 2020 Regal cruise was canceled by Princess on March 12, 2020. I have heard nothing other than 2 emails asking that I remain "patient". All that they owe me is the deposit and port charges and taxes that are automatically refunded if you are a no-show(!) plus an upsell of $398 which I disputed with my credit card company (was told in May that I must give Princess another 90 days to respond)...I would dispute the whole thing if possible but paid so long ago that option does not appear to be available to me. I did not bother them with phone calls while being "patient" but did call almost 2 months ago when they denied receiving my Option 2 request (that they verified they received via email to me). I did receive $498 future cruise credit (was entitled to 100% refund plus 100% future cruise credit) but learned long ago not to throw away good money after bad and Princess wants a $100 deposit on a new booking. Sorry, haven't b**ched in a while. P.S. for those who wonder - US citizen, Casino booking-I've received 3 additional casino booking offers, accepted one (had to pay deposit, port charge & tax - good money/bad didn't kick in with me at that point apparently), DID get full refund for June cruise which was canceled in April by Princess, also have had 5 cruises canceled by Royal Caribbean. Two fully refunded, partial refund for July cruise and still waiting for September cruise refund (but RC is refunding in a 45-60 day range), third one just got canceled recently and was for January 2021 on a new build.
  5. My current offer is what the OP got. My previous offer (which I booked) was: we’re pleased to offer you this very special offer for select 2021 sailings to the Caribbean, Mexico and California Coast: FREE Balcony stateroom‡ + $1000 Casino Free Play† + Princess Plus†† with drinks, wi-fi & gratuities included
  6. Yes, me too. Still waiting for refund to credit card for March 22 Regal cruise (Princess canceled March 12). Received FCC for it in early June but still no credit. BUT I did receive full credit for my June 6 Caribbean Princess cruise about a week ago (Princess canceled April 14). Calling does not help and is very annoying when they start reading the script...exact same words from different reps - useless from an information standpoint.
  7. I verified in a Google search and found announcements from CNBC, USA Today and Fox 35 Orlando
  8. Has anyone seen this article posted on cruising.org? Applies to all cruises from US ports. Sounds like I'll have my 6th cruise canceled now 😞
  9. Still waiting. DAY 99 since Princess canceled on 3/12, Option 2 request received email 3/16. FCC on Princess page 6/1, "applied" to fully paid cruise 6/6 (don't know what they could have applied it to), re-added to account after my phone call 6/8 but no credit card refund for anything. Cruise: Regal 3/22/2020. Second cruise - DAY 66 since Princess canceled on 4/14, Option 2 request received email 4/14. No FCC involved. No credit card refund. Cruise: Caribbean Princess 6/6/2020
  10. I can't remember when my 3/22 cruise disappeared but my 6/6 cruise disappeared around 6/6...haven't received refunds for either of them as of today
  11. No - 3/22 cruise Canceled by Princess 3/12 Received Option 2 verification email 3/16 FCC received 6/1, taken away 6/6 (Princess page said it was applied to a fully paid for cruise - what??) reinstated 6/8 after I called. Asked about refund at that time - told "I don't have any idea" No - 6/6 cruise Canceled by Princess 4/14 Received Option 2 verification email 4/14 Same answer from Princess for this refund
  12. Mini bar will still be there as all the benefits of Elite status. Since you have the beverage package, you will not need a coffee card. The $125 is specific to whomever the offer was made. All of my bookings in the past year and a half or so have been through the Casino and I am also Elite so this is based on personal experience. I also booked the January 2 Enchanted through the Casino offer. It's the best offer I've ever received from Princess. Hopefully it will go
  13. I posted on another thread that I had received my FCC (although no cash/cc refund) on 6/1. I've been monitoring my cc and Princess page daily checking for additional refunds and FCCs. On 6/6 I noticed my FCC was now zero. They applied the FCC to a cruise that was paid in full on 5/7. I called today and they reinstated the FCC - it IS back on my account now. But really, what in the world is going on? I asked if I could get any information on the status of refund requests that Princess notified me they received on 3/16 and 4/14. The answer was no, they have no idea. I've disputed the largest of the charges just to make sure I at least get that money back. I currently have a provisional credit on my Princess credit card.
  14. Anyone who received FCC you may want to read what happened to me today: 3/22 Regal cruise (US citizen in case you wondered) 3/12 canceled by Princess 3/16 received verification from Princess of receipt of Option 2 refund request Option 2 was to include 100% refund and 100% FCC 4/25 credit card points for OBC returned to credit card 4/30 - booked 1/2/2021 Sky cruise - paid my part in full (casino booking and was told any FCC I might receive could not be used) 5/7 - received new receipt showing casino and me paid in full for 1/2/2021 cruise 5/16 - filed dispute with Barclay credit card (only for one of the charges for 2 different cruises) 5/22 - called Princess; informed they do not have my option 2 request (!) 6/1 - received FCC (but no refund to credit card) 6/6 - FCC is now listed as having been used toward 1/2/21 cruise !!! NO, I received verification (5/7) that the balance due for the 1/2/2021 cruise was ZERO. Princess casino booking told me I had to pay in full for 1/2/21 cruise regardless of any pending FCC. I paid the additional amount since I got the points for OBC returned to my credit card and thought they were working on processing my refund and FCC for 3/22 cruise. Checked that booking thinking maybe they gave me OBC for the $498 credit. Nope - they just took back the FCC that was finally on my account. So I am all the way back to square 1.
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