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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm on Sept 19. Guess I'll keep checking and hopefully be able to get a noon check in eventually. Hotel checkout is 11 a.m.
  2. UPDATE: I was able to access my September 2021 cruise today AND beverage package on sale! Win-win!!!!
  3. Thank you - glad to be reassured 🙂
  4. I can't remember exactly but did you try to click on the face outline? Seems to me that's how I did it but this was back in May so not positive
  5. I am elite with Princess and around Jan 2020 requested status match. I had not yet booked with MSC. A little while later, I received an email with my Voyager number (Jan 4, 2020). When I attempted to set up a profile and enter the number I got a message that the number had expired...I sent another email on Jan 6 explaining what happened after calling and speaking to a rep who said my number didn't exist in the system. I received a response dated Feb 5, 2020 that stated my number was active in the system. The process took a while but I was finally given Diamond status. I hope you have the same luck. I am now booked for October 2021 🙂
  6. Wow! Thanks for posting this...if I hadn't seen it I would have assumed any room service menu items are free of charge for Fantastica. I've only ever done Royal, Princess and NCL and all offer many food items free (some with a delivery charge, some without). "Free room service with free delivery" - I'll abide by their rules, but is certainly misleading.
  7. I booked my first MSC cruise in May for October 2021. I received status match to Diamond in 2020 and created an online profile on the website with that Voyagers Club number. When I log in, my profile page shows my cruise will be in 79 days, however, the cruise itself doesn't show on the Profile. It looks like I have completed check in...2 check marks (can't remember exactly how I did that - possibly through the app). I see the check marks and the appropriate cruise is there when I click on Web Check in. I see that all my information including passport and vaccination status are there. But when I click on Plan my Cruise on the website, I get a message - There is an error in your Booking ID added Please insert it again If I try to manually add the booking number, I get the same message. I also get this message when I click on Cruise Details. Being unfamiliar with the website I don't know if this is normal. I can log in with the booking number in order to "Plan my Cruise". It will allow me to purchase the beverage package if I go in this way. I'm just not sure if there is something wrong with my booking and don't want any SNAFU at the last minute. I'm dreading calling because I really don't want to wait an hour for someone to answer...TIA to anyone who has had this problem and how it was resolved (if it even needs to be resolved)
  8. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and the Royal app and not had luck. At other times, I have had luck. Today, what worked for me was to clear my internet history before logging in. I have 5 cruises booked...once I went into the planner for one, I could not get in for any of the others, nor could I get into the one I had just been in. I cleared the history again and then was able to get in again. The only thing I can't do is get the price down on the beverage package LOL! I still have 61 days til the first of my cruises, so am hoping for a labor day (if not sooner) sale - wish me luck
  9. Yes...I have 3 booked all different offers and have additional offers I could take. All include some amount of casino free play, one already included Princess Plus. I paid the $40/day for my other 2. With Princess I had to pay the $200 deposit (returned as OBC) and port/tax. I had to stop myself from booking more because I also received offers from Royal (have 5 booked with them and still have multiple offers available) and MSC (have one booked with them).
  10. They are now accepting via email. Send info to sbpcl@princesscruises.com and attach proof of shares - I take a photo of my brokerage statement. My 3 cruises for Dec, March and May showed the credit within a day of the emails. I sent 2 bookings on one email and 1 on the other and all 3 were applied. Shows up online under your booking on the "Payments" page - does not show on your "Travel Summary". I always print both just in case but never had a problem.
  11. I've used the email address for the 3 cruises I currently have booked and was credited within a few hours. So much easier for me than faxing!
  12. No, that is also on the list I received - ENCHANTED PRINCESSTRANSATLANTIC8-May-21N120N14Spanish PassageFLLROM see this link: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/pause-extension-mar-31-2021.pdf
  13. FINALLY, I received my refund for March 22 canceled cruise today. Some of the charges on a different credit card are still in dispute and I'll be calling Barclay for a final resolution Monday if I haven't received anything by then. Have read of #Katisdale who had charges refunded, then partially recharged a month later and hoping not to be in that situation next month. Good luck to you all who are still waiting.
  14. I've been following your odyssey and so sorry you have lost faith as have I
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