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  1. No way around it. That's just the way it is: Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged.
  2. After having 2 tests canceled by CVS - these were listed as "community sites" so I thought I'd be safe, I decided to try Walgreens. I used their results for my most recent cruise and worked fine. I tried CVS one more time, signed up for a rapid test...I was surprised they indicated they had them since they have not normally been available in my local CVS stores. Got to the drive through and before she started, asked just to make sure it was a rapid test. It was then that she informed me that they don't do rapid tests and results could take 72 hours. Of course that's not good enough if going on a cruise. Thank goodness I had a backup test scheduled with Walgreens!
  3. Thanks for the link! I didn't find this on my search. It was very helpful and looks like 10724 might be my better choice. Thanks again!
  4. I just booked another Odyssey cruise for November. I have a junior suite, just a regular one but the 12724 and 12324 cabins are available and appear to have a larger balcony. Anyone sailed in these cabins can tell me of any drawbacks to these cabins? Did a search and didn't find anything. TIA
  5. I'm on Meraviglia tomorrow. 11 boarding time on ticket, text says 1, msc online says 12:30. I'll get there when I get there I guess
  6. has to be booked online. Location is at 10001 Sheridan St, Cooper City. Start here: https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing/?icid=coronavirus-lp-nav-general-testing
  7. Google CVS Covid-19 testing...there is a CVS about 15 minutes from the Hollywood Hard Rock that offers rapid antigen tests, zero cost. You need to book your appointment 2 weeks in advance because the slots fill up quickly. I book 2 appointments with them, one at the 2 day mark and one at the 1 day mark because they have canceled an appointment on me. Once I get the test results, I cancel the additional appointment. Good luck!
  8. Yes, my February 2022 cruise was showing well before the 2 for January showed up. No rhyme or reason but I took 2 cruises since Sept 13 and didn't have time to worry about the January one until I got back. So I guess patience was a virtue? 😉
  9. My 2 January Allure sailings were not showing up for the longest time...just the message - working on the fun - or something like that. But today, both cruises show up with the anticipated check in dates 🙂
  10. Was on Freedom until 9/17 and Odyssey until 9/25. On both, room service would not come into the cabin...although I didn't request they do, they told me they were not permitted to enter while handing me the tray. It also stated in the cruise literature that your tray would be handed to you at the door. And LOL! I made the mistake of ordering 2 eggs over easy and 2 pancakes, along with juice, coffee, etc. They sent me 2 orders of everything! I had no idea why I was getting so many trays but the crew member waited at the door while I carried each tray to the table. I only made that mistake once. BTW, I think the crew member would be conflicted if you asked them to bring the tray in - not wanting to make you unhappy, but not wanting to violate their rules
  11. Got off Freedom on Friday. No temperature check. Room service handed off at the door. Cabin steward provided same service as always including towel animals. On my way to Odyssey now 😊
  12. I booked direct. Leaving on a different cruise tomorrow, so if I don't get an email by the time I get back, I guess I'll have to call them. Thanks
  13. Yes, I would take it all...but I'm a "just in case" kinda person. Happy sailing!
  14. This is from their website: The following requirements are for sailings from a United States port: United States Citizens: A valid passport that expires at least 6 months after your cruise departure. For additional United States passport information visit the United States Department of State travel information. - OR - An original birth certificate AND government ID. Visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) for a list of all approved documents. Exceptions: United States citizens on cruises that begin and end at the same port in the United States can use a original government-issued picture ID (i.e. driver's license) AND an original government-issued birth certificate or original Naturalization Certificate.
  15. Didn't worry until a few posted that they received docs...I can't even figure out where they'll be - the app? the website? login with username? or login with booking number? It all seems extremely disorganized. I have about 50 cruises with 4 cruise lines and never been so confused as to what to do or what is expected
  16. I'll be taking my first MSC cruise on Meraviglia 10/9. Their web design and things that you describe don't give me a very good feeling. People on my roll call have their documents but I only get the message that the cruise is more than 20 days out. Can't understand how they would allow some to get their docs but not all. I'm not Canadian, I am just a fan of the Maple Leafs
  17. I have a back up plan but...I'll be on Freedom 9/13 to 9/17, then on Odyssey 9/19 to 9/25. I planned to get my covid test done on Freedom but it would have to be done on 9/17 - disembark day. I'm not sure whether the medical center will do this. Has anyone had experience with this since the rule change? TIA Q Can I book back-to-back cruises at this time? A Yep! We welcome guests to cruise on as many back-to-back cruises as you wish, including kids under a vaccine-eligible age. The travel requirements and health protocols are the same as a single cruise, and back-to-back cruisers will need to meet all those requirements. For subsequent cruises, the "pre-cruise test" requirement is fulfilled by a test between cruises. All guests 2 years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status, are required to take a COVID-19 test producing negative results between each sailing. This test will be administered by Royal Caribbean at no expense to the guest, as long as your consecutive cruises are less than 3 days apart. Visit Guest Services while onboard to arrange this test ahead of your next cruise. We will continue to evaluate this policy as public health guidance evolves.
  18. Depends on the ship, the date, number of days, etc. I have 7 booked - 2 have not gone below $62, the other 5 have not gone below $58 an additional 18% gratuity is added to that - that's per day/per person and both must buy.
  19. Thanks so much! that will help me a lot!
  20. I'll be on Freedom sailing from PortMiami on Monday. I've asked other places but haven't received any responses yet...Here's my question once again - Is there any way for me to drop off my luggage, then go park prior to check in? I will be alone so don't have someone to wait with bags or wait in the car while I run the bags in. I ask because I have been following @BirdTravels trip on Freedom and noticed in a photo that the baggage bins appear to be inside the building. I know pre-covid the bag drop was outside and would have been no problem. I'm trying to avoid having to drag bags from the parking garage to the terminal. Any help is appreciated
  21. go to www.insuremytrip.com to book. They give you options to compare multiple companies' insurance and the charge is the same as doing it directly with the insurer's website in my experience. They also have a box (on the left) you can select to choose companies that are best for covering any covid related issues.
  22. Thanks for doing this, following along...I'll be on board on Monday. I'll be cruising solo and for the first time parking at the port. Was there any way to drop bags, then go park before checking in?
  23. Thanks 🙂 I put a note with my order asking to swap them but if not, I'll definitely try that as an alternative.
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