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  1. Meeting gays on cruises is a mixed bag. It's the same as in a gay bar. Some guys will be cool and friendly, while some guys will be shallow and rude AF! I think a lot of extroverted people get frustrated when cruisers travelling with others, don't respond to their greetings as expected. Just be aware that a lot of people, gay and straight, who go on cruises as couples or with friends, just aren't interested in socializing outside their immediate group. This is how people behave, don't let it ruin your day. If you click, you click. If not, move on and enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. I think they're pushing prices higher to deter people from accumulating more FCC. FCC seems like a good idea to retain customers, but it's going to backfire on the cruise lines. That's another 25% in business expense they need to eat in the future. They will never be profitable if they're always having to play catch up. Deals are a thing of the past. Expect higher prices for everything in the near future. Cruising will be only for rich people again.
  3. From your past experience, which location and time worked best for your favorite FOD meetups? The champagne bar? Martini bar? Piano bar? The disco? Craft beer bar? Main lobby bar? Pool bar? Etc. Did it matter to you if there was no music playing? If there was music playing, did it make your introductions awkward and your conversations difficult? I'm just curious. In case I don't like the location of my next FOD meeting, I would like suggestions for future request changes. Thanks!!
  4. Thanks for posting this. It's problems like these that made me recently request a refund too, instead of taking FCC. I don't trust Royal Caribbean to do the right thing.
  5. Just heard that my cruise next year already got cancelled. I booked and paid for my friend Chris and myself. Before I call and get placed on forever hold by my TA, I thought I'd run it by CC first. If I ask for FCC, can I get all of the FCC under my name only? Or does his portion of the fare come with FCC in his name. He can't make the cruises I want to rebook, so I was wondering if I can use all the FCC for myself on future bookings. If not, no big deal. I originally paid extra for a refundable fare. I assume I can just get it all back as a refund if I can't get it all
  6. Here's my experience as a 42 y/o guy. Last year, I did a cruise to Bermuda in a NCL Escape solo cabin. I loved the lounge, it was nice to have a big space to relax in after a busy day on the ship. I used it to stop and grab some water/juice with cookies/fruit before heading back to my room. Hardly any people used the lounge on a long-term basis. It was more of a place to meet others to go out and have dinner together, excursions, etc. My only gripe with the solo cabin is that the walls are paper thin compared to a regular cabin. It felt like I was staying in a glorified cubicle. I
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