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  1. Wow. It looks like the itinerary for our Alaska cruise changed from Hubbard Glacier to Glacier Bay and added Icy Straight to that day as well. I’m excited. Am I seeing something wrong? No activity on the Roll Call. It’s a 50th anniversary trip for my parents. For now we are still planning to go. 😬
  2. I ended up doing that and she said she did. We’ve decided to whale watch in Sitka instead.
  3. I think it’s a great idea too. And we’re Italian. Well at least a 1/4 🙂
  4. Thanks so much for the info! I’ll try and steer us to have lunch in the MDR so maybe they will agree to a non MDR evening meal. We’ve never had Lido dinner before.
  5. Thanks. I was under the impression we wouldn’t see much scenery on the sea day.
  6. We will be leaving Seattle at 4:00 heading to Juneau on Eurodam . It seems the scenery will be really nice leaving Seattle and we won’t hit open water until later that night. We like to eat in the MDR ( family of 6, anytime dining) plus we have one night to eat at PG. Would one offer better views than the other? I hate to miss too much of the scenery as the next day I think will be mostly open water. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not as concerned about seasickness as back and neck discomfort.
  8. Just in case you did not see my question on the other thread, how comfortable/uncomfortable was the ride with Paul in Sitka? Just curious about a smaller boat vs the size of Allen Marines. Thanks
  9. How was the tour. I would really like to do this as opposed to Allen Marine ( which still looks good) How bumpy of a ride was it and how were the seats. My parents will be with us and they have a few aches and pains. Thanks
  10. Sorry. I tried to search for this on the aforementioned thread and as a topic. I can’t seem to find the best search terms. Does HAL offer a bottle of wine if you book specialty dining for the first night? I know some cruise lines do. If so, would it still apply of using the the free Pinnacle Dinner that was part of our booking promotion? Thanks
  11. We will not be arriving in port until 1:00. Has anyone rented that late in the day? It would be cutting it close to get there if they close at 2:00 wouldn’t it?
  12. I just heard back after a few days.
  13. We won’t be going to ISP unfortunately. Does anyone know if Jayleen has a hydrophone on her boat?
  14. Do you mean the cruise lines have Black Friday sales on excursions?
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