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  1. Thanks to both of you for the great review and pictures. I'm starting to plan our 25th anniversary trip. I was looking at Sunshine to Bermuda out of Charleston for early September (we live an hour away) but then I noticed Pride in mid September. The Sunshine has the 4:00 pm to 4:00 pm the next day schedule, but it has a day at either the private island or Grand Turk.(I forget) I'm thinking it might be worth it to drive to Baltimore for more time in Bermuda. Plus I love an aft Serenity area. When the weather is good on the sea days does Serenity get too crowded?
  2. It was somewhere between 5:45 and 6:00. I’m not exactly sure as we were in the mdr. There is a bar as you walk out of the inside of WJ to the open air aft section of WJ. It is an area that used to be called Rita’s Cantina. There were also servers walking around so you could order from them. There might have been a small bar actually in WJ that the servers mainly utilized. I’m not 100% on that though.
  3. You’re welcome. She really was in excellent shape.
  4. Thanks so much. They didnt have the buffet on the on the last day.
  5. I never felt crowded. They usual embarkation day buzz in the buffet area, but we could find seats. The buffet is not one long line , but different stations which really helps. 5:45 worked out really well. Although the first night we ate a little earlier. The last night we got there 15 minutes early and were able to be seated. We went early because the last nights show started earlier for some reason. If people order an app and salad/soup they will bring them out in 2 separate courses. This slows things down. So on the last night we all agreed to just order one each. But I suppose you could ask the server to bring both out at once. Dinner was about 1:45 most nights.
  6. Thank you. No I didn't, but most menu cocktails were $12. $8 for DOD. I had a glass of port for $6. Draft beers were $6. I'll see if I can look back at my onboard account and find out how much a soft drink was.
  7. Just thought of this. We found the sight lines in the theatre really good. There didn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house and no poles blocking the view.
  8. mawvkysc

    Thermal Suite Charge

    A somewhat related question. Is there a gratuity fee for the fitness classes that you actually pay for?
  9. Sorry I don’t have the letter with departure information. Here is a cropped laundry form. They did and excellent job on DH’s suit. Also a $17.49 stuff the bag press special was available upon boarding. No similar special for washing clothes at the end. We used the app. It’s new for Brilliance. It was handy. We mostly used it to look at the schedule and menus.
  10. Thanks for that and all your efforts.
  11. A Brilliant Brilliance Review with Compass and Menus
  12. Day 6 The Sad Day Boohoo. We have to leave. We had number 7 for our luggage group. We were still eating in mdr when they called us. The hash browns were better today. They were cooked on the griddle instead of deep fried. When we left our luggage was right where it was supposed to be. We got in line and it kept moving. Still it was 1/2 hr to 45 minutes. With 6 people and a mom with a bum knee we should’ve used a porter and jumped to the front though. The agent looked at our passports and us and that was all. No questions or declaration form Welcome home. They did ask my parents if they bought anything. It took my European BIL just a little bit longer than us. BTW we didn’t have to fill out a health question before boarding. We had to wait for the 241 shuttle a while. Glad we used a lot with a shuttle as we left from Pier 3 and returned at 6. Thanks for following my ramblings It was fun reliving the trip. Feel free to ask questions
  13. Thank you. I did miss them. Sorry everyone! Host Clarea can you help me? I wasn’t thinking and didn’t put Brilliance in the title or OP. So this thread doesn’t really show up in a search for Brilliance. Can we change the title?
  14. The Farewell Show was Lance Ringnald an Olympic gymnast. It was boring but I’m glad we went to cheer on and thank the crew. After we we went to the 80s/90s show in Colony Club. We found another “secret” spot (pictures in last post. ) Go all the way aft in C Club behind the bar. Go all the way port or starboard. There are couches behind a curtain. You can rotate them to face the aft windows. It was very quiet there and dark enough to see out and watch the aft wake!