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  1. just a Shell Game they use 60% off second guest -- next week 30% off each all the same Don't like being played.😡
  2. Fantasy?? Most likely all cruises are hopeful planning. This year we "had" an April 2020 on NCL Dawn NYC to Barcelona which was very similar. All of NCL's T/As were multiport with the schedules set years before. Face it RC doesn't do good TAs to Europe ! I would like them to see that.
  3. As an example, look at NCL's Getaway on April 11th 2021 5 sea days 10 ports including an overnight in Lisbon. Trying to get Royal to do better. Remember I'm a stockholder and D+ so want to cruise RC vs NCL !
  4. Come on Royal. Your repositioning cruise itineraries stink. Just checked for 2021. Too few port. Too many sea days. You are making this D+ and stockholder book on NCL.
  5. wait until we start pointing our finger gun and clicking our cheek to say hi!!!! Imagine the horror in our kindergarten classes teachers.
  6. Is anyone else disappointed with Royals Repositioning cruises to Europe. Booked my 2020 repositioning with NCL as they visited many more ports than Royal. 2021 in no better: usually 2 ports of call vs NCL's 5-7. Already ruled out Royal for next year. As a stock holder this needs to be reviewed.
  7. The USPH sets the "Minimum" standards but are they FOLLOWED ? Bleached out??? Didn't say drastically Exceed the standards; just actually followed. I'll take a bleached out swim suit over quarantine. Home pools and spas don't have the numbers of people in them each hour. Maintain the Standards without fail. You never picked up a dirty plate of utensil?
  8. My other question is what are they doing to increase cleaning to prevent illness. We have all seen cleaning staff, not just on ships, going through the motions of wiping the top surfaces of places like handrails. Will they start wiping the underside too? Taking Washy-Washy seriously that little mist is not cutting it, Wiping down the Entire table, especially in the Windjammer? Increase the temperature of their dishwasher? Running the eating utensils Twice?? Increase the chlorine % of the pool and hot tubs? Sanitizing bathrooms/showers? We've all found hair in our showers. Environmental Officer, paying attention? I don't want to be stuck in my cabin for 14 days ! I point out these things as a stockholder as well as a avid cruiser.
  9. I get tired of both mailings and email the Offer Wonderful Savings that are neither. They just keep moving the target prices.
  10. Be assured, they will NOT lose money. Just a shell game.
  11. Like the napkin idea !! As I watch the staff " Disinfecting " the handrails, I notice they only wipe the top of the rails while our hands wrap around to the underside. Need to do better. Hope the dishwasher temperature is maxed out, hot tubs have extra chlorine, and cabin stewards are spending a little more time in the rooms(especially on embarkation day).
  12. Excellent review-- lots of work. Hope RCI reads this.
  13. People die on cruise ships. That why they have a morgue, Just think of all the Medical Emergency call you hear each cruise; not to mention the ambulances portside when you dock.
  14. Maybe finding out if they are rotating crew from China and the like without screening.
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