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  1. could have at least allowed Half the points to remain for all the trouble we've been through trying to stick with NCL..... Great Business Decision !!!
  2. thanks but i have also been discussing this for a long time i should have bolded the word EVER. Maybe in my next life.
  3. Is it just me or are they are ever straightforward in their pricing?? hate being played. Wish there was a way to treat them accordingly.
  4. Maybe require cruisers to take a cruise every 18 months (or so) to maintain their current level. If not, lose 7 of the points every 6 months thereafter.
  5. We cruise a lot. Almost platinum plus on NCL Prefer their Transatlantic cruises by far. Did have a horrible experience on the NCL Star in 2017. Ship totally broke down. But hate being nickled and dimed by any business. Taking away benefits is just as bad.
  6. Hurts as a D+ to say we are already booked on 2 NCL cruises and if necessary will stay with them if the screw with our benefits. Royal is our favorite but ...........
  7. Double Points??? Pretty soon almost everyone will be in the Diamond Lounge I doubt Anyone actually books a cruse to get double points. My T/A agreed. I won't.
  8. Penny Wise Pound Foolish. As a D+ and stockholder it kills me to watch what Was my favorite cruise line become a glorified discount-style ship.
  9. Not use prepared food off-ship that is just heated up.. Are they hiring Chefs of microwave operators
  10. We were on the (2017?) NCL Star 33 day disaster from Hong Kong to NZ. After we became adrift at sea, having to be Tugged back to Melbourne, phone service was offered for 10-15 minute segments. We got in contact with our TA and she handled everything for us. She was notified by NCL of the issue and had already started planning options. I now use a local agent and she's handled all my refund issued of 2020.
  11. I know its been discussed often. But not everyone is an experienced cruiser. Maybe NCL, RC, and others should stop playing games. 60% off second guest vs 30% off each guest. BFD !!!
  12. Seems just like another "Bait and Switch" or shell game. 😡They give and take away or give and increase the prices.
  13. just a Shell Game they use 60% off second guest -- next week 30% off each all the same Don't like being played.😡
  14. Fantasy?? Most likely all cruises are hopeful planning. This year we "had" an April 2020 on NCL Dawn NYC to Barcelona which was very similar. All of NCL's T/As were multiport with the schedules set years before. Face it RC doesn't do good TAs to Europe ! I would like them to see that.
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