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  1. Interesting. My husband always tells me to "go with what you know", so that's why we've done 14? Royal Caribbean cruises now. Habit. So it's probably good that I've been pushed out of the nest into Carnival, so I can step outside my comfort zone:-) I would LOVE to try Celebrity one of these days.
  2. That's what I needed to hear! I see your signature line, so you'll do Carnival from now on? Would you ever go back to RCCL? I'm super curious to see how it all compares!
  3. I showed the Havana to hubs, but he wasn't a fan. (I think the swing looks phenomenal). We love walking right out and looking down at the water from the railing. Soooo, I think we're gonna do Horizon balcony, do adjoining, and hopefully we'll be able to remove the divider and share our balcony with our travel buddies:-) A little off topic, but on Carnival do you need to book specialty restaurants ahead of time?
  4. Not unlimited. no. But am I super grateful. SO excited. Plenty for a nice balcony cabin:-)
  5. Ah, I'm glad to hear this, as that's the one we're leaning towards. What type of cabin did you have? Pros/cons? Thank you!
  6. Thank you. I was leaning towards Horizon, but it seems to get such mixed reviews. But I sort of think how bad can it be? Built in 2018, must be pretty great.
  7. Hello! I have the best boss ever, and as highest salesperson last quarter, I was awarded a gift card for a Carnival Cruise! I've only sailed Carnival once, and it was not a great experience (we had fun, because: CRUISING:-) but the Sensation was a hot mess). Anyway, we're looking to travel at the end of October/beginning of November. for 7-8 nights, probably in Caribbean (somewhere warm~!) I would love to know what ship you would recommend, what's your fav? We will be two couples in our mid 50s, no kids. We usually eat at Specialty restaurants so
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