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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! After talking it over with my boss, we decided it's worth me giving it a try as long as we have contingency plans (e.g. I work weekends to make up time) in place in case something goes wrong. Here's hoping nothing goes wrong!
  2. My husband is booked as a single on Explorer on the November 29 2019 sailing (he booked alone because I don't have any vacation time left to go with him), and he's trying to talk me into going with him and working from the ship for that work-week instead of him just sailing alone or me taking vacation time I don't have. We would have an inside cabin. I'm apprehensive, not at all sure I'd be able to find a comfortable place to work from, or that the internet would be adequate, or that it wouldn't be too distracting. On the other hand, I have a lot of "downtime" on cruises where I'm borderline-bored, and surely I could fit work the work that needs to get done into those hours. And it would mean someone else cooked and cleaned for me for a week while I worked, which is very tempting. So I thought I'd ask for opinions: Have you worked (like, a full work day or week, not just checking your work email) from a cruise ship before? If so, tell me about it! Is the desk in inside cabins on Explorer big enough to fit a laptop and a portable monitor to work from? If not, would it be better in a higher cabin category? Is the surf + stream internet up to doing video and/or voice call meetings for up to 3 hours a day? Is there anywhere else besides my cabin on Explorer that I could park myself, my laptop, and maybe my portable monitor and use them comfortably (i.e. table and chair not at an uncomfortable mismatch in height) and not obnoxiously (obviously I wouldn't be taking calls out in a public lounge or anything, but I also don't want to monopolize lounge space other people need/want or anger the service staff) for a few hours? Particularly where I could plug the laptop in? Is this just a Really Bad Idea that I should forget about?
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