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  1. Exactly. Thanks, this is what I need
  2. Disappointing. This will be a champagne and vodka martini cruise
  3. Please let me know what euro plug type is used in equinox rooms. I have a drawer full of adapters. Thanks
  4. domestic with precheck. no valet, taking a taxi
  5. What are my chances or best tips for getting off the ship in time to make a 10am return flight? This is Ft Lauderdale cruise port to the FLL airport.
  6. there have been other posts about this and recall seeing a limit of 16 in a 24 hour period. who knows for sure though?
  7. Collier, LOL. Yeah, I sure miss those those romantically cozy evenings. But since we basically camp out at the Martini Bar after dark, I'm not sure how much public romancing is going to happen in the Alcove.
  8. The alcoves are now available to book on our 11/30 Equinox trip. $249 for sea days. Yikes.
  9. shore excursions group (SEG) and viator have pretty complete lists of everything available. however, you're booking off-cruise so they wont hold the ship if you're late getting back
  10. Although we find the MDR food to be pretty good, we eat mainly at Murano for a few reasons: 1. Staff is top-notch 2. Food is well above average 3. If you go often, they get to know you and you get perks from the kitchen and bar 4. The noise level is so much lower 5. You're not forced to deal with people who are either drunk or unpleasant to be around We dont go every night because we'll try to eat local food during a port stop. If you're looking to meet new people, it's not the place to go to. Tables are laid out in a traditional upscale restaurant format that is not conducive to cross-table chatter. Otherwise, we love it and will be back there in November.
  11. cant say much about concierge class. cheap bottle of bubbly, tote bag, card holder and really crummy snacks. the best thing about it is the expended breakfast room service menu. although many folks say to just write in what you want in any class and they'll do it for you. CC not worth it IMO.
  12. I believe there are folks who are trolling people on this subject for their own vanity. You often come across posts about "deals" that are too good to be true. Of course in reality they probably are. In my experience, the only way to get costs down to ~$100 a night (inclusive of tips, taxes and fees) would be on a highly undesirable cruise (destination issues, bad time of year, older boat, worst cabins, etc). A lot of people cruise without caring about any of these things. I personally am not one of them.
  13. No Silk Harvest option for my Nov 30 cruise on Equinox. Murano and Tuscan only.
  14. quick story on snorkeling and stingray city. We traveled there a couple of years ago and went with Capt Marvin's 3-stop tour. this was not booked through CC. Stingray city was first and it was fun and cute. no swimming. you just stand in shallow water and let the stingrays swim around you. Next stop was a nice area with lots of coral for snorkeling. There was an older lady on the tour and it was her first time. She wasn't in the water 10 minutes when the screaming started and she needed to be hauled into the boat for emergency first aid. apparently she sucked water directly into her lungs. we all thought she was dead. luckily there was a nurse on the tour and the lady was transported to a fast boat for the ride inland. we heard later she was ok. needless to say, that ended the day's tour. Capt Marvin refunded everyone, but for those who wanted to snorkel, the day was a bust. we're going back to grand cayman in november. this time i may look for a tour operator that requires folks to have some snorkeling experience in order to take the tour. too much can happen with beginners. just food for thought.
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