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  1. I'm in the 700 series on the Encore in Oct. 2020, so hoping they changed the room up a bit. That empty space has to be part of 700 cabin. That was another main reason for booking this cabin. I was super curious about that space. lol I did happen to look into cabin 11704 and that was super small.
  2. I liked the curtain room when my husband was sleeping and I wanted to read, so that little room came in handy for me. lol
  3. I think they are all alike on the Escape. After see this same cabin on the Bliss, I would prefer no alcove/curtain.
  4. No matter what cabin everyone gets, we all get the same food and entertainment. I'm hoping that the 700 cabin I have for Oct. 2020 has the couch in the main part of cabin and not closed off.
  5. Here's a pic of the cabin. We were told there was a Murphy bed to the left of the dining table. This was on the NCL Star back in early May 2012. Turns out this used to be a bar they turned into cabins. It was the very first cabin up front, port side. Butler included. LOVE IT! Didn't miss the balcony at all. Best part was on our last day in Bermuda we were about to leave our cabin to go walk around the pier when a smallish tornado of sorts came rolling by. Totally awesome to watch from these windows, that's for sure. I tried looking for this cabin on the Star just now and I couldn't tell you which deck it was on. Thinking it was cabin 9506/10506/11506 etc. but each cabin looks sooo different from this one I had.
  6. I've had plenty of balconies, (even two balconies w/2 bathrooms once), but my favorite cabin was when I had the floor to ceiling windows. Loved the layout of the b/r, l/r, d/r, so for me to find this 700 series was wonderful. I just love having all that space.
  7. I still can't get over how much room there was. And the closet space?! OMG! Difference from 'Sally's 10700' and our 11700 was that we didn't have that pole she swings on. lol 12700 also has the pole. We were trying to figure out if it was every other (even) deck that had the pole. Another thing was that there wasn't a coffee pot but our lovely steward got us one. Hubby noticed it missing in Sally's film. lol Just ask for it. I'm guessing they don't provide them in insides & o/v cabins. (Understandable)
  8. Didn't feel a thing! We even got to see a helicopter take an elderly man off the ship. Sad, but wild to see so close up. Amazing what they all do to help someone in need. You can see how much room there is to walk/dance around. lol BTW There was only two of us in that cabin. If the 700 cabin is available, I say grab it and grab it fast since there's roughly 7 of them on a ship.
  9. Hi. I had cabin 11700 on the Escape and LOVED IT!! They say the Bliss and Escape are sister ships. Someone turned me on to the '700' series last year and after seeing this clip on YouTube I booked immediately! Not sure if the cabins on each ship are the same or not but your really have nothing to lose. I tried it and have booked 2 more cruises since I got off the Escape in Sept...that's how much we loved the cabin!
  10. No pic. Please re-post. Thanks so much and enjoy your last day at sea.
  11. We had the spa cabin/angled balcony on the BA and it was ok. Not really that much bigger. I think we only had 2 chairs. The way it's angled you can't really lean over and look left but you can see all the people on their cabins on the right and the captain. I would have preferred the spa mini suite next door.
  12. Cabin is the same size as the other, balcony is a little bigger because of the angle. I just looked up this angle balcony for you on the internet.
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