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  1. I like trying all different cabins. I wasn't thrilled about seeing a stretch of balconies on my right with people on them. It felt strange & awkward. And the wall to my left where I couldn't see any view was awful. I'd take a regular balcony b4 I take another angle one. My upcoming cruise will be a mini suite so I am looking forward to the bathroom/shower!! lol
  2. I was on an NCL Bahama cruise a few years back in which we didn't go to Nassau since we left NYC a day late. I would have preferred skipping their useless private island I/o Nassau, but it wasn't up to me. It was our Bahama cruise... minus the Bahamas. We didn't say anything. We didn't *****. We didn't cry. We didn't ask for a refund. We enjoyed the ship. We enjoyed the food. We enjoyed the shows. We made the best of it. We were not offered 25% on a future cruise. I cruise NCL every time I cruise.
  3. I had the angled balcony on the Breakaway a few years ago. Didn't like it too much. Was disappointed at the blocked view on one side and being able to see all the balconies on the other side.
  4. I am so glad I travel when kids are in school. On our last cruise, we felt the drinks were watered down. Even the good scotch!
  5. I wouldn't leave home without trip/travel insurance. Twice I've had to cancel a trip. One time I had to cancel a trip due to my husbands back going out. A few years ago I had to cancel my trip since my Dad had passed away 6 days before I was to leave, but at the same time there was hurricane Sandy down south so the resort we were going to stay in was not in service. It was easier to cancel with my Dad's death certificate and they paid me and since I still had the plane scheduled for 4 days after the funeral, my family said it would be silly for us not go. We booked a wonderful Marriott hotel on the beach and it was good to get away. I hate when people complain and bad mouth the cruise lines not giving them back their money since they broke an arm or a leg a few days b4 the cruise. Or grandpa died. Really? If that's how it worked, non of us would have to buy insurance! I always go thru insuremyrip. Usually I get AIG but recently got Nationwide which had more coverage for less money.
  6. My final payment was due last Sat. for upcoming cruise in Nov. I decided to switch to a mini-suite sale away and when I looked at MYNCL on Monday....POOF! I was assigned a really nice cabin, high up, right smack in the middle! I was told by NCL that it would take a month and figured it might take up until the day of sailing. Both were wrong. lol Since you mentioned you are making random payment installments, I would think they won't assign you a cabin until you are paid in full.
  7. You took such beautiful pictures of my beautiful city!
  8. I like all 3 complimentary restaurants. I was very happy to have booked The Manhattan Room last Sept. on the Escape. Pleasantly surprised to see/hear the wonderful band and singer. Last week I booked my specialty and complimentary restaurants for my Nov. cruise.
  9. I totally agree. I love the ride over to St Georges and love buying perfume at Lili Bermuda.
  10. You would think since NCL ships are in port on the weekends that NCL's ferry would run. Now to find out since I need it on a Sunday in Nov.
  11. I see the bus from Hamilton to St. Georges takes 65 minutes. Looks like I'll have to hang around Kings Wharf and I wouldn't chance a trip to St. Georges on Monday since we'll have to be back on the ship around 2:30 and I'm not taking any chances that day! lol
  12. Are there buses that run from Kings Warf to St. Georges on Sunday? I'm looking but don't see any. (yet)
  13. I'm in the 700 series on the Encore in Oct. 2020, so hoping they changed the room up a bit. That empty space has to be part of 700 cabin. That was another main reason for booking this cabin. I was super curious about that space. lol I did happen to look into cabin 11704 and that was super small.
  14. I liked the curtain room when my husband was sleeping and I wanted to read, so that little room came in handy for me. lol
  15. I think they are all alike on the Escape. After see this same cabin on the Bliss, I would prefer no alcove/curtain.
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