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  1. so is this deal for UK cruisers too? I got a bit confused, at first it stated it was US cruises only - is this still the case or is it all cruises every where?
  2. Didnt realise the briefing had been pulled, so I do hope its a mistake and the ship is sailing out of Barcelona as the itineraries are amazing 🙂
  3. IN answer to your question in the original post ......We are! We have a B2B2B out of Cape Liberty and we have everything crossed 🙂 (final payment for us is 17th Sept - so hoping they cancel before then if they are going to)
  4. we are booking on that cruise too, I am just hoping they release the same itinerary for 2022 soon. If you lift and shift, they will let you keep the OBC, I believe. I will be very sad if there is no equivalent for 2022 and this is cancelled. We are also on the 10 day New Zealand and 5 day Tasmania before the 34 day 😞
  5. 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after - so an 8 week period.... e.g. original cruise 1st August - can change to cruise in between 1st July and 1st September 🙂
  6. the last two guys have much more patience than me. I cannot easily read such a long post, with no spaces or paragraphs and written in small type. So no idea what the issue is. Whatever the OP is wishing to raise, good luck and hopefully if you sent it to RCI exec Team as suggested above, it will be laid out in a much more readable format 🙂
  7. whoa!! careful what you wish for...it would be implemented by the same IT dept responsible for their website, and you know how reliable that is!! 😂
  8. Hi, thank you. In this case I was onboard ship, doing a B2B, and made a booking on the second cruise using the certificate issued on the first - so not a Casino Royale booking, a regular booking with just the discount taken off. So that was the offer/discount - I was given the $500 rewards certificate to use on any new booking within 30 days, which I used within a few days of issue. The booking is a UK booking using UK terms and conditions, not the US. It costs me a fortune to call Casino Royale from the UK as we can't use the freephone number, and I usually get different
  9. Firstly, just to clarify, I am a UK cruiser so different rules on cancelling cruises apply to us versus the US, but not sure if this scenario would be different between UK?US Does anyone know if I 'move' a cruise from one itinerary to another literary (I'm looking at moving a booked cruise due to Covid-19) am I able to take with it the casino rewards certificate which has been applied to the cruise? We have a cruise booked for July and even if it goes (unlikely) we don't want to go with it! However, the cruise has a $500 discount applied to it and I do know if I just cancel
  10. Hi Bob, this is specifically a UK thing. Its been around for some years and tends to be off most cruises. The person must first apply to get the Blue Light Card and prove their eligibility to get one. Once they have the card, the discount is available. Its also available on Celebrity Cruises. I was VERY excited when I first found out about it approx 12 months ago, and have benefitted ever since 🙂 Jean
  11. It seems to be different on different ships depending upon whether they have the RCI App, I think. I think the ships who use the App just have a one liner which is underneath the card number - and you have to tick it is you WANT them to convert. It was no longer an A or B option, just simply one option to tick is you wanted them to convert. However, as they completed ignored it, it seems a bit pointless! I do have a photo of when I completed it, just for my own sanity and so I can prove to them I did not tick the box - but it has my credit card details on it and I am not clever
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