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  1. Thats interesting, so you won't mind going to the show 45 mins ahead of time? (Genuine question)
  2. One benefit which we are disappointed about the change is the reserved seating. We always used to arrive 10/15 mins before the start of a show knowing we could sit in a good seat. But now we have to arrive 45 minutes ahead of the start of the show - really?? I remember many years ago as cruising newbies we arrived 30 mins ahead of a show to ensure we had seats we liked - so now we have to arrive even earlier than we used to i.e. 45 mins to select a seat? That is a benefit enhancement how exactly? Does anyone ever go to a show 45 mins before the start?
  3. Does anyone have a copy of this 'refreshed menu of items' for Diamond Plus please?
  4. Oct 2nd if the first non-British Isles/Residents only cruise 🙂
  5. Hi, how long does a Captain stay onboard for please, is it 3 or 6 months? thank you
  6. They do offer a discounted drinks package, well they did before ~Covid. 40% for Pins and 30% for D+ I believe..
  7. Yes but you could go into the Diamond Lounge and have as many as you like during Happy Hour, the 3 drinks was only outside the DL
  8. Being a Gin drinker, I am delighted to read this as the complimentary Beefeater gin was not nice at all, and so it sounds like I can have any gin I like as there isnt a 'drinks menu'. I like the idea of having a drink when I like during the day too. I wonder if P's will be permanently excluded from the Suite Lounge 🤔 Interesting times ahead ....
  9. Its in the NHS App, hopefully yours will be downloaded to your UK surgery and so the info is available 🙂
  10. Sorry - completely wrong. We already have our Vaccine Passport downloaded on an App with QR codes and ready to go. You may be getting confused with the initial discussions of having Vaccine Passports for pubs/ bars and similar but that was shelved some time ago. Vaccine Passports are, IMHO, the way to go to enable safe travel - the British Government realised this hence why I have had mine available for at least a month, within my National Health Service (NHS) App.
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