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  1. I'm actually so giddy over this idea! Thank you one and all for your feedback! I think there will be a 28 (how's that for odd, lol) year Renewal of Vows! Safe cruising to all!
  2. I would assume they'd consider our excursions? Strange that they do the deciding, no? Regardless, I'll look again on the HAL site ... every time I look for something there I get a headache. Thank you!!
  3. What a beautiful idea! We will be cruising this summer and you may have planted a great thought in my head to surprise my husband with! How did you go about planning your Renewal of Vows ceremony onboard? Is there something on the HAL site? Happy Cruise, and Happy Renewal of Vows!
  4. Thanks very much for your feedback! I wasn't aware that mocktails were a part of the Quench package; my daughter will be all over that, lol! I'm also happy to hear your son was so immersed with the teen club, and hope my daughter is equally as happy (although I'm also fine with her being with us, too!). Thanks again!
  5. New to HAL and sailing first cruise, on the Nieuw Amsterdam, this summer. I'm curious about the beverage packages (Elite and Signature), and believe I've read somewhere that the wine selections are in the process of being changed. Is there any way to know, with certainty, what wines will be offered in each package? Also, we have a teenager traveling with us ... any feedback on whether the beverage card, or an unlimited soft drink package is a better value? Thank you!
  6. I'd add it to the laundry bag. And I will. I always remove bed covers when in hotels. They've done exposes on shows like 20/20, Dateline, etc. about the "stuff" on bedspreads, etc. It is nasty!!
  7. Hi All -- the information here is plentiful, and invaluable. Thanks to all of the in-the-know cruisers who frequent and share information here! My question is one that I haven't seen yet (and if it's been asked, and I missed it, my apologies!). I'm wondering if a "Behind the Scenes" tour is something that is available? We'll be on the Nieuw Amsterdam this summer and I'd just love to see the inner workings of the ship. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your review -- we'll be on our first HAL cruise this summer, to Alaska, on the NA.
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