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  1. moondog73

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    It is different if I am on a land vacation to say Europe or Mexico. I don't feel the need to have my passport with me every second of the day. I can always easily retrieve it form the resort or hotel if needed. However on a cruise, if the ship does not collect my passport, I will have it on my person at all times when off the ship. If for some reason i miss the ship, I already have everything I need to make arrangements. Why would I trust the crew to go find my passport when they can't even control chair hogs?
  2. moondog73

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    Let me clarify. Our passports are always in a waterproof holder around our someone's neck. If i get in he water or something, our backpack is always with someone not int he water. We never leave items unattended. If something happens, I don't want to trust the ship personnel to do anything for me that relates to my travels. I want to control my own destiny
  3. moondog73

    Cell phones and cash at ports

    When off the ship we ALWAYS take our passport. Does you no good on the ship should something happen. Also take phone on airplane mode for pics, small bills of cash, and one credit card (just in case). I have a backpack that we take and always have someone right next to it anyplace we leave it (beach, pools, etc). It is NEVER alone.
  4. moondog73

    Cab Options in Roatan

    You should post this in the PORT OF CALL section. It will get answers faster
  5. moondog73

    Need help with choosing itineraries.

    Definitely option 2. Way more options on things to do
  6. moondog73

    Grand Turk - Beach chair scam!!!!

    St Maarten's, St Kitts, Curacao, Grand Cayman... do I need to continue?
  7. moondog73

    Price Drops After Final Payment

    Excellent...I appreciate the replies. I definitely know about the existing OBC vs new rates without
  8. We have been on several cruises and rarely have gotten price drops....until our next cruise. We booked Early Saver and are now past the final payment date. We still have about 75 days before sailing and the ship is not sold out yet. My question is can I still get price drops as OBC for Early Saver even though we are past the final payment date? What rates would I compare them to? previously, there was always an Early Saver rate showing. I know I can't get price drops to match the new booking rates only but can IO get them for other rates? just wanted an idea of what others have experienced before sitting on hold for 30+ minutes only to be rejected.
  9. moondog73

    Sunshine vs Conquest Punchliner

    We have been on the Sunshine twice and saw the comedy shows every night without problem. Sure you can't get there just as the show is starting but then again how often can you go to a movie theater as the previews are ending and not end up in crappy seats. I remember only waiting in line one time and that was for maybe 5 minutes. We always got good seats. All it takes is a bit of planning
  10. moondog73

    Grand Turk - Beach chair scam!!!!

    We feel Grand Turk has always been a waste of a stop. Amber Cove is a waste too. Some many nicer islands to visit
  11. moondog73

    Formal Night and Jeans on Valor?

    I don't understand why it is so hard to just wear a nice paid of Khakis and a button down shirt. I totally understand the no suit and tie deal as I don't want to wear that either, but jeans is just lazy. I hate going to the super nice restaurants here locally and see people in jeans in and t-shirts. It doesn't ruin my meal or anything but people these days just have zero common sense.
  12. moondog73

    Happy Hour and other ways to save $ on drinks

    here is a snippet from the menu I found
  13. moondog73

    Happy Hour and other ways to save $ on drinks

    I think the fishbowls are $19.99 that i saw on a menu someplace.
  14. moondog73

    Breeze and Port Liquor Purchases

    I appreciate the replies!!
  15. Anyone on the Breeze recently buy alcohol at ports and have it delivered to room on last night? Previously on other ships we had to pick up on debarkation morning. Trying to decide if I should just try not turning it in if I must retrieve it on Debark morning.