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  1. Just load it up with all the other stuff too and you never even taste the eggs.
  2. Forget the Carnival tour as it looked like a zoo. We used Blue Water Dive Shop and only had 8 people in our boat, We stayed away from the carnival excursion so we could snorkel in peace.
  3. Load it to your account once you are on board. It will be used first for whatever you purchase on the ship
  4. That is just how many points I have right now. i also paid for 2 cruises of mine and wife, plus 2 for my brothers family (5 people total) plus 2 for my parents. Plus since I am a customer, it seems I have e cards available much more than non-customers. I don't know why that is but I LIKE it.
  5. I have 242,938 points....but oh wait.. I am a customer.
  6. Why go to a bar when the waiters walking around will do it for me?
  7. In April on the Breeze they had several different ones. I saw the whale tail, disco ball, 2-3 different fish and a shark. Had them all but the shark so I tracked down a waiter and got one for my wife.
  8. I use a small rollered carry on. I load cans up in that and wine bottles. After cruise I use the same suitcase to haul my bottles of rum purchased at the ports. Never had an issue. Security never even has asked to open the bags.
  9. I can see cruise cash being used a s gift to people going on a cruise. Other than that it is worthless to me. I either use cash or discounted gift cards and add it while onboard. I never understood loading up on cruise cash and then needing to do the casino trick to get my cash back. Add cash as you need it (or credit card) and you are goo to go
  10. we ask for only morning service and always still get a towel animal. I don't understand why people need twice a day. If you stay at a hotel, you only get once a day.
  11. I never understood the fascination with door decorations. Some say it makes their room easier to find., but isn't that what the room numbers are for? People don't decorate hotel room doors, so why should they on a cruise ship since it is a floating hotel. It doesn't bother that people decorate, but I am not wasting time or luggage space to do it.
  12. Best advice is research, research, research. Look at the port of calls boards here on CC and check tripadvisor as a starting point. Google shore excursion for xxx. Also, it is always much cheaper and a better experience not to do any ship sponsored tours.
  13. I just logged in and still have my 207,000 points. I am an All State customer though.
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