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  1. Thanks everyone for all of the advice. We actually have a hotel booked in Anchorage from that Monday night through Friday, because I was worried about that very thing. I made a reservation that can be canceled, but we definitely have a place to stay. But I figured, we may want to make our way around a bit and not stay in Anchorage the entire time. On that Monday, we were planning to do a tour then take the train to Anchorage. After that we still have not decided.
  2. Hi all, We get off the Norwegian Jewel in Seward, then we think we will have 4 days (return flight not booked yet, so we have some flexibility) before we fly home. Since the flight home is not yet booked, we can fly back from Anchorage or wherever. We are trying to figure out what we should do for 4 days. Is there enough to do in and around Anchorage for 4 days? Should we head to Denali? Should we go somewhere else? At this point we are feeling frozen by indecision. What would you do for 4 days if you were in our situation? We are a couple with a 10 year old son, who is usually up for just about anything. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. That is exactly what I was thinking. I guess we will book both and just leave the lumberjacks a little early. Thanks Budget Queen!
  4. Thanks. Would I be better off doing the early (9:45) George's Inlet Lodge and then the 2pm lumberjack show?
  5. Hi all! My son really wants to the see the lumberjack show when we are in Ketchikan. I can book it independently (cheaper than through Norwegian) for the 10:00 am show. We also want to do the Crab Feast at George's Inlet Lodge. Questions: How long is the lumberjack show? If we attend the 10 am show, can we be back at the pier by 11:15 to be picked up by George's Inlet Lodge for their Crab Feast lunch? Or is this cutting it too close? Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Excellent!! This is the first time we have booked NCL so close to sailing. Thank you!
  7. Hi there, We just booked (today) a cruise that leaves in 87 days. There is plenty of availability on the ship and we booked through the NCL website. Will we get an offer to bid for an upgrade? Or did we book too late? Thank you!
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