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  1. did anyone else read Iron Maiden not Iona Maiden had to look twice. Wondering if dementia is settling in.🤣🤣
  2. I have been on both cunard and p and o and have never come across any snobbery on either. Just all like minded people enjoying their cruise or crossing. Having said that my daughter was on azura about 7.5 years ago around the caribbean, said there was an elderly gentleman on board who kept clicking his fingers at the waiters. She was incensed. She normally goes on rccl and had never encountered this.
  3. I do that with the housework. Keep saying I will do it tomorrow.🤣🤣
  4. Don't drink. Just want a nice meal somewhere. Have booked a steakhouse (begins with a C) but when I phoned there was such loud music I couldn't hear him speak. So now am not sure. Unfortunately you have to pre-book everywhere I have looked. The one I have booked had only got 6pm (I wanted 8pm) so that was the reason I phoned.
  5. Off to southampton know any good restaurants.😍🤣
  6. thank you, good to know maybe get to mayflower about 11.30ish
  7. How long do you have to wait in line at mayflower cruise terminal for your test. Is it quite quick or lots of queues. Asking because going weekend (regal princess, can't ask there as it is 1st cruise for princess seacations.) Have an arrival time of 11.45-1215 to get to ocean terminal so don't want to get to mayflower too early as don't want to hang around.😁
  8. It wasn't technically for 2 they just shared it as with rockfish you get unlimited fries. Didn't look as horrible as the plaice but not far off🤣🤣
  9. daughter and son-in-law had the sharing turbet, I think thats what it was, on the mains £55.00 thought they were mental. Fortunately I was captivated by 2yr old granddaughter wanting the lemon out of the drinks and then pulling funny faces as she was eating it.
  10. No not yet take about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. 3 weeks only tomorrow. Thank you for asking. 😀
  11. Still love Weymouth. I am boring when it comes to fish I just stick to cod.
  12. DH had exactly that 3 weeks ago when we were in weymouth. Couldn't look at him or it😃😃
  13. Hi from extremely hot west midlands. Have one foot in bucket of cold water. Got bitten monday evening on my ankle. Yesterday morning looked I had an egg on my ankle. Last night whole foot was swollen and today the same. So I am soaking my foot in very cold water to try and reduce the swelling. This is the 3rd year running I have had a reaction to a bite. 2 yrs ago had to have antibiotics as finger was turning black and 3 bites on back all oozing. Had same problem last year but thankfully no antibiotics. Don't know why I am getting this reaction. They don't attack dh (don't blame them)!!! just
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