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  1. Just checked princess website and it doesn't say anywhere that hair straighteners are not allowed. Have you checked with your cruiseline. When we were on Cunard in 2017 and 2018 my niece had straighteners and she had no problem.
  2. Didn't know hair straighteners were not allowed. Have always taken my curling tongs and never had a problem. Is it just certain cruise lines.
  3. The cruise schedule is up and running but depends which one you look at. We are on 31st July Regal Princess showing ocean terminal but mayflower for 3rd August, when we return. I know they can change at the last minute. We had a text one year the night before we were due to sail saying we were now sailing from ocean terminal instead of mayflower (this was on aurora). So you never know for definite.
  4. We are also on regal princess. We have booked a room at holiday inn the night before. Southampton cruises itinerary says it is departing from ocean cruise terminal. When you look at 3 days later it is at mayflower cruise terminal. Have booked cps parking and they say car will be at whatever terminal we return to. Hoping it does berth at mayflower on return as it is easier to get out of southampton from there, altho hopefully won't be as much traffic as normal.
  5. All my cruise clothes fit me like a glove. Not sure if they should look like that😀😀
  6. Have used them before never had a problem just wasn't sure if it would be different this time. Never had a problem at airports either dh always makes a note of mileage. Always use offsite secure parking with drop off and pick up at airport
  7. Just booked hotel (price gone down got an sea-view executive room same price as standard the other day) And then booked cps parking. Wonder if we will have to park the car ourselves with covid restrictions, although it did say in e-mail if we return to another cruise terminal our car will be waiting for us. So obviously have to leave keys. Getting excited now.😁😁😁
  8. Had a phone call from Barclays bank travel pack. They have updated travel proof form to state they are fully covering uk cruises staycations. Previous one said 10million for overseas and 10k for uk. Didn't mention cruises. So if anyone has got previous travel proof form I would get the updated one which was changed yesterday.
  9. Have been looking at hotels in Southampton. Holiday Inn in Southampton only has parking for 15 days. Holiday Inn express has park and cruise for 4 days at £195, doesn't mention free transfers. CPS parking £50 for 3 days may do that and find a hotel in city centre so we can have a walk about southampton.
  10. I have had plantar (can't spell the rest) twice. I was recommended fit flops as well. I also live in sketchers traiers. Have a loveley pair of sketchers sandals for evening wear, ie sparkly tops.
  11. I also seem to live in sketchers. Can no longer wear ordinary schools as my one toe has a lump on (down to my anastrozole) 2 years ago I saw a lovely pair of sketchers sandals. Wedge heels and sparkly tops. They are as comfortable as my ordinary sketcher trainers.
  12. took along time to get to speak to someone. After selecting No3 twice then selected No6 for anything else and got to speak to someone. Was a bit speechless when they answered cos I had been going round in circles for ages trying to speak to someone.😀
  13. Depends on cruise destination. Will go with whatever attracts me the most. I must be very fickle😀😀😀
  14. Filled in form for barclays travel proof. Received confirmation but wording says 10million outside of UK. Phoned up, they said we are definately covered as they changed their policy on 23rd april to include these staycations. She is going to investigate as she doesn't know why it doesn't mention the cruise cover. Said it will probably be next week before I hear anything as it is the weekend. She did try and find out but couldn't. Hopefully I will hear soon. They just need to change the wording as it is word for word what is in travel pack document.
  15. Bit the bullet yesterday and booked 3 day cruise with princess as hubby wanted to try different cruise line. Only dilemma now is do we go day before or on the day. Decisions, decisions😃😃😃
  16. Had my 2nd jab yesterday, yippee. No side affects yet.
  17. I had that message as well went onto aviva/proof nothing on there. Have tried numerous times also tried to phone all automated cannot speak to anyone.
  18. we are looking at a staycation one end jul/early aug just deciding on brittannia or regal princess
  19. Thought about that but don't think hubby will go for that. He only has 2 weeks hols and wants to do a city break to york in that time as well.
  20. Was only thinking that with the drinks/wi-fi/grats that you can pay for upfront. Some people will try and drink their body weight to get their monies worth.🤣🤣 Whereas I tend to go just for the food!!! I realise that most of the younger ones won't be onboard who tend to drink to oblivion (my youngest daughter is included in that remark, and she's 40!). Just not sure which ship I would prefer. Mostly said Cunard.
  21. Thinking about doing a staycation this summer. Don't know whether to choose brittannia or regal princess. DH wants to try regal as we have never been on a princess ship. I am a bit concerned that regal will turn into a booze cruise. Any feedback will be most welcome.
  22. We have a travel policy with our bank but they aren't doing these seacations. So this will be a 1 off single policy.
  23. Just had a quote from staysure who said they would send us a certificate for the full cover to show at the terminal. Less than half the price of P&O/Princess cover.
  24. Have just checked my e-mail from barclays travel insurance it says uk cruises have same cover as uk holidays. Just looked in booklet and says uk holidays insured for £10,000 so not even close. Not sure if I want to pay extra somewhere else just for 3/4 days.
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