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  1. You need to determine independently from the cruise line if Sitka is currently a tender port. Last year we cruised Alaska with Holland America and Sitka and Icy straight point we’re both listed as tender ports. I contacted HA directly and was told they are tender ports. You can google port schedules and they will list scheduled ship berths. For both ports our ship was listed with a dock, not a tender berth. I was in contact with tour providers in both ports and they said we would dock and they even confirmed with harbor master. Contrary to HA we did dock. Repeating cruise this year and HA site still list these as tender ports while port schedule lists a dock. Bottom line is you need to get information directly from the port rather than from Cruise line since at least HA for some unknown reason provides incorrect/outdated information regarding tender ports
  2. As one who is actively rather than remotely involved in higher education I must take issue with your statement in the first quoted paragraph but your conclusion in the second is right on. My students are participating in a colleagues research project that requires completing a survey. The web link has one word from the University’s name, same as our city, but it does not include “EDU”. It is a legitimate survey and is the site that hosts all university surveys. That being said I concur that one should never click on unsolicited/unverified links.
  3. Here is another tour choice but I have no experience with them. I believe autoprogresso has yours as well but on the website they do not indicate whether the tour is from Merida or progresso They operate the shuttle from the ship to town so I am sure they have something but do not know if they can be booked in advance https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/progreso/uxmal-mayan-ruins-lunch-highlights.html
  4. I would suggest you consider Uxmal. In my opinion, it is as impressive as Chichen, saw both on the same lad trip, and there will be less travel time allowing more time to view the ruins. It is also a more compact site reducing the amount of on site walking as the temperature and humidity will be high
  5. Disclaimer: These are our experiences and from reading the threads on cruise critic I realize others have different opinions and experiences. Have never used a traditional wheelchair so can not make comparisons. For Reference;, we are at the age for mandatory social security and we use a Nova transport chair with big rear wheels. My wife can only walk about 50-100ft and we have been using a transport chair at home and for travel for more than 50 years. The chair has been all over Eastern Europe, Mexico by land and sea, Panama canal cruises, Caribbean cruises and in the past two years Alaska. I push she rides for as much as 5 miles on a long day walking throughout the areas we are visiting. She will remain in the chair for a half to a full day without discomfort. On many occasions she finds the chair more comfortable than the chairs in restaurants remaining in the transport chair to eat. We have toured cities with cobblestones, Antigua being the most difficult, gone over unpaved surfaces and explored most places in the ports visited. We can navigate virtually any area except sand. It is important for the pusher to look at the pavement they are traveling over as when you are moving quickly and hit a raised portion of the sidewalk the chair can tip forward ejecting the occupant. As the front wheels on a regular wheelchair are small like on a transport chair, I would think this is not a problem unique to transport chairs.Has happened to us when we first started using the chair. We did not encounter any problems on our recent Alaska trips except for some steep hills which would be difficult to push any type of chair up or control the descent. For example, in Ketchican we walked through Creek Street and then ascended to a salmon hatchery and totem park outside and above town. We did find that some of the permanent concrete docks were below street level independent of tide, I beleive Juneau was the worst, and it was a hard push up and hangon down. Succinctly stated, the use of a transport chair did not impede our ability to explore the Alaska ports as well as a good portion of the world. I do wish to add some information regarding the comments above. Every transport chair we have owned has a metal footrest? on either side which I can place a foot on doing the pop up over curbs. In Merida the curbs were over two feet high and I had no problem doing the pop up and I routinely do one to get into our house that has a six inch curb at the door. Their is a problem with people they abuse the person in the wheelchair. People stand in the middle of walkways having conversations making it impossible to pass. People walking down a street suddenly stop and you must remember not to tailgate. What is perhaps the worst are the people who jump over the foot rests of the wheelchair to cut in front of you. I agree with the poster that with the transport chair you need to be careful where the crew holds the chair to lift it. I simply point out that they must grab the front frame rather than the footrest and have never had a problem or had the chair damaged. On small boat excursions in Mexico, crew actually carried my wife in the chair down the ramp and onto the boat. In our experience a transport chair is a very good choice
  6. My wife uses a transport chair to get around. We have done the monkeys a number of times and have had no problems getting around. We are in fact returning with our grandchildren next Wednesday. Have not done the zip lines so can not comment.
  7. Thanks for the information. I guess I just assumed you were doing the same ports as we are next week. We get on when you get off.
  8. Thanks. Just the information we needed.
  9. Sounds like you turned lemons into lemonade. My wife uses a wheelchair and has limited mobility. Did you see any wheelchair users on the tender? Do you need to walk down stairs to access the tender platform or is there elevator access to the tender loading floor? On some ships we have tendered in Belize while on others we could not.
  10. Thanks. Does the driver provide assistance getting up the stairs onto the bus. Usually my wife can do the stairs but sometimes after a long tour, doing 8 h Turnagain Arm, she could have difficulty.
  11. We are doing this cruise next week and my wife also uses a portable wheelchair. Do you know if wheelchairs can be accomadated on the tender to Belize? Like your mother she can walk short distances but could not do a full flight of stairs if the tender platform level can not be accessed without an elevator
  12. It is my understanding that a shuttle is provided from the dock into Anchorage. Could you let me know what kind of vehicle is used, are the lines long and what is done to accommodate those in a manual foldable wheelchair.
  13. It is my understanding that transportation is provided from the dock into Anchorage. Could you please comment on the type of transport used, if there are long lines and what type of accommodation is provided for wheelchair users
  14. We are doing this cruise in July. Do you think a wheelchair could negotiate the gravel path or did they have some toe of transportation available to the pilot house? If there was transportation did you notice if there was a long line?
  15. Thanks. I thought the Zandaam docked but Ha claimed they did not on the phone even when I pointed out the port schedule indicated we were the only ship in port that day
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