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  1. I used to get swollen feet and ankles on cruises, but never other times. But now I am on a diuretic for my BP and a good side effect is no more swelling on cruises.
  2. We bought a can of olive oil. A half litre so it wasn't too heavy to take home.
  3. Friends of ours had a front-facing OV cabin on the Sun Deck of Koningsdam, 11004. They really liked it. It was roomier inside than our balcony cabin.
  4. We had a similar balcony cabin on the Koningsdam - 5113 if you want to check it out on the deck plans. It was a great cabin, and the balcony is fully covered. The midship location is great too and very handy to the elevators. I think you will love your cabin. I am pretty sure you will really prefer the bathroom on this ship to Princess bathrooms! Have a great cruise.
  5. We have only booked through the cruise line (HAL) twice, so not an expert. But, when I call HAL to book air, I already have done some research. I know which airline and non stop flight I want. I tell the rep what I want and have them price it out. Both times it was much cheaper than booking it myself. This was for flights before and after TA cruises. We picked our seats at the time of booking and I had our rewards card number added to the booking. We have no complaints with our experiences with booking cruise air.
  6. No. But you could probably add on a transfer.
  7. Our last 4 cruises have been on HAL's Pinnacle class ships - Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. They have great bathrooms with large glass showers. We loved them. Next year we have another Princess cruise booked, and we are not looking forward to going back to the clingy shower curtain in the tiny shower.
  8. OP, I would be very surprised if you could need and or eat a second entree in the Tamarind. Their portions are generous. Even my DH who loves food and can eat a lot, is well satisfied after a Tamarind dinner. We eat at the Tamarind frequently, and ordering one selection from each course has always been plenty for us.
  9. I guess you need to find a tour to the Falls from Toronto. Maybe check on Viatour? It's about a 2 hour drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls. From Toronto to Quebec City you could take the train or fly.
  10. You could fly into Toronto and rent a car. Drive to Niagara Falls and stay in a hotel for a day or two. See the Falls and do the touristy things there. Maybe spend a day in Niagara on the Lake, a nice town nearby. Maybe do a winery tour - this area is home to many wineries, some with lovely restaurants. Then you could drive towards Quebec city, maybe stopping for a night in Kingston Ontario. It's an historic city and a great place to do a tour of the Thousand Islands. Then continue on to Quebec City.
  11. OP I agree with you. We have enjoyed every cruise we have done, all on HAL and Princess. Have they all been perfect? No, but still enjoyable. And all have been better than being at work, or cooking, cleaning and doing laundry at home!! We have only been cruising since 2010, so maybe we don't see the same decline that long time cruisers do. But what we see is good value for our vacation dollar. I think some people have a "Walmart" mentality when it comes to picking a cruise. They want to pay the very least for the cruise. I get that. Everyone loves a bargain. But then they want all the bells and whistles too. And that isn't possible. All cruise lines are for-profit companies. They have to make a profit or they go out of business. I think the cruise lines are all trying to find a balance between low fares and profits. And that means cutbacks of certain things or charging extra for things that used to be included. I know what you mean as far as the chronic complainers here on CC. I see their name and right away I know I will be reading something negative. I swear some people are never happy unless they are complaining about something. I have to shake my head at the posts on here sometimes. People worried about what brand of yogurt is on the ship. Or what brand of teabag or bottled water. Really?? You're on vacation!! Travel is all about seeing new places and experiencing new things, trying new foods, stepping outside the box.
  12. We used HAL for flights last year. To Rome for a TA cruise, then home from Ft Lauderdale after the cruise. It cost us significantly less than what we could find on our own. We picked the airlines we wanted, the flights we wanted, chose our seats. No issues at all. We have booked flights for this October through HAL again.
  13. We used NCC Airport to go from our hotel in Rome to the port. They have private and shared shuttles. We chose the shared option, 70 euros for the two of us. We received an email from the company the day before, showing us the pic of the driver, his name and what vehicle would pick us up. They were on time, the driver was friendly and professional. The vehicle was a very comfortable van that could have seated 6 or 8 people. There was one other couple on the shuttle who had been picked up prior to us. We chose the option to pay the driver by credit card. We have the same company booked for this October.
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