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  1. At least you got to sail - ours was cancelled. ☹️
  2. Our cruise was for March 13. We cancelled on the March 9, and Princess cancelled the cruise on the 11th. We got our taxes and port fees back with a few days, but we are still waiting to see the FCC in our account.
  3. I don't get it. Haven't these ships been at sea with no passengers for longer than 2 weeks? And no illness? So why won't they be allowed to disembark their crew who are US citizens? I would think these people would be safer to let into the population than letting people from another state that hasn't had self isolation.
  4. I think for the most part the cruise lines do a pretty decent job of cleaning and sanitizing. At least Princess and HAL, the lines we cruise on. I blame the passengers who bring the bug on board. They that don't wash their hands after using the bathroom - I have seen it many times, and it freaks me out. Or the passengers who lick their fingers and then touch utensils in the buffet that others touch (ladles, serving spoons etc). I've seen that too. Or the lady who touched all the bread looking for "just the right piece". Again, I think the ships do good job but they can't police eve
  5. What a great video. It makes me realize how much I miss being on a HAL ship.
  6. We got the taxes, port fees and the cost of the excursions we had pre-booked back onto our credit card. Still waiting to see the FCC for the fare amount show up in our account.
  7. It will most likely be delayed. Princess put out a notice that their new ship is delayed and I imagine there will be lots of others too.
  8. You won't be overlooked from above. There is a chance of you hearing noise from above, such as chairs scraping on the floor above. I don't think it will be much of an issue but something to be aware of.
  9. We cancelled our cruise on March 9th for our cruise on March 13. I noticed our FCC for our fare amount applied to our Captain's Circle account yesterday.. We got the taxes, transfers, and port fees back to our visa within 2 or 3 days of cancelling. I am hoping we will see the other 125% FCC applied to the account soon. I figure they are very busy at Princess right now so we will be patient.
  10. We will sail with Princess again. They are a good cruise line and we have enjoyed all the cruises we have been on with them. I think they have done their best in a very difficult situation.
  11. We have had the pleasure of hearing his talks on 2 of our cruises. He is a wonderfully interesting speaker. There was standing room only at all his talks.
  12. Thanks for the quick response. We are used to the on demand on the newer HAL ships and the Royal and Regal. We don't go on vacation to watch TV, but it is nice to have that option if you want some down time.
  13. What about on an older ship, specifically the Star? Does it have on demand movies? TV shows?
  14. It is possible to remain on the ship. We did a B2B on the Nieuw Amsterdam a few years ago. There were quite a few people doing this. We all had to go to the showroom. Once everyone was there, the immigration people processed us there and then we were allowed to leave and do whatever we wanted. On another B2B we did have to actually get off the ship, be processed and then we could return to the ship. Our B2B cruises were both out of Fort Lauderdale.
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