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  1. We really like the fact that HAL serves most of the food in the Lido. Much more sanitary than hundreds of people handling all the serving spoons/tongs. We have seen some pretty questionable food hygiene from fellow passengers. My DH watched a lady on a Princess cruise "leaf" through the pre-toasted bread with her hands, looking for just the right piece! He told her off, and informed the staff. We have both seen people leave the bathrooms without washing their hands, and it's not hard to imagine them then going to the buffet and handling things. So, we hope HAL always does the serving!
  2. Hal offers unlimited laundry package on all it's ships. I think it's still $7 per day X length of the cruise. It has always been well worth it to us. We were on Zaandam last summer to Alaska, in a vista suite on deck 6, and yes thee TV was a small flat screen at one end of the desk. You should have no problem with language. Most Quebec residents can speak English, especially in the major cities. My son was in Montreal a few weekends ago and said he had no problem speaking English there. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. We haven't stayed in cabins on this deck because we avoid being under public spaces. We have heard that those cabins can be noisy - chairs scraping on the deck as the crew cleans and sets up the aft deck for the day. Also, someone on CC posted recently that they felt sorry for anyone in a cabin under the areas of the Lido that aren't carpeted -the scraping of the chairs was loud. My DH is a very light sleeper and we always try to get a cabin above and below other cabins.
  4. No, I actually think they are generous with their pours. I usually have a G&T and I find them strong on board. Not complaining though!
  5. We always avoid cabins under Lido deck.
  6. Do you think so? If so, he got me!
  7. Definitely a case of "nickel and dime the passengers".
  8. We watched it last night and enjoyed it. We have sailed on the Koningsdam three times so seeing it brought back good memories. We even saw a few familiar faces.
  9. I know you mentioned no specialty restaurants, but in our opinion Tamarind is the best place to dine on Nieuw Statendam. On our cruise on her in December, we ate there 4 times and loved every bite. And the service there is great.
  10. I love that show, and I love the Koningsdam!
  11. I wish that were true. But Canada and the US are two of the countries that have not grounded theses planes. Most of the rest of the world has. 😟
  12. After reading this thread, I went on-line to see what type of plane our WestJet flight will be using in November. Not happy to see it is the 737 Max 8 ! I know that is a long time in the future, so hopefully the problems with those planes is corrected by then. Fingers crossed.
  13. We have done a few tours with City Wonders and have really enjoyed them. We did a night-time tour of Rome that included after hours tour of the Colosseum, and we did a Vatican tour as well. Also, we did tours to Florence, Tuscany and Sorrento/Pompeii with City Wonders. The guides have always been great, knowledgeable and spoke very good English.
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