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  1. Depending on the ship you are on, some of the Internet Managers will allow you to convert all your “perk” WiFi minutes and subtract them from the cost of unlimited. That’s the way it “SHOULD” be but there are some who steadfastly refuse to do it.
  2. Concierge is Gian. Awesome. Don’t know butlers
  3. Especially the chocolate gold coins. REAL chocolate !
  4. Concierge is currently Bowen. Unsure whether he will still be there.
  5. I’d just do Harvest Caye. It’s awesome !
  6. That would be Captain Robert Lundberg replacing Staffan Bengtsson on a well-deserved break.
  7. We think Suzana is amazing. Give a little and you get a lot in return. Pretty simple really. We wanted peanut MnMs. Ship didn’t have any so she went off the ship on her break to a store and brought us a HUGE bag.
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