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  1. I had Chuck Taylors on the zip lines and they were fine. BUT I had to wear my ones that tied, the slip on type that don't tie (even though they cover your entire foot and fit just like the regular tie ones do) aren't going to fly. They made me go back and get shoes that tied.
  2. Thanks all! The price did go back down to $44/pppd today so I went on and booked it. Don't want to miss it again.
  3. Going on a cruise over Thanksgiving. Two weeks ago the deluxe beverage package was $44/pppd I go to buy it today and it's up to $59/pppd Any chance of it going back down? Or will it go up as the date gets closer? The unlimited dining went from $179 to $199 too. Kicking myself in the butt for not booking it two weeks ago. .
  4. I just went through this at a hotel. We still had to pay the resort fee even though everything was closed except the hotel rooms. No pool, no pool deck, no gym, nothing. Yet they still charged it.
  5. Thanks for posting this! The BF and I are looking for something to do in Roatan and considered this excursion.
  6. Totally just found it. It was under "activities." I kept looking under shore excursions for the sea days and all that was coming up was a scuba certification. Derp. I agree with some of the above to, about the galley tour being tight, my BF and I have a reason we want to do this again, so if they offer it we're going to do it. Ah, and yes it is Sip Tour Brunch. 🙂 I realized that right after I posted this.
  7. We're booked on a Thanksgiving cruise this year on the Oasis (fingers crossed). When we went on the Allure a few years back we did a tour of the galley with a brunch afterward and want to do that again. Do you know when RC will put these in the cruise planner for booking? It's not out there right now. I'm thinking 90 days out it may be out there.
  8. Vista cruise last year - this family of 4 at the table next to us. You could tell the parents were probably hippies in a past life before they had kids. Dad had no shoes on. No socks. Nothing. When they played the little Italian song he got up and strutted around the dining room waving his napkin...all barefoot. I asked our waiter if shoes were mandatory and he just shrugged his shoulders. We had YTD so we figured we wouldn't see them again but lo and behold, the next night, sat right next to them and still no shoes or socks on the dad. I looked at my BF and we politely asked for another table. We didn't see them again for the rest of the cruise.
  9. We'll be on her in Feb and can't wait!
  10. We went on the Vista last year and loved it. The best part was the "secret breakfast" as we started calling it in the Plaza area. It's a little breakfast buffet with all the basics (eggs..potatoes...bacon..toast...etc.) and there was never anyone up there but us and the Captain a few days. I also super loved the Havana Bar in the back. Wouldn't hesitate to go on that class of ship again. I just saw the Horizon on Sunday docked down in Miami and started daydreaming. :-)
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