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  1. Vista cruise last year - this family of 4 at the table next to us. You could tell the parents were probably hippies in a past life before they had kids. Dad had no shoes on. No socks. Nothing. When they played the little Italian song he got up and strutted around the dining room waving his napkin...all barefoot. I asked our waiter if shoes were mandatory and he just shrugged his shoulders. We had YTD so we figured we wouldn't see them again but lo and behold, the next night, sat right next to them and still no shoes or socks on the dad. I looked at my BF and we politely asked for another table. We didn't see them again for the rest of the cruise.
  2. We'll be on her in Feb and can't wait!
  3. We went on the Vista last year and loved it. The best part was the "secret breakfast" as we started calling it in the Plaza area. It's a little breakfast buffet with all the basics (eggs..potatoes...bacon..toast...etc.) and there was never anyone up there but us and the Captain a few days. I also super loved the Havana Bar in the back. Wouldn't hesitate to go on that class of ship again. I just saw the Horizon on Sunday docked down in Miami and started daydreaming. :-)
  4. We went with Liberty just to save on the drive time. We're going to do the 5 day Elation one in April and tag a St Augustine trip on
  5. Going on a 4 day cruise in October. We were on the Vista in April and they used the Taste Bar area as a light breakfast area in the morning . We ate here every morning because there were no crowds and it was quiet. Does Liberty do this as well?
  6. We're going to do the Liberty and stay an extra day or 2 at the beach in Cocoa afterward. Thanks for the input everyone!
  7. My friend and I are in the process of booking a last minute cruise for the end of October and are going back and forth between these two boats so I wanted to get some input from you all! Which would you choose? They're both the same price (within $2 of each other) for an oceanview room. They both leave the week we need them to (Oct 21 and Oct 22) The Liberty is a bigger ship but the cruise is only 4 days against the Elation which is 5 days. The Elation goes to HMC and Nassau, Liberty goes to Freeport and Nassau. I've been on the Liberty before and it's a nice pretty ship, but I like the old boats because they have a ton of character. I'm just afraid with 2 days at sea on the Elation we'll get kind of bored, especially with one pool. The drive to Jacksonville is longer for us than the drive to Port Canaveral by about an hour and a half - 2 hours. So, with this, which would you all pick? I've been to Nassau before, she hasn't. Nassau is the only place in the Bahamas I've been to.
  8. RetiredPhil - Thank you! I tried doing a search but it yielded no results. ;-)
  9. Hello all! My friend and I are looking at booking one of these long weekend cruises on Mariner here in October. One of the stops on the cruise we're looking at is CocoCay. Can anyone who's been there recently tell me if the construction greatly impacted their visit? I'm assuming there are parts of the island that are closed off and the noise may be a factor. I've never been there before so I'm not even sure how big the place is. I'd hate to visit right now if the majority of the island is a construction site.
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