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  1. Just read this to my husband. We did the beer tasting at the Red Frog on the Vista...now he's off to see if this is available on our next cruise lol!
  2. Making me look forward to March even more! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We won't see the Magic until March so I love reading reviews.
  4. Never had the pleasure of an aft wrap but have stayed in aft balconies. Usually deck 7 or 8. For us, its that little bit of extra space (particularly if our son is with us) and the amazing view. I love watching the wake, having the 180 degree view and taking my morning coffee/pre dinner drink out there. So quiet. The distance from other parts of the ship has never bothered us but I understand how it might for some. Enjoy!
  5. Only after being on the Vista did I truly appreciate what the Spirit and Conquest class ships offer. Sailing on the Magic in February and will see where it falls for me.
  6. Thank you for sharing your cruise with us.
  7. Thanks for sharing the Chef's Table. The variety is amazing!
  8. No, we take a cab/van to the Royal Palms. Cost last time for 4 was $16. You also pay an entrance fee and anything else you choose to use (beach chair, cabana, drinks etc.) Check out their site.
  9. Grand Cayman is one of my fav stops. I LOVE the beach there and am quite content to go to the beach and not do excursions. It really depends on what you want to do. We usually do a walk around for a bit after the beach. Last trip we returned to Royal Palms and spent a beautiful day just walking the beach, people watching and soaking up the sun. Do what makes you happy and enjoy!
  10. We've booked aft balconies and NEVER had them drop in price. (not a wrap mind you) This is only our experience and I am sure others will be different. We are locked into cruising during very specific weeks. The only drops we have experienced are when we book a straight balcony cabin. I love the aft balcony and when we can afford it, I will book early and only occasionally check for drops due to their limited availability.
  11. Will wait patiently for the Chef's Table report as it is something I am interested in. Have a great cruise!
  12. Congrats on the win! Looking forward to reading more.
  13. Taking our first cruise on the Magic next year. Enjoying your review!
  14. We have always done sail away from our balcony. Next trip we have booked an aft balcony so my glass of wine and I will be there. Never sailed from NYC...hmmm something to check into 🙂
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