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  1. Yes, El Gaucho is not as good as it used to be. We vacation in Aruba every year, for several weeks. We haven't been to El Gaucho in years as we feel that there are better restaurants. However, a lot of people love it.
  2. Unfortunately the natural Bridge collapsed a few years ago, but there is another that the locals refer to as baby bridge. Oops, just realized that you were talking about El Gaucho, not the natural bridge. Sorry...
  3. Hi Purplsmurf. I haven't chatted with you in quite a while. You are correct about the current curfew and requirements. We were there for several weeks last June. They lifted the mask requirement while we were there, along with some of the other restrictions. I'm sure that you know that they had to put the restrictions back in place when delta hit the island and numbers went back up. Since they just recently lifted the restrictions again, it looks like the cruise lines didn't get the memo. Fortunately, numbers are trending down in Aruba again, so hopefully, they are almost through this surge.
  4. Our cruise was fabulous. I can't believe that it's been a year ago, this month. The Summit was beautiful, after all of the renovations and the staff was amazing as always. I can't wait to cruise again.
  5. Actually, many areas on Eagle Beach often have drop offs that aren't noticeable from the shoreline. They are the types that happen once you are in the water, and come up unexpectedly. I'm in Aruba 2 - 3 weeks every year, and this happens quite often. The sand levels fluctuate with the tides. I think that you will probably experience less drop off along Palm Beach, where the tide is consistently much calmer. Here's hoping that we will all make it to Aruba next year. After being covid free for many weeks, they opened their borders to tourists in July. Even with lots of restrictions, they now have 245 covid cases.
  6. Baby Beach is in the town of San Nicholas, which is about 35 - 45 minutes by taxi from the cruise port.
  7. There is a spot on Eagle Beach that has bathrooms and a snack bar. Just tell the taxi or bus driver to let you off at Chalet Suisse Restaurant. The beach is right across the street. You can rent chairs and umbrellas there.
  8. Hatteras51


    That's interesting. We travel to Aruba by air and have to show our passport to enter. I've only cruised to Aruba once.Thanks for the info.
  9. Hatteras51


    Aruba requires a passport.
  10. I know someone that did this tour and she really enjoyed it.
  11. Has anyone tried to post this report on Celebrity's facebook page? I find all of this very disturbing, and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Celebrity isn't openly addressing this. If so, I imagine that they are opening themselves up to a lot of lawsuits, along with losing a lot of loyal cruisers.
  12. That's what I think, also. There are several vendors right there.
  13. Pelican Pier is near Marriott Surf Club
  14. They definitely got lucky. I vacation in Aruba every year and believe me, this is not how it usually works. The vendors in that area rent chairs and umbrellas. Either no one noticed them come in, or thought that they were hotel guests. They usually watch people like hawks.
  15. I enjoyed your trip report. We sailed on Summit to Bermuda last August and loved it. We just got back last week from our annual Aruba vacation for 3 weeks. We saw your ship the day that it was in port. Aruba was a little rainier and windier this year, but all of the rains lasted just a few minutes. We did the ABC cruise on Equinox a few years ago and it is my favorite Caribbean cruise. We also had Captain Matt. He was so friendly. I loved the way that he interacted with the guests.
  16. The airport is definitely busier on the weekends, especially Saturdays.
  17. It used to be called Nikki Beach. Baby Beach is about 40 minutes from the cruise port, passed San Nicolas.
  18. Amsterdam Manor quit renting loungers to cruisers a couple years ago. It is located around the corner from the sewage treatment plant, and often, the stench from the plant reaches Amsterdam Manor. Lately, it has been horrible. I don't recommend it for lunch or dinner anymore. I was just in Aruba for 3 weeks and it was very bad the majority of the time.
  19. The trolley only runs from the cruise port to Main Street, which is downtown, to encourage cruisers to shop.
  20. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time. If you decide to do it again, I suggest just booking a room at the Marina hotel and saving yourself some money. A lot of people who stay at other hotels in Aruba do that.
  21. I know a lot of the staff but I don't know anyone named Mildred. I wonder if you were directed to Renaissance's central reservation people instead of someone who works directly at their Aruba resorts. The Marina rooms usually run at least $100.00 per night cheaper than Ocean Suites. I hope that you were able to enjoy the facilities at OceanSuites while you were there. It is very nice.
  22. Wow, someone definitely gave you some wrong information. Marina hotel guests definitely have access to the island. I own a timeshare at Renaissance Ocean Suites and just got home yesterday from spending two weeks there. We went to the island most days, and the boat stops at the Marina hotel on the way to pick up passengers at Ocean Suites. It was full of Marina guests on every trip, and we talked to many of them. I can't imagine why anyone would tell you that, unless it was a language miscommunication.
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