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  1. We took the FCC for our April 13 Reflection cancellation. Received that about 3 weeks ago. Today we got our final refund of port fees/taxes and our air that was through Celebrity. The cruise got cancelled March 24. Have faith it will all get refunded eventually. The amounts were weird but in the end totaled the correct amount.
  2. We received our FCC in email today for the cancellation of April 13 Reflection. Refunds have been coming in for our Celebrity Air and port taxes. I expect we will be 100% complete by end of next week. Weird amounts but when all in it will be 100%. It's hard to be patient when it concerns $$$ but they will get it all taken care of eventually. Crazy times right now for the cruise industry and the credit card companies trying to process all this. Those people have to be losing their minds.
  3. We have NEVER received a $100 credit on our Royal Caribbean B2Bs. Ever. We are Diamond +.
  4. Calabaza is THE BEST. We go with them every time we are in Barbados. Top notch.
  5. I got sick on a cruise a few years ago and it was handled exactly as stated above. It was early morning the 8th day of our cruise and after seeing the doctor for a shot and some pills I was good to go next day after I had a re-check. My husband never got sick. We were treated very well. Royal went above and beyond. Our stateroom attendant was awesome. 🙂
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