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  1. Over the past 2 days I’ve been reading this review, as well as your Bermuda cruise. You really have a way of writing, detailing, and Patti photographing, your cruising experience!! Thank you for your great reviews. I will be reading the rest of them over the next few days!
  2. I’ve stayed at both, and they’re both great hotels! However, I would choose The W for the pool and amenities.
  3. I really enjoyed your review - thank you! We are on the Horizon September 7, and we’re also from the KC area. 😊
  4. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. I do have a couple of questions... What did you do in La Romana? Did they have homemade ice cream in the Marketplace for lunch? Thanks!!
  5. We sail on Mardi Gras September 2020, and so many of my questions were answered in this post!! Thank you to the original poster, and to all who contributed!!! 💕
  6. Really have enjoyed your review! Thank you!!
  7. NOOOOOOOO! That makes me so sad!!!! 😥
  8. We LOVE the Tandoor food outside the Marketplace! Delicious! And if Schwartz is the cruise director, you’re in for a real treat. We paid no attention to the cruise directors on our cruises until we had Schwartz. He is the best!!!!!
  9. 🤣😂🤣 I love the packing cubes, too!
  10. We’re also booked in the 15-night repositioning Journey Cruise September 30. Our friends booked it, then asked us if we’d were interested. We couldn’t resist. The ship looks and sounds amazing!!!
  11. We love the ABC islands, especially Bonaire for the absolute best snorkeling! We’ve snorkeled in many, many locations, but no place comes close to the beauty of Bonaire. The sea was alive with bright colors of coral and countless kinds and colors of fish. We went with Woodwind and had an unbelievably great experience. It’s like swimming in an aquarium - gorgeous!
  12. We always pack an empty duffle bag, flat in the suitcase, and use it to throw our dirty clothes in, along with a dryer sheet to keep it fresh. We check the duffle on the way home, which leaves room in our suitcase for the things we buy in the trip.
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