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  1. I also got another installment just under the 90 day mark. Unfortunately, they still owe me more than $900.....😕
  2. We were sailing on Radiance October 4, but had a feeling it would be canceled. My issue is, this was a booking due to our September 30 Mardi Gras cancelation. The Radiance was a LOT less expensive, so I’m gonna be pretty upset if they just want to give me credit based on the Radiance. I also had $200 OBC from the Mardi Gras cancelation. WHAT A MESS!! 🙁
  3. Wondering if they will even continue with the revolutions with all that is going on. We were planning on booking the Constellation for February, so hoping they will continue!
  4. Thanks so much, that’s what I needed to know! 😊
  5. Reedprincess - can you give me an idea of what Marigot Bay is like? We are thinking of spending a few hours looking around that area. Are there shops, or anything interesting to do or see to keep us busy?
  6. I couldn’t agree more! Woodwind was the BEST experience snorkeling we’ve ever had. We just booking ABC cruise for Bonaire and Woodwind alone!!
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