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  1. Ditto to what CC WineLover said. We also have a couple days on our own before the Exploring Western Europe Coastline and I appreciate the information. Thanks ALL!
  2. Sold Out and just going through the process at 0 dark thirty in the morning to book and finding Vikings server slow as a snail is a complaint on every ocean cruise we have taken with them. Our last cruise Midnight Sun was particularly frustrating as by the time I picked and adjusted choices and went to check out. I found two excursions we wanted were Sold Out, did not say that when I selected them. I complained and likened it to being in a grocery store where I had picked up the last item of a particular product and had it in my basket when the manager walked by and said I need that as I have a customer ahead of you who is checking out and wants this item. We really like Viking and have has issues with them and they have come through. But this issue has been totally ignored. Just my 2 cents worth. We still can't wait to get on board.
  3. Ok, we are in. Now back to the Roll Call.
  4. It has been a long time since I have been on here and had to look up how to reply. Now that I have that back, no I have not signed up for the "meet & mingle", where do I do that? Thanks in advance.
  5. Will be onboard Jupiter Apr-May on re-positioning cruise along Europe's Western Coast. 🤩
  6. After reading all the posts in this thread, there is much good information here but I would like to add our experience. We are on the Star again, this time Midnight Sun Embarking on Sat Jun 3 in Bergen. This is our second Viking Ocean Cruise and second on the Star. Hopefully this one will complete, last time we exited early in Tallinn. But that is another story. Anyway on the Homelands Cruise we had no problem booking shore excursions, did do it at 3 AM but things went nice and smooth also did not check out until all days were booked. This time the web site was ridiculously slow between pages and kept spinning and spinning when selections were made. Took about an hour to go through everyday. When I went to the checkout page to pay I got a message saying one of the excursions we booked was full, even though it was available when I put it in my 'basket'. I went back to check after paying for those that were still available and sure enough FULL. Now that kind of ticked me off as I felt it was like being in a store with an item in your basket and a store employee comes along and says I have a customer at the checkout counter that wants one of you items and takes it out of the basket and sells it to the customer who is ready. Those who book higher level cabins (Suites and Penthouse Veranda get earlier choice and I am just fine with that. We booked DV2 Deluxe Veranda on the Homelands and DV4 Deluxe Veranda on the Midnight Sun, both can book the same number of days ahead of sailing along with everyone in cabin . I think it would be be a good idea to either split the Deluxe Veranda into two sections and Veranda V1 & V2 into another section so many people are not on the site at the same time or update the web site to accomodate a higher level of traffic on excursion booking days. We will just rent a car at the particular location we could not get on the shore excursion we wanted.
  7. krill sister, sounds like you have had a decent trip. we board in Wittenberg and looks like we will sit there 3 nights then bus to Dresden and sit 4 nights. Not at all what we wanted and our 3rd Viking cruise in a row with problems. maybe our last!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. notamermaid, We were going to board in Magdeburg but again to low so we will now board in Wittenberg, had a good time in Berlin even with a bit of rain. Thanks for your messages. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. notamermaid, Appreciate the update. We leave USA tomorrow for 3 days in Berlin prior to embarking on Sunday Oct 2 aboard Beyla. Just checked the Viking Updates on sailing and they still have the low water and possibility of modified itineraries and say those affected have been notified individually but so far no contact from Viking so maybe things are looking good for that cruise. Again thanks for your posts.
  10. Krillsister, Appreciate the update. We leave States on Wednesday Sep 28th and embark from Berlin on Oct 2nd. We have been following river levels and have hope for enough of a rise to do some cruising. Sounds like you are doing some.
  11. notamermaid, Thanks for the update. Thought the forecast looked promising, but like you say, need a few more days of rain. AggiePilot
  12. krillsister, We embark Beyla on Oct 2nd. Would appreciate any info you can post during your cruise. Thanks AggiePilot
  13. notamermaid, Been away for a few days and really appreciate your comments and messages from others who have been on the Elbe River. Does not look promising. I see Europe and even the UK are having unusually warm weather and not much rain. Similar to our situation in Texas a couple years ago. Last year and this year has seen quite a lot of rain. Went to Viking web site to see their latest report and see they are putting up more detail. We embark on Oct 2nd so does not look good.
  14. Been looking at weather as far ahead as possible and looks like lower temperatures coming as expected for late September, clouds & some rain but accuracy not so good that far out. Still have hope of full cruise on Elbe and look forward to seeing Berlin as last time was April 1989 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. Danke Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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