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  1. I was on the Meraviglia in 2019 b4 Covid for Thanksgiving, and the silent disco was held in the theater where Cirque was performed…glad you had a great time…didn’t enjoy it due to not a lot of room to dance in the theater and had been on the NCL Bliss the year b4, where they had an area built just for the silent disco.. and was setup whereas the music came from the diff areas as you moved around the room..it was really fun.. had I not don’t it on the Bliss to know what to expect.. probably would have had a diff opinion.. Thanks so much for all the info you provided.. the 80’s party they had b4 the Covid was a blast.. they had it in the promenade with screen in the ceiling showing dif 70’s 80’s stuff..
  2. Hi, Wanted to find out bout the entertainment. Did they have Opera, and the 70,80's party? And what other entertainment?
  3. Will do...My cruise is not until November, I tried to find out more info from the gal who books casino bkgs, but she did know anything bout obc's from the casino.
  4. Markus I was wondering if that would be the same for MSC😏, I was hoping I would not be.. I guess I gots to do some winning💲💲💲
  5. I have an offer for a discount thru the casino and the offer shows obc`s. I bkd the cruise and she saw no obc's on my booking.. I was told by the casino when I recd the offer that I would need to bring the letter with me.
  6. Not a comp but a discounted cruise
  7. These are obc from casino, I was told that I will need to bring my offer letter with me, so are you saying when I get on board they will be automatically added to my account
  8. Beamafar, I was searching for answers for obc’s that the casino give you and came across this answer..wasn’t sure if this answers my question? The OBC that casino gives are credits? Is that correct? and you don’t have to play all of them? Is that what u are saying?
  9. Thanks Wetcoast for responding... looking forward to hearing from you!!
  10. Hi 👋 Just found this... it’s a lot of pages.. have not been on cruise critic for awhile.. don’t understand all the changes...it’s a lot of pages on this thread..was trying to search for info on solo cabins for MSC Meraviglia...wondering who has been in one and how did they like it?. Anybody??? Going in November...
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