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  1. I've rented with Fox at Fll b4, only issue was they lied about taking a debit card. Ace states they use older cars, as long as it isn't an old corvair I'm good. Only need it a few days. Talking price difference of over $100.
  2. Has anyone rented a car with Ace in FLL?
  3. Anyone know where I can see the 8 nt Magic menus? Please don't say Zydeco, his are from 2014. TIA
  4. Wear the jeans, our last cruise a gal showed up on elegant night in sweats, flip flops (beach kind) and a hoodie, looked like she hadn't bathed in days, and a group of drunk gals came in, one had cut off jean shorts, she kept standing up digging her shorts out of her private area, (gross), puked in her napkin a few times, kept falling all over trying to get out to go to the ladies room. Carnival doesn't care how disgusting they are, you will look like a nice, tidy cruiser. I know what you mean, I feel as though I should "fit in" respect for others, your jeans will be fine. And you will see others in jeans, hope you do not witness the slobs we have had to endure over the yrs. Enjoy your dinner!
  5. Yes I have, waited about 20 min for the shuttle, it is over by hwy 1. They said debit card was fine, bf had forgot his cc, nope, so many mad people, they would not accept a debit card. Luckily I had cc, then I had to pay extra to be added as driver bc I used my card. PIA. I do not recall any add on prices, I ripped them already about the debit card, I would have remembered. We did have a Kia Soul, fine with us. I have been digging, they do not offer a shuttle to anywhere except the port. But it is close to the port.
  6. Anyone rent from Fox, wondering if they have a shuttle to/from Port Everglades? I'm guessing they do not, cars are cheaper than picking up fll dropping off at port. Since a shuttle is needed to get to Fox, as most rental places, but the big names cost a lot more.
  7. Thanks everyone, I told her to get the value plan thinking at least she could email. She has IM, she could set up fb for hubby and cancel when she got home, he is not into social media. She called Verizon, was told they have international plan, she is going in to speak with them on price. Jerseygirl, that cool u were able to do all that on the value lan. I have never sailed Breeze, will remember this info! Thnx. I would just maybe give him a call a few times with ship 2 shore, read it is about $2 a minute. I use wifi at the ports. This is her first cruise, anxiety bc he has recent health issues. Thanks again!
  8. When I asked "is it worth it" I meant does the wifi work? I have not bought a wifi pkg in yrs bc it was so spotty, I mean little circle going round and round and round, used to buy minute pkgs. Finally I would just walk away. No, it was not worth it. I could care less, but someone would like to keep in touch with her husband at home, she is wanting to text, looks like she should get the value pack and get him on IM b4 we leave. Thanks for info.
  9. How is the WiFi on the Magic? I haven't purchased an internet pkg in yrs and it sucked back then. Some pax in our group want to keep in touch with family at home. I remember reading one time about keeping our phones on airplane mode so we are not charged $$$$$. Is is worth it to try and text home (US)? TIA
  10. Thanks for yr input, however, nobody in our group will drink anything. How far is Punta Cana? I understand :a Romana is a toilet, must do an excursion, guess this is why you went to Punta Cana. My cousin had a gun stuck in his face there, guess we will stay on board.
  11. beachgal58


    Thank you, we just booked it.
  12. Thanks Joe! Budget shows EV3 for location, guess this is it.
  13. Ready to reserve car, Alamo is higher than Budget this time, anyone know where EV3 Budget port location is? I think there is a return on 17th st w shuttle, but EV3 is closer?TIA
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