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  1. The question about pre-booking and shows does depend on the ship.
  2. We are going in May, and this is one of the reason's we are renting a car and not taking an excursion.
  3. I see I missed the link for the camera, I will repost it later, but for now, here is a tour of Deck 6 on the Breakaway.
  4. misguy

    Skagway Tour

    On our last trip, they did check our documents into Canada and back into the US, but it didn't slow us down at all.
  5. misguy

    Camera for Alaska

    My question was about what type of cameras do people take. Since Alaska has some of the most amazing scenery, I am was curious about options I may have overlooked.
  6. The DBPower impressed me because of the quality and the price. In many ways, it outperformed the camera in my Galaxy S8, the color was super accurate, and the stabilization was also good. There are samples in the video.
  7. Those ponchos are a great idea as well, don't take much space. We had to buy some on our last cruise, it started pouring right before our excursion in Roatan.
  8. misguy

    Camera for Alaska

    I am taking my granddaughter to Alaska in May, and we are taking a Canon SX 720 HS, two Galaxy S8s, and I just bought the following:
  9. Have you looked at renting a car and making the drive in. My wife uses a wheelchair and we are driving in and we can then stop at things she can do easily. Murray's Guide to the South Klondike Highway has a great deal of useful information.
  10. The train is supposed to be stunning. We have that booked the other way from Anchorage to Seward, and when we get in we are doing a tour with Major Marine, then spending the night and catching the Jewell southbound.
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