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  1. Here is a video about one that is a great choice and they are sailing Alaska this year.
  2. I just posted an interview with Cindy Christen about American Cruise Lines in Alaska in 2021 and we discussed accessibility onboard and on shore excursions.
  3. I just posted an interview with Cindy Christen from American Cruise lines about their Alaska cruises in 2021 and about accessibility onboard.
  4. I just posted a video interview with Cindy Christen about accessibility on board and about their Alaskan Cruise season.
  5. In this video, I share a variety of accessible activities in Skagway, which is one of the more accessible ports in Alaska.
  6. Here are 9 things to do for free in Skagway and all most all of them are wheelchair accessible. These are more reasons Skagway is my favorite port. https://youtu.be/u60lP6bytEc
  7. If you are cruising to Alaska and the itinerary says Anchorage, you are actually getting on or off the ship in Whittier, Alaska. There are some amazing things to see and do here, and Kelly Bender from Lazy Otter Charters is going to share pictures, video, and talk about the amazing options that await you there. This show will be live at 9:00 PM EDT, and if you miss the live show, you can click the image to watch the replay. This is your chance to ask questions https://youtu.be/m8HOqWEgQYQ
  8. But it if I have been patiently waiting our turn, and then people push past and around us so that we can't get on, how is it my bad manners to object and take action to get on. I have had that happen multiple times in a row. If I don't take action we would still be onboard waiting for an elevator.
  9. It aggravates me to no end when some jumps in front of a wheelchair or scooter trying to get into the elevator. Sad to say, I have gotten pretty aggressive of making sure we get on when is out turn. I don't run over people, but I will definitely block the door, and if people go around us to get ahead of us, I have been known to move far enough into the elevator to stop the door and then wait till they make room.
  10. Ask for a TSA Passenger Support Specialist, they seem to be able to expedite everything, and on our last flight they took my wife all the way to the gate. You should make request 72 hours in advance, but we hadn't, and they met us at the check in counter.
  11. Here is a link to my live interview with Sean Weathered, who is a local expert on Anitgua.
  12. My machine is my best friend. I won't go anywhere without it. I usually take a power strip that doesn't have a surge suppressor, and that is allowed on most cruise lines, and a plain extension cord, because it seems like they never have a plug where I sleep. My wife has mobility issues, so she is always closest to the bathroom, and it seems like that is also closest to power.
  13. On the riverboat cruises in the US they are scooter friendly, some of the smaller expedition type of ships are not. Most also have accessible excursions available.
  14. They are not changing the ship design, they are working on traffic flow and things like that.
  15. I will be live tonight Monday August 17th at 9:00 PM EDT with an interview with Alicia Leamer from the Juneau Visitors Bureau, and she will share her best tips for what to do, and the link will also be good for the replay as well if you miss the live show. If you are there live, we will be answering your questions.
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