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  1. Here is a video review of our dinner on the first night in Cucina Del Capitano. It has the menu and pictures of the dishes we ordered and our thoughts on them.
  2. Radio Beach is not on the tram stop, the Tram goes up to the 3 beaches at the north end, and they are beautiful beaches, just not good for snorkeling. Plus my guess is that food and beverages would be expensive. The golf cart people are really easy, pay the money take the cart.
  3. Nassau was shut down on the Sunday we were there, but I think more Sunday that anything else. The previous cruise to Nassau, the downtown was minimally active. Bimini, we rented a golf cart and then we toured the island, the south end of the road has great snorkeling and if make a right turn before you get to the strawmarket - shade canopy on the side of the main road, and follow that street up the hill till it reaches a dead end, then go left and park, you are at Radio beach and there are food trucks etc.
  4. I would say about 1/2 capacity, and the Covid protocols were strictly enforced.
  5. Lots of food porn coming. Working on videos now.
  6. Sorry I did not, but I have all the dailies, so I will look and see.
  7. We were on this sailing, and it was our first Carnival cruise in 15 years or more. We had a great trip. I will have videos of cabins, restaurants, private island coming, but we didn't have any negative experiences on the ship. I will answer questions if you have any.
  8. I have had the pleasure of sailing on the Symphony of the Seas, and Carnival Sunrise in the last two weeks and I will be on the Meraviglia in a month. I was doing some research on whether I should buy the dining package or not, and the conclusion I reached is that on MSC the dining packages are significantly higher and much more limited than the dining package on Royal Caribbean. The pricing in the steakhouse is significantly higher than on Carnival. I do not see any reason to purchase one. Has anyone who sailed either Carnival or RCCL recently found a reason for the high prices on MSC?
  9. On the Dining plan could you choose from any item on the specialty restaurant menus? Or was it a limited menu with upcharges on most items?
  10. I will be working on editing videos for the next few weeks, but there is at least one tender that can handle scooters and wheelchairs. There are also some beach wheelchairs that are available to the left as you enter the main area on the island. Those beach wheelchair are not particularly easy to push, but they will get you down to the water. There is a paved path to the dining area, and it goes further, though it is not easy in a manual wheelchair. the walking area is narrow as well. The dining area has paved access to all the tables, so that was easy.
  11. On this play list there are a great number of videos from our July Adventure of the Seas Cruise. There are probably 20 videos in this list from Adventure, including all the specialty restaurants.
  12. Here is a video tour of the Coco Cay Beach Club showing accessibility and providing a tour.
  13. I will be there next week and will do a full set of videos about wheelchair and the island. I am also taking a Joy on the Beach wheelchair so it will be easy to travel on the sand. If anyone has any special request for things to cover post it here.
  14. It is interesting that I will be creating videos on the Sunrise and then two days later I will start filming videos on the Symphony of the Seas.
  15. We really enjoyed the ship and food. If you are interested, I am posting videos about the cabins, the food, Coco Cay on my YT channel.
  16. However the Bahama's insurance does not cover repatriation if needed. Of all the coverages I look at, the number that matters most is repatriation. If you have to be medically evacuated from another country, the cost can be staggering.
  17. What is your favorite dish at Giovanni's Table.
  18. Thanks, i hope you subscribed. Lots more coming. Including Giovanni's Table today.
  19. For those that haven't tried Izumi on AOTS, it is a little different than on other classes of ships.
  20. In this video I got to tour 7 different cabin categories and show how they work with a scooter or a wheelchair. The information should be the same for her sister ships in the Voyager Class. Adventure of the Seas Explorer of the Seas Mariner of the Seas Navigator of the Seas Voyager of the Seas
  21. My wife and I cruised out of Nassau in early July and had a great time. Coco Cay for two days was a lot of fun, Cozumel we had a really good time, and we loved the fact that the ship was only half full and so no lines for anything we wanted to do.
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