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  1. I’m not too concerned about the cruise as we have had an email about all the procedures put in place and checking passengers and staff etc. It’s the one day in London beforehand that has me worried !!
  2. Apologies, I was thinking I was on the Silversea board. I found Crystal to be quite dressy even on the first evening when we were on Serenity earlier in the year.
  3. I suffer dreadfully with seasickness and was really worried about first cruise 30+ years ago. I used the seasickness bands you wear on your wrist and have found them to be just great.
  4. Cruised a lot with Celebrity and just felt food etc wasn’t as good anymore. Did one cruise with silversea which was really good but the evening entertainment wasn’t great and that put us off. Had our first Crystal Cruise last May and it definitely was superior to the others. The food was just amazing , no matter where we ate the food was so good. we enjoyed the entertainment and just the whole package we felt was worth every penny. (Apart from a tender journey which is on a separation post)😄😄
  5. I thought this might have been posted before now but it doesn’t appear to be. I was sailing on Chrystal serenity and we were going to Monte Carlo Grand Prix on Sunday 26th May. I returned to the ship on a tender where the seas were extremely rough and a lot of people were sick, someone took so ill they announced when we docked for people to remain seated so that a GP could come on board. Unfortunately even as we were drawing close to the ship after a pretty horrendous journey it appeared to be a lot of the men were out of their seats and charging to get off the ship not even allowing the GP to get on!! There was a man seated to my right who pretty much trampled over the top of me to get off!!! He knew I was terrified and was on my own as my husband was still watching the races and I was just so shocked at how the men were reacting. Was anyone else on this tender or have you ever experienced this kind of behaviour. It was truly shocking.
  6. Worst thing that happened to me was on a really rocky tender journey back to the ship and someone on the tender had taken ill and a doctor had to come onboard so everyone was asked to remain seated. As soon as we got close to the ship it was a lot of the men on the tender who just rushed forward to get off and the man sitting beside me pretty much trampled over the top of me. The poor doctor couldn’t get on because of these rude people. I had never seen anything like it before. We were all terrified as it had been the most horrendous journey and most people were still letting the GP on but so many men just wanted off and didn’t care about anyone else. It was very sad to see.
  7. I have sailed with NCL just once and was in Haven Aft which was very nice. If we hadn’t been in The Haven I wouldn’t have enjoyed the cruise as once on the main part of ship it was just so crowded and looked like you had a long wait to be served at the pool bars with all the people. The time we sailed The Haven pool area was very quiet indeed which was perfect for us. I hope you have a great cruise and your mom enjoys it. It will definitely make you appreciate Crystal more 😄
  8. Loved reading your review. I also sailed this year on Serenity for the first time and our experience was just perfect. The food we had was just so good, previously with celebrity and last one was in a suite so ate in Luminae and last year with Silversea but for us Crystal food was by far the best. The staff were outstanding also and I can’t wait to book with Crystal again. I love reading all the different experiences we all have whilst cruising.
  9. We have cruised with Celebrity for approx 20 years and last year on the Reflection we were so disappointed with the food in Blu we asked to eat in the MDR where it was better. This would not have happened years ago where every meal we had was just so good. We were told by a TA that a lot of previous Celebrity passengers were moving to Crystal as it’s how Celebrity used to be so we sail with them in a months time. We enjoyed the perks on the loyalty program but the decline in meals was what made us decide to try another line.
  10. We tried Aqua for the first time last year and I wouldn’t do it again. For us Blu was extremely disappointing and we actually ended up eating in the MDR a few evenings as the food was much better. We have done suites, concierge and that one time in Aqua which won’t be repeated. Persian gardens was good until you got people on the heated beds for hours at a time and then none were free so Aqua just didn’t work for us.
  11. Thank you for posting this. We will be on Serenity in May and it’s our first time with Crystal so it’s great to have this info.
  12. I was on this cruise and it was a very sad day indeed to awaken to this news. Most passengers were very subdued indeed. At breakfast I was unfortunately standing next to a lady at the omelette station who was very irate and wanting to know would we get to Rhodes as she clicked her fingers saying she was very wealty indeed and that is where the best shops were!!!! To say I was speechless is an understatement. RIP Alex.
  13. Thank you Keith for the great information. After reading through it all we booked our first cruise without Crystal yesterday to go to Grand Prix in Monaco next May. Previously sailed mostly with celebrity and this year with Silversea. Your information was just brilliant and we are very excited about experiencing the Crystal Cruise. Thank you.
  14. Dublin weather will be just like the Edinburgh recommendations. With the right clothing you will have a great time. Always have your umbrella. Enjoy your trip.
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