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  1. Hi Bitbob , Our TA told us the proof of vaccination part would open on My silversea just a couple of weeks before sailing.
  2. It’s so interesting reading the different replies. We are flying out from U.K. in October and our antigen test is £49 pp which is extortionate. I shall do some research to see if we can get something more reasonable.
  3. Yes, we are on this sailing and I haven’t heard of any changes.
  4. Is this for your October sailing? I haven’t received that email as yet.
  5. We are now hearing of people who have had both vaccines yet still catching it and ending up in ICU. Could the way forward be negative tests before a cruise although not sure if they are 100% either. Worrying whatever way .
  6. Never - RCCL - cruised a lot with them in the past and last time things had gone downhill so much we were quite shocked. Always. Crystal - excellent. Try - would love to try Seabourn.
  7. When I try to open the survey it just says it has expired. There is a list of all the cruise lines only sailing with passengers who have been vaccinated. Silversea at the minute just says under evaluation. I would only be happy to sail if they were enforcing it so I’m not sure how it will all work out. I don’t trust the tests as my brother tested negative and he definitely had COVID.
  8. I have heard of some people who three weeks after having the vaccine got an antibody test and it was negative!!! I’m really not sure how this is all going to work out and even with a vaccine if people are not having antibodies that’s going to change everything and would make a vaccination passport useless.
  9. I should have mentioned Teerick, we are in the U.K. it is worrying if they aren’t giving vaccine to people with a penicillin allergy as it’s such a common one .
  10. My husband and I love cruising and are watching the posts and news regarding if a vaccine certificate will be required. This week my elderly uncle couldn’t receive the vaccine as he has a penicillin allergy, we know many friends and relatives who have this allergy including my DH so it just seem unfair they couldn’t cruise again due to not being able to get the vaccine. Some very informative posts explaining that even having the vaccine people could still pass it on so having a card to say you have been vaccinated would mean nothing so I don’t know what the cruise industry will decide.
  11. We did Aqua class the last time we sailed with Celebrity and were really disappointed with the meals in Blu. After hearing so many good things it was such a disappointment and I’m not a fussy eater. The Persian garden just didn’t work out as I could never get a bed so I wouldn’t do Aqua again. Maybe we were just unlucky.
  12. One friend was critically ill at the start of it all. 60 years old, fit and healthy with no underlying health conditions. Two other people died that we heard about through friends. Horrendous virus. We moved our June 2020 sailing on Silver spirit to a Cruise October 2021 though at the minute not sure if we will be going. Will be watching how things go. These days the virus seems to be a bit weaker as my sister has it now and it is just very mild cold symptoms, runny nose, sneezing and no cough and only reason she got tested is she is an OT. She was totally shocked and says a lot of people coming into winter won’t realise it is COVID as she feels so well.
  13. Thank you. I just wasn’t sure what way it would work and this has helped explain it.
  14. Fouremco - I dont see anywhere in the contract where it states you have to have had the COVID vaccination as this is just happening now. It was just a question on what would happen if someone had a cruise booked before vaccinations were made compulsory??
  15. Thank you, that’s very informative and answers my question.
  16. Thank you for your reply. I was just putting it out there to see if anyone knew what might happen. I know most people can get a flu vaccine for example and are absolutely fine but then I have a relative who had the most awful reaction to just the normal flu jab and this happened twice so I’m rather nervous due to this. It seems so sad I will never be able to cruise again as I think we are now around our 35th Cruise but if this is how things work out so be it.
  17. What will happen if you have a cruise booked for say Oct 2021 and they insist on a vaccine and you can’t get it or don’t want to get it. Will you get a full refund due to the fact when you booked this wasn’t in the terms?
  18. Friends stayed in a hotel last week and there was the machine that took your temperature every time you entered the building, took a few seconds. Would something like this not work on a cruise ship?
  19. Thank you for this info. I’m surprised so many will be rushing to get a vaccine that may not be properly tested.
  20. We cancelled our cruise which was sailing end of June. Will see how things go and hope by June 2021 we might cruise again. It’s more the air travel we need to get to ship that I’m more concerned about, really don’t want to be sitting on a plane.
  21. I’m not too concerned about the cruise as we have had an email about all the procedures put in place and checking passengers and staff etc. It’s the one day in London beforehand that has me worried !!
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