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  1. You can spin this any way you like. I Am on the Magic TODAY. My comment is that i see less than usual. I am curious if you just like to debate? I guess comments are only welcome if they are praising and complimenting Carnival. BTW i am Diamond on Carnival so mot a new cruiser with them.
  2. Honestly my comments were in response to Carnival stating that they have increased or expanded on their normal protocols. I do not care if it is a cold, flu or the Coronavirus hand cleaning is important. So bring your own hand sanitizer.
  3. That would be great if you could find a hand sanitizer when you got off the elevator and if you could find a hand sanitizer when you entered the Lido area. They are non existent
  4. I am currently on the Magic and have to say I am disappointed in Carnival. There does not appear to be any increased precautions in place. The pre screening is simply handing over a questionnaire where you say you are fine. On board there is few if nit fewer than usual hand sanitizer stations. None for Guys none for the Blue Iguana. Only some before the buffet line. Gloves worn by some food handlers but not by others. NCL is adamant about this. Sanitizer everywhere including the elevators. Persons stationed at entrances to eating areas insisting “washy washy”.
  5. We just got off a five day cruise on the Paradise. This used to be our favorite ship but that is another story. Anyway on the second day I noticed that a wash cloth turned brown when I ran it under the faucet. Yulk.....we called maintenance and he fiddled with things for a bit and finally said he did not know why the water was discolored. Long story short---we were given the run around concerning this and finally asked for a different cabin. When we were taken to view the new cabin the first thing we did was to turn on the water.....discolored also. Then and only then did they admit that it was a ship wide problem. We were given bottled water to brush our teeth with and told that the water was safe just discolored. The assistant manager did add that even though the water is safe he would not drink it..........serious? The water stayed discolored the entire cruise......
  6. No Alchemy bar 😞 but it is a great ship!
  7. Interesting......we are Black card and were told we had to vacate by 7:30 because it is required in Miami. We were on the 01/20/2019 cruise.
  8. We will be sailing on the MSC Divina in Jan. We status matched to the Black card but since the MSC web site is not very informative I have a few questions. With the Black card do you have early access to your cabin? Are you allowed to take wine on at embarkation? When you have the drinks on us card can you order anything? Thank you in advance!
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