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  1. That sure was Denny! So glad we got that one in before covid struck. Would love to cruise with you and Karen again! Take care.....
  2. We booked Infinity 2/25/2023 Antarctica yesterday. It is the fourth of four sailings scheduled for her that year. We sailed her back in 2010 down to the frozen continent. Loved every minute. Hope they keep her!!!
  3. Couldn't agree more. We were on a cruise where some folks from a country that 'doesn't normally' tip pulled their grats off of a B2B2B. They said we have paid enough already. 😞
  4. Yeah ChucktownSteve, it did something. LOL. I have done a couple of those PUPs and received absolutely nothing. 😞
  5. Hi Ruth! Good for you......:) Who knew that Silhouette cruise would be our last for a while.
  6. It should be just fine. Warm weather pretty much the whole way over. It would be late sailing season in Australia and early on the west coast. With New Zealand stops, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and Hawaii along the way. What's not to like. 🙂
  7. Good points! Rated in the top three in the world, the other being NYC. We will be leaving out of Sydney and arriving in San Francisco on Sapphire in April 2022. Fingers crossed. 🙂
  8. I hear you on the Delta situation. I was on hold for an hour and forty five minutes before I gave up and called again and requested a call back. They did call the next day. Rep said we will get our miles and e-credit posted soon. Seems as our refund fell through the cracks somehow, she said. We were at 85 days!!! Indeed AMEX is processing Princess bookings as we did it....we will see if it actually sails.
  9. April 4th Ruby. Syd to Van. 35day tp.as Was cancelled by Princess on the 12th and we requested option #2 soon as the link came up.
  10. We received our refund back to our cc today! All money that was paid to Princess. Still have air, hotel and insurance claims out, but good news here....for sure! 🙂
  11. I filed a dispute with AMEX yesterday. Today I have a provisional credit on my account for the final payment amount, pending a response from the cruise line (or not ?). Amex agent said our cruise deposit from January 2019 was outside their limit. I pointed out to her that it was part and parcel of this cancelled sailing so she made a note of it, and 4 others, and submitted it. Received confirmation numbers for all six disputes. I can say my wife and I feel a whole lot better now. 🙂
  12. Unfortunately, we had to do the same. Not very pleasant, but Princess screwed up our option request badly, so we were real dubious as to whether they would ever straighten that out. This way we have at least 'some' hope.
  13. IDK dog, there is a counter in the upper right corner of each post panel. lol....BTW, no real indication of 'any' meaningful refunds coming from Princess. 62 days and counting for us 😞
  14. Would have been nice to meet you all onboard! 🙂 We are 'only' on the hook for about $10,000 on this one. No refund from Delta either, same exact spiel from them, as we were cancelled by them as well. Good luck all. But, I am not feeling too good about this, considering NCLs situation.
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